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Life under occupation

Petitioner #5Tania Hary - Gaza Gateway - Despite not having heard a convincing argument, I do know why the state won’t reconsider its position with regard to Loujain. It’s because in Gaza there are many young people who would want to study in the West Bank and allowing her to study might lead others to ask, what about me?-rh31/5/2012
Prisoners reject `Israeli proposal on family visits`Ma`an/Reuters - Since 2007, Gazan prisoners in Israeli jails have been denied family visits. At the conclusion of the large-scale prisoners` hunger strike, the Israeli authorities promised to allow such visits. By this they mean, however, no more than half an hour`s visit every two months - which prisoners reject as insufficiant. West Bank prisoners can get a 45-minute visit every two weeks. 29/5/2012
Israel Police officers convicted of negligent homicide in Palestinian`s roadside deathChaim Levinson - Haaretz - Court rules that Israeli police officers are responsible for death of Palestinian car thief Omar Abu Jariban, after they dumped him by the side of the road while seriously injured28/5/2012
Does it explode?Mazin Qumsiyeh - Langston Hughes wrote a poem, "Lenox Avenue Mural" in the 1930s: "What happens to a dream deferred?/Does it dry up/like a raisin in the sun?/Or fester like a sore-/And then run?/Does it stink like rotten meat?/Or crust and sugar over-/like a syrupy sweet?/Maybe it just sags like a heavy load./Or does it explode?" 27/5/2012
From prison to hospital - and many new detentions Saed Bannoura and Sarah Snobar - IMEMC - Zuheir Lubbada was released from prions and directly admitted to Intensive Care. Sameh Elaiwe was placed under Administrative Detention one hour before his scheduled release. The detained Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Dr. Aziz Dweik, denied reports that he received an Israeli “offer” to be exiled for two years in exchange for his release. 30 new detentions between May 17–23, including radio broadcaster Bahaa Khairi Moussa of Jenin. 27/5/2012
Office Of PLC Head Denies “Exile Offer”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "The office of the detained democratically-elected head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Dr. Aziz Dweik, denied reports claiming that Dr. Dweik received an “offer” from Israel to be exiled out of Palestine for two years in exchange for his release." ca25/5/2012
Israel in PerilDavid Shulman -The New York Review of Books - To prolong the occupation is to ensure the emergence of a single polity west of the Jordan; every passing day makes a South African trajectory more likely, including the eventual, necessary progression to a system of one person, one vote. Thus the likelihood must be faced that unless the Occupation ends, there will also, in the not so distant future, be no Jewish state.-rh 24/5/2012
A `victory` for hunger strikers?Khaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - " "Any concession we extricate from Israel`s parsimonious hands is an achievement."" - id 23/5/2012
Well-known Beit Jala restaurant destroyed by Israel, againRyan Brownell - The Electronic Intifada - "“Even as Christians, there is no one to turn to,” said Ramzi Qesieh. “The people of Jesus have left the Holy Land. How can we live here, how can my children, when life is like this?”" - id 23/5/2012
Palestinian Activist, Bassem Tamimi, Convicted; Prosecution Criticized by CourtJonathan Pollak - Popular Committees - Israeli military judge convicted Tamimi of two charges, but acquitted him of three, based on the testimony of 15 year-old who was instructed to incriminate him. The verdict criticized the police and prosecution on minors` interrogations.23/5/2012
Two in Israeli jail still on hunger strikeMa`an - Mahmoud al-Sarsak, a 25-year-old forward in Palestine`s national soccer team, has been on hunger strike in an Israeli jail for over two months. Al-Sarsak and Akram al-Rekhawi, a diabetic who has refused food since April 17, are both being held in Ramle prison clinic. 22/5/2012
Israel`s control and use of West Bank water leads to water crisisSarah Snobar - IMEMC - The water crisis in the West Bank is a consequence of Israel’s control and use of water resources, PA Prime Minister Salem Fayyad said. According to a UN report,settlers had seized dozens of natural springs, limiting or completely barring Palestinian access. 22/5/2012
Palestinian Seriously Wounded, Kept on the Ground as Soldiers Stepped on His PalmsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Palestinian medical sources reported Sunday that a Palestinian youth was injured near the Etzion Israeli settlement, between Bethlehem and Hebron, in the occupied West Bank. The soldiers then stepped on his palms to pose for pictures"21/5/2012
Palestinian wounded in confrontation with settlers celebrating `Jerusalem Day` Oz Rosenberg - Ha`aretz - Amid increasing tensions, a Palestinian is severely wounded by a soldier gurading a group of settlers, cycling on Bethlehem District roads to mark "Jerusalem Day". According to the first report, the Palestinian had tried to stab the soldier. 20/5/2012
Family of slain Jerusalem man launch website, petitionMa`an news Agency- "The family of a Palestinian man shot and killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem have launched a website and petition calling for a criminal investigation into the incident.The website of his family says Ziad Jilani was murdered June 11, 2010 by Maxim Vinogradov, a member of the Israeli border police, after crashing his car in east Jerusalem." ca 18/5/2012
Literature festival shut down by police in GazaMa`an News Agency - "Security forces in the Gaza Strip shut down the fifth Palestine Festival of Literature late Wednesday, sparking outrage from participants and an apology by the chief of police.The festival`s final event was ordered to close down by police forces, organizers said Thursday, even though the event was coordinated by the ministry of culture in Gaza. Police said it lacked a permit." ca 18/5/2012
International attention must be paid to the Palestinian nonviolent movementMustafa Barghouthi - Mondoweiss "No matter where, how or by whom a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is arrived at, it will not only be the result of high-level, closed-door negotiations. While the final signatures and handshakes will be made by leaders on both sides, it will be the "street" and the people that win the peace. I believe that only a peaceful, organized and committed nonviolent movement can change the balance of power in Palestinian favor, from one of military calculation to one based on human rights and the moral high ground." ca18/5/2012
Two Solidarity Convoys Enter GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The “Ansar 2” and the “Miles Of Smiles 12” solidarity convoys managed to enter the Gaza Strip, on Thursday evening, via the Rafah border terminal on the Gaza Egypt border, the Quds Net News Agency reported.Hamad thanked convoy members for their ongoing support and solidarity with the Palestinian people, and for challenging the illegal Israeli siege on the coastal region." ca 18/5/2012
Israeli NGO: Police beat handcuffed detainees in Palestinian solidarity protestAkiva Eldar - Haaretz "The Justice Ministry has received complaints of severe police violence against demonstrators, including the use of Taser electroshock weapons, beating and kicking bound detainees, racist verbal abuse and sexual harassment of female detainees." ca18/5/2012
Israel has to change the way it views Palestinian prisonersHaaretz - Editorial - Palestinian society, like every society waging a struggle for national liberation, feels a special responsibility toward those of its sons and daughters who have sacrificed their lives or their freedom for the collective. Palestinians consider the people we call "terrorists" or "murderers" as "freedom fighters" and "national heroes." In many cases, as in South Africa and Northern Ireland, it was prisoner leaders who effected reconciliation.-rh17/5/2012
Strike deal `does not end administrative detention`Ma`an News Agency - Prisoners rights group Addameer said after the hunger strike deal it is "concerned that these provisions of the agreement will not explicitly solve Israel’s lenient and problematic application of administrative detention, which as it stands is in stark violation of international law."-rh 17/5/2012
The Children of Palestine Julie Holm - MIFTAH - Palestinian children grow up in a very politicized reality; they are affected by the occupation even before they are born. They grow up in a world of checkpoints and walls, a world where every family has had a family member who is or was in prison and where the only tool these prisoners have to get fair treatment is their empty stomachs.-rh17/5/2012
Progress for Prisoners’ Movement : Palestinian Prisoners’ Mass Hunger Strike Concludes After Agreement is ReachedAddameer - The demands raised in the collective hunger strike, which was launched on 17 April, included an end to the IPS’ abusive use of isolation for “security” reasons, which currently affects ­­­­19 prisoners, some of whom have spent 10 years in isolation, and a repeal of a series of punitive measures taken against Palestinian prisoners following the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, including the denial of family visits for all Gaza prisoners since 2007 and denial of access to university education since June 2011.-rh17/5/2012
Soldiers Kidnap Child Near Hebron; Israeli Soldiers Attack Nakba ProtestsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Soldiers used excessive force against dozens of peaceful protesters and fired rounds of live ammunition, in addition to rubber-coated metal bullets, gas bombs and concussion grenades." - id 16/5/2012
Israeli Soldiers Invade Hebron and SilwanHeidi Williams - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Beit Ummar, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron, broke into two houses and handed the owners instructions for two young men to appear at the Etzion interrogation center, north of Hebron. Houses were also invaded in Silwan, and notices placed on seven houses for construction violations"15/5/2012
Israel’s Environmental Minister: Cut Gaza Power to Save Israel’s Electricity AIC - "Israel’s Minister of Environmental Protection, Gilad Erdan (Likud), canvassed fellow ministers prior to the government’s weekly meeting for support of his proposal to cut off the supply of electricity “to the terror infrastructure of Hamas in Gaza” prior to any government-initiated brownouts or blackouts in Israel"15/5/2012
IDF closes Palestinian school to make way for West Bank training zoneAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - In 1999, the residents were evicted but petitioned the High Court of Justice, which issued an interim injunction allowing them to return until it issues a final ruling. Ever since, the case has been stuck in court. 14/5/2012
Palestinian children work for a pittance in Israel’s settlementsJillian Kestler-D`Amours - The Electronic Intifada - "“It’s tiring,” said 15-year-old Ibrahim, deep lines running across his forehead. “But there is no alternative.” Ibrahim has been working full-time for three years already." - id 11/5/2012
PCHR Weekly Report: 12 civilians wounded; 19 abducted in 65 Israeli invasions this weekSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Israeli forces wounded 12 Palestinian civilians, including two children, in the West Bank. Eleven of these civilians, including a child, were wounded during the dispersion of peaceful demonstrations." id 11/5/2012
UN`s Palestinian refugee camps to get faceliftReuters - Ynet - ""People have a right to be proud of where they are," said Sandi Hilal, the director of UNRWA`s carefully named "camp improvement program" in the West Bank, adding that providing just basic needs "is not enough when we consider people have been living in a place for 60 years"." - id 11/5/2012
Progress in talks between Palestinian hunger strikers, Israeli officialsJack Khoury- Haaretz - "The discussions centered on the issues of solitary confinement and family visits from Gaza." - id 11/5/2012
`Back-to-Back` Procedure: Patients at CheckpointsTamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - the passage of the patient, regardless of the urgency of his condition, is preformed only by using a procedure known as: "Back-to-Back". The meaning of this is that an ambulance from Jerusalem is sent for, it is then parked by the Palestinian one, the patient is shifted from one stretcher to the other, from one ambulance to the other, the blanket from the occupied territories is taken off his body and a blanket from Jerusalem takes its place, the eyes of unfamiliar soldiers and security guards follow and scan his body and unfamiliar hands rummage through his personal belongings.-rh 9/5/2012
Under Occupation, Culture is PoliticalJulie Holm - MIFTAH - As we know, right now about 2,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are on hunger strikes, some of them for more than 70 days, protesting against the ill-treatment they receive in prison. Using their bodies and their lives in the protest is a last resort to resist and try to communicate to the world the horrible and unjust treatment they experience in Israeli jails.-rh9/5/2012
Imminent Displacement Risk in the Jerusalem PeripheryUrgent Alert - ICAHD - "ICAHD has called the EU to immediately exert diplomatic pressure on Israel, and call it to account for the threatened demolitions in Khan al-Ahmar as well as in Az-Zayyem." - ID9/5/2012
Israel admits: Administrative detention unnecessaryMichael Omer-Man - +972 - "Less than three weeks after at least 1,400 Palestinians in Israeli prisons launched a widespread hunger strike, Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch on Thursday made several astounding admissions regarding Israel’s use of administrative detention. In private meetings with security officials, Aharonovitch called for reducing Israel’s use of the practice, applying it `only if there is a need and not in all cases,` according to a Haaretz report"7/5/2012
AL-Khalil (Hebron): Israeli Military Demolishes Dairy FarmChristian Peacemaker Teams - Press Release "The farmer has two wives and fifteen children to support and now he is worried how he will manage financially. He was looking at his one hundred cows, who were sitting in the oppressive heat. The farmer said that if they were not milked soon, they would die.On May Day, all Israeli government offices are closed; the Israeli military evidently was not observing this national holiday when it destroyed the livelihoods of these four families." CA4/5/2012
Visualizing Occupation: The right (or privilege) to protest?Michal Vexler - +972 "Israel and its defenders often boast that it is the “only democracy in the Middle East,” where people can openly express opposition to government policies. However, when comparing a protest in Tel Aviv for “social justice” with one in the West Bank for Palestinian rights, it becomes clear that the freedom to demonstrate and the means used to disperse them depend on where you are and who you are. This illustration is the third in a series of infographics on the effect of the occupation on the Palestinian civilian population." ca4/5/2012
Army Invades Al-Arroub Refugee CampSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The army fired rubber-coated metal bullets and gas bombs, including a number of gas bombs that were directly fired at a number of homes, leading to damages, local sources reported.Soldiers claimed that the invasion was carried out after a number of youths hurled stones at settler vehicles driving on the main road near the camp." CA 4/5/2012
In solitary confinement for 10 years, Palestinian prisoner sees family only once Amira Hass - Haaretz "In February Judge Yonatan Avraham denied Mahmoud Issa`s request for a visit from his 75-year-old mother, deeming such a visit a "great potential risk to state security."The judge`s ruling was based on the Shin Bet security service`s opinion and secret material he was shown. However, attorneys, activists and Issa`s relatives question the reliability of the secret information used to justify his ongoing solitary confinement and that of others. They believe the use of solitary confinement is vindictive and comes from a desire to punish prisoners." ca 4/5/2012
Settlements in Palestinian Residential Areas in East JerusalemOCHA April Report "About 2,000 settlers live in the heart of Palestinian neighborhoods, in houses which have been taken over by various means, including the application of the Absentee Property Law and the processing in Israeli courts of claims over properties allegedly owned by Jews prior to 1948, among others.In April 2012, two Palestinian refugee families (comprising 13 people) were forcibly evicted by the Israeli authorities from their houses in Beit Hanina, following a court case brought by an Israeli citizen, supported by a settler association, claiming ownership over the property. The houses were subsequently handed over to settlers." ca4/5/2012
The Massive Palestinian Hunger Strike: Traveling below the Western RadarRichard Falk - Wordpress "Can anyone doubt that if there were more than 1300 hunger strikers in any country in the world other than Palestine, the media in the West would be obsessed with the story? It would be featured day after day, and reported on from all angles, including the severe medical risks associated with such a lengthy refusal to take food. At this time two Palestinians who were the first to start this current wave of resistance, Thaer Halaheh and Bilal Diab, entering their 64th day without food, are reported by the prisoner protection association, Addameer, and the NGO, Physician for Human Rights-Israel, to be in critical condition with their lives hanging in the balance. Despite this dramatic state of affairs there is scant attention in Europe, and literally none in North America." ca 4/5/2012
The radical transformation of Palestine`s environmentYousef Abu Safieh - Aljazeera - the Israeli Chemical and Military industries have both dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous waste in the West Bank, a clear violation of the Basel Convention, of which Israel is a signatory. The Palestinian leadership is powerless to prevent this, even though many of these dumping sites constitute severe a health and safety hazards to nearby Palestinian cities and communities.-rh 2/5/2012
Urgent action needed to save lives of Palestinian hunger strikers Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, doctors warnAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - PHR-Israel, in an email to diplomats, stated that the “hunger strikers are blocked from all contact with the outside world in an effort to break their spirits and their non violent struggle. It is alarming to see that medical professionalism and ethics are severely compromised and lives are put at risk, for political aims.-rh2/5/2012
IDF closes probe into Israeli air strike that killed 21 members of Gaza familyAmira Hass - Haaretz - Israel`s military prosecution announced Tuesday that no legal steps will be taken against those responsible for the killing of 21 members of the Samouni family during the 2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.-rh 2/5/2012
Palestinian Christians do not tolerate life under occupationPhilip Farah - +972 - "I am a Palestinian Christian, now a U.S. citizen, and my own experience and that of my family attest to the falsity of Ambassador Oren’s assertion." - id 2/5/2012
Thousands of prisoners begin third week of hunger strikeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Two of the hunger strikers, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, marked their 63rd day on hunger strike on Tuesday, and both are near death according to human rights groups." - id 2/5/2012
Protesters injured by army fire outside Ofer PrisonPNN - Israeli soldiers used tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and stun grenades against Palestinians holding a protest outside Ofer prison, Ramallh, in support of hunger striking prisoners. So far two injuries are reported, one protester hit in the head and another - an old man - injured in both legs. Both have been taken to hospital. 1/5/2012
For Israel, punishing Palestinians is not enoughAmira Hass - Haaretz - "Prison must also be never-ending revenge that extends what Israel tries to do outside its walls as well: to break up the collective, to weaken the individual, to deter others from resistance to the foreign regime." - id 2/5/2012
Israel Bargaining With Hunger-Striking DetaineesSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Fuad Al Khoffash, head of the Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies said that “the detainees are choosing dignity over food”, and “will not accept to be manipulated by the Israeli authorities”." - id 9/5/2012
Israeli Army Demands Farmers Remove 1400 Olive Trees in Wadi Qana, Salfeet DistrictWilliam Temple - IMEMC - On 25 April Israeli Occupation Forces demanded farmers remove 1400 Olive Trees in Wadi Qana, near Deir Istiya, Salfeet District. On 1 May the Israeli Army came to carry this out but was repulsed by groups of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals-rh 2/5/2012
EU: Israel must allow medical, family visits to hunger-strikersMa`an - Physicians for Human Rights -- Israel on Monday said Israeli authorities rejected its appeal for Diab`s family to visit him. "Allowing family visits to people at such deteriorated medical condition, some that can die any day, is a requirement emphasized in medical ethics and in Israel`s Patient Right Law. In addition to mental support, consultation with the family can save lives."8/5/2012
Palestinians see `sharp increase` in demolitionsJon Donnison - BBC News - "Land remains the key issue at the heart of the Middle East`s most intractable conflict." - id 30/5/2012
Israel Extends Monopoly over Oil/Gas Supply to West Bank and Gaza: PA QuietWilliam Temple - IMEMC - "“For some time Israel has effectively said to [the Palestinian] business community, ‘We want you to do business, but not without us.’ Monopolizing access to business opportunities is another means of control that costs Israel nothing."” - id 30/5/2012
In a Palestinian village plagued by crime, a thin line runs between burglars and IDF soldiersTheir town has a problem with robberies, so it was hardly surprising that the three Shawakhah brothers tried to defend their home upon seeing suspicious men in the street one night in March. gm6/5/2012
Ten hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners hospitalizedAP - Haaretz - The ten men are among 1,500 to 2,500 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike to demand better conditions in Israeli jails and an end to detention without trial. bz5/5/2012
West Bank villagers refuse to sell ancient poolsNasouh Nazzal - - The Israelis living in the colony of Alfae Manachie are planning to take over the pools by force or by offering money to buy the land or rent it for a century. The pools which date back to the Byzantine era are located in villages including Kufr Thelth, Ezbat Al Ashqar, Saniriyah and Al Mudawar of the Salfit Governorate. Mohammad Al Shaikh who heads the villages` council told Gulf News that the colonists have repeatedly tried to seize the area under false claims that the pools are located on state-owned lands. bz5/5/2012
Road destruction isolates village in Jordan ValleyT.R./M.S. - WAFA - Two Israeli bulldozers under army protection destroyed the entire road. Toubas governor Marwan Toubasi stressed that the Palestinian Authority will rebuild the road for the second time as part of "its policy of supporting Palestinians to remain steadfast in their homes and on their land." bz 5/5/2012
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