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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israel Threatens to Cut Payments to UN Ahead of Guterres` VisitSputniknews - Tel Aviv is determined to put the question of the United Nations` "anti-Israel bias" point-blank during the upcoming visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the country, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said Sunday."We are seeking a dramatic change in the way the UN treats Israel. It’s time to place the issue squarely on the table and address it head-on," Hotovely said, as quoted by The Times of Israel news outlet, adding that Israel will "no longer tolerate anti-Israel bias."-rh30/8/2017
Israeli state orders settlers to evacuate Palestinian family`s home in HebronMa`an News - HEBRON (Ma`an) -- Israeli authorities have ordered a group of Israelis to evacuate a building in Hebron`s Old City in the southern occupied West Bank that belongs to the Abu Rajab family, after the settlers forcibly took over the home a month ago amid a years-long legal battle over the building. Meanwhile, a member of the Palestinian family reported continued physical attacks at the hands of the settlers. The Israeli state prosecutor told the Israeli Supreme Court that the fifteen settler families have seven days to vacate a three-story building, Israel’s justice ministry announced on Sunday evening.-rh 30/8/2017
‘Auto-anti-Semitism!’ Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in IsraelJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett could be said to have made a genius triple breakthrough in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and sociology, coining a new term: “auto-anti-Semitism.” “Auto-anti-Semitism is a social-psychological phenomenon in which a Jew develops obsessive contempt and hostility towards Jewish tradition, customs, and observant Jews.” He wrote that on Friday, as cited by the religious-nationalist settler-outlet Israel National News, in response to criticism from leftwing organizations that “Jewish content is permeating more and more into the education system”.-rh30/8/2017
Benjamin Netanyahu: Israeli settlements in the West Bank are ‘here to stay forever’Bethan McKernan - Independent - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that his country will never give up its settlements on Palestinian land, saying in a speech to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War that “we are here to stay forever”. “There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel. It has been proven that it does not help peace,” he said. “We`ve uprooted settlements. What did we get? We received missiles. It will not happen anymore, he said in a speech on Monday in Barkan, a settlement near Tel Aviv.-rh30/8/2017
Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war timeYossi Gurvitz - Mondoweiss - Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu is the Rabbi of the town of Safed, and is one of the most notoriously racist rabbis in Israel. Prosecutors twice considered indicting him for breaking the law against incitement, and twice backed down. He has publicly said he will not condemn “price tag” attacks (by settlers on Palestinians), saying “if the government won’t act, then the public should” (Hebrew). His most notorious act was signing a petition demanding no Jew rent or sell apartments to a non-Jew in his town of Safed; 300 rabbis joined the call. While the act was openly racist, and illegal, the Israel law against incitement to racism specifically excludes “religious debate” from the law; thus the case against Eliyahu was closed (Hebrew). Eliyahu’s ongoing racism, however, is likely to have cost him the 2013 election of the office of Chief Sephardic Rabbi, though he came relatively close (he got 49 votes, the winner got 68). Eliyahu, a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, also failed to get elected in 2014 as rabbi of Jerusalem; at the time he was reputed to be the candidate of the Jewish Home (Hebrew).-rh30/8/2017
UN: Israel settlements big hurdle to two-state solution Antonio Guterres condemns `illegal` Israeli settlement construction, calling it an `obstacle` that needs to be removed.Aljazeera - Antonio Guterres, UN secretary-general, has lashed out at Israel`s illegal settlement activity, calling it a "major obstacle" to achieving a two-state solution and peace with the Palestinians."There is no plan B to the two-state solution," he said on Tuesday after meeting Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in the West Bank city of Ramallah."A two-state solution, end to occupation, creating conditions to end the suffering of the Palestinian people are the only way to guarantee that peace is established," Guterres added.-rh30/8/2017
Palestinians protest new ‘segregation fence’ in HebronElla Hattey - Moondoweiss - The construction is an extension of a fence originally erected in 2012 to segregate the community and restrict their access. It divides in two the Ibrahimi Street, the road that leads to the Ibrahimi Mosque; two-thirds of the street is divided off and allocated to the Israeli settlers, with the remaining third left for the Palestinian community. The gross inequality is stark, the Israeli side is well paved and accessible to cars and buses, whereas the Palestinian side is made up of broken paving stones and only accessible on foot. To make matters worse, a further extension of the fence not only lengthens it 36 yards (making it 133 yards in total) but now includes a gate that is locked between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Upon opening the gate, a loud alarm sounds alerting the soldiers on duty of who are passing. The gate is not wheelchair accessible, causing a massive problem for the three disabled residents who have to maneuver their mobility scooters through a narrow passage and uneven surface.-rh30/8/2017
For Israeli right, there is no occupationAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Why did Israel revoke the press credentials of Al Jazeera correspondent Elias Karam? He has not been accused of inciting violence. He did not commit the ultimate sin of calling for anti-Israel sanctions. He has not even advocated a boycott of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Karam, an Israeli Druze who identifies as Palestinian, did not sound off about the proposed Nationality Law that if adopted would anchor in the law that he and others like him are second-class citizens. Karam is being punished for using his mic and his camera to protest Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.-rh 30/8/2017
At Home in Gaza - a photo taleText: Paul Moakley/Photographs: Wissam Nassar - TIME - “I focus on how the people want to live normal lives,” he says, “despite the rubble scattered everywhere.” [bz]27/8/2017
`Israeli airport took away our guitar,` complains Palestinian band Amy Spiro - Jerusalem Post - Lead singer of Apo and the Apostles scrambles to find replacement guitar for UK tour. [bz]27/8/2017
IT disruption panics Gaza’s new Internet entrepreneursMousa Tawfiq - Electronic Intifada "On 11 July, the Palestine Telecommunications Company, Paltel, announced that its main generator had broken down because of high loads and long power cuts. Tens of thousands of landline customers and some 8,000 Internet subscribers lost service because, as the company explained on its Facebook page, it was not able to import parts for its backup generators or bring in new, better ones. Large areas of the Gaza Strip were left without IT services for 90 minutes before Gaza’s electricity company – which manages severely limited fuel availability through rolling blackouts – intervened to supply Paltel with electricity off-schedule...Many Palestinians in Gaza rely on the Internet for their livelihood." ca 25/8/2017
‘International law clearly on the side of Palestinians’Richard Falk - Middle East Monitor - Every important issue is rather clearly and decisively in favor of the Palestinian position. And that’s has been true for decades now for at least the 70 years that Israel has existed as a state and a member of the United Nations, And yet nothing has happened to implement the international law as it should be implemented if it is to be in force against the strong and weak equally.-rh23/8/2017
Israel seizes mobile classrooms in Palestinian village the day before schoolMA’AN NEWS AGENCY - Days after residents in an isolated Bethlehem-area village received stop-work orders for mobile homes being set up as a school -- structures for which locals insisted they had obtained the necessary permits -- Israeli forces reportedly raided the village Tuesday and seized the classrooms.The raid into Jubbet al-Dib came a day before the first day of the school year, leaving some 64 students from the 1st to 4th grade without a school to attend on Wednesday, Palestinian Authority-owned Wafa news agency reported.-rh 23/8/2017
Israeli Police Bar Entry of Books to Al-Aqsa Mosque IMEMC News & Agencies - "The books were going to two high schools and a kindergarten. The police prevented the entry of the books because they bore the logo of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian school year starts on Wednesday." - id 23/8/2017
Continued military presence in demolition-threatened Umm Al-KheirFeatures - International Solidarity Movement - "Out of the 70 structures belonging to the village, only two of them will remain after the military carries out the order and destroys the houses. Naturally, this means the end of a village belonging to a Bedouin community which has lived in the area for generations." - id 23/8/2017
Israel’s ‘institutional terror’ leads to arrest of 3,800 Palestinians since start of 2017Middle East Monitor (MEMO) - The Israeli arrests, said the PLO, include “collective punishment measures”. This, insisted Issa Qarage, is a violation of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions. A recent example: Omar Al-Abed from north Ramallah carried out an attack in an Israeli settlement, killing 3. The Israeli occupation authorities not only arrested him but also his parents, three of his brothers and a number of other relatives. The Israelis then destroyed the family home. [bz]22/8/2017
In Walajeh, Palestinian residents mobilize against Israeli demolitionsAhmad Al-Bazz/ - +972 - “It’s not a building permit issue,” says Araj. “What we are seeing here is part of the Israeli project to implement ‘Jerusalem 2020’ project.’” Araj indicated, referring to a plan by the Jerusalem municipality to connect the Jewish neighborhoods of the city, while maintaining Jewish demographic domination. Walajeh, according to Araj, is one of the main obstacles facing the project. Arab MK Ahmad Tibi, who took part in the protest, told the demonstrators: “They demolish in Walajeh, in Qalansuwa, in the Negev, because this is the Zionist ideology: a land without people.” [bz]22/8/2017
Israeli Soldiers Demolish A Home, Injure 26 Palestinians, Near RamallahIMEMC - "The cameraman was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his face, after a soldier shot him from a close range, while he was filming the clashes." - id 16/8/2017
A major increase in tourism to PalestineH.E. Rula Maayah - This Week in Palestine - The last months have brought good news for the Palestinian tourism industry. Despite the difficult situations in the region, tourism in Palestine is booming. The first half of 2017 has witnessed an increase of 44 percent in the number of foreign visitors and 40 percent in overnight stays in Palestinian hotels, in comparison to the same period last year. The UNESCO decision to declare the old city of Hebron a world heritage site, [which greatly infuriated the Israeli government], also played a part in boosting tourism. [ak]15/8/2017
How else to get water?Amos Gvirtz - Don`t Say You Didn`t Know - On Tuesday August 8, 2017, a water truck entered the Palestinian cave village of Pakhit in the South Hebron Hills to provide water for the residents. When it left the village Israeli soldiers stopped the truck and confiscated it, claiming that it had entered a military zone.15/8/2017
Father and his teenage daughter detained by soldiersIMEMC - At the al-Jisir area of Salfit, soldiers assaulted Yasser Suleiman, causing various cuts and bruises, and prevented Palestinian medics from providing him with the needed medical treatment. The soldiers then detained both him and his daughter Sojoud, 15 years of age. No reasons were given. It is worth noting that Yasser is originally from Gaza, and has been living in the az- Zawiya town, west of Salfit, since the year 2000. [There were various cases when the Israeli authorities accuse Gazans of living "illegally" in the West Bank and seek to deport them back there, even when they had built a life in the West Bank. ak]15/8/2017
Israel demolished 36 Palestinian homes as punishment since October 2015WAFA - "...while Israel is quick to demolish family homes of alleged Palestinian attackers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which is a collective punishment policy, it has not taken any similar action against Israeli Jews who killed Palestinians in terror attacks." - id 11/8/2017
Settler violence continues in occupied al-KhalilAl-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The aggression continued until 2 AM and no Israeli soldiers were at any time present in the neighbourhood to protect the Palestinians living there." - id 11/8/2017
Trapped between Israel and Hamas, Gaza’s wasted generation is going nowhereWilliam Booth and Hazem Balousha - The Waqshington Post - They are the Hamas generation, raised under the firm hand of an Islamist militant movement. They are the survivors of three wars with Israel and a siege who find themselves as young adults going absolutely nowhere. In many circles in Gaza, it is hard to find anyone in their 20s with real employment, with a monthly salary. They call themselves a wasted generation.-rh9/8/2017
Israel has stripped citizenship from an Arab Israeli for the first time ever : Judge says the move is a `suitable` response after Alaa Raed Ahmad Zayoud injured four people in an `act of terror`GreGreg Wilford - Independent - Israel has stripped an Arab Israeli man of citizenship, claiming he "removed himself from society" by launching a car-and-knife rampage that left four people injured last year. Activists claim the ruling, believed to be a legal first, will leave Alaa Raed Ahmad Zayoud "stateless" and may violate international laws.-rh9/8/2017
The State of Israel on the nature of poetryYarden Katz - Mondoweiss -    Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian poet and citizen of Israel, was arrested in 2015 for posting a poem on Facebook. Tatour was charged with “incitement” (partly based on an erroneous translation of her poem from Arabic to Hebrew), imprisoned for months and then kept under house arrest while awaiting trial. Transcripts from her trial were recently published in Haaretz newspaper (in Hebrew) by the sociologist Yehouda Shenhav.-rh9/8/2017
Report: Israeli forces detain 880 Palestinians, including 144 children, in JulyMa`an News Agency - "Among the detainees were 144 children and 18 women, the report pointed out, adding that the majority of the detentions took place in East Jerusalem and the Jerusalem district of the West Bank, with a total of 425 detentions. The Jerusalem area was followed by by Hebron with 120 detentions, Nablus with 85, Jenin with 49, Qalqiliya with 47, Bethlehem with 45, Ramallah with 37, Tulkarem with 36, Tubas with 14, Salfit with 10, and Jericho with 10, while two people from the Gaza Strip were detained." ca9/8/2017
The Palestinian women`s uprising that electrified JerusalemElhanan Miller - +972 "Religious Palestinian women are taking in active role in the protests at the Temple Mount, shattering stereotypes of Muslim women as docile and subservient." ca9/8/2017
Feature film to mark new beginnings for Gaza cinema Ali Dolah - Al Monitor "Ten Years," the first feature film produced by a local production company in the Gaza Strip, is expected to breathe new life into the dormant cinema industry in Gaza." ca 9/8/2017
Military court extends Palestinian teenager’s administrative detentionMa`an - The Israeli military court at Ofer extended until November the Administrative Detention imposed without trial on the 16-year- old Nour Kayid Issa. As usual in such cases, the court accepted the military authorities` assertion that Issa poses an unspecified "security risk" and that disclosing any details of that alleged risk would "compromise intelligence sources". The occupation authorities make extensive use of Administrative Detention. Issa is currently the youngest one. [ak]8/8/2017
Clashes break out during Israeli settler visit to Joseph’s TombMa’an News Agency - "Palestinian residents of the adjacent Balata refugee camp told Ma’an that large numbers of Israeli troops stormed the area and deployed in the streets and on rooftops before more than 40 buses carrying Israeli settlers arrived and prayed at Joseph`s Tomb" [ry]7/8/2017
Israeli construction of southern section of Annexation Wall completedCeline Hagbard - IMEMC News & Agencies "According to Israeli sources, the section of the Wall that has been completed runs from the Turquimiya Crossing to the Israeli settlement of Mitar.Palestinians from the village of Yatta, which is being divided by the Wall, were told by Israeli army officials that the Wall is being constructed through their village land as an act of collective punishment, since some young men from Yatta participated in a shooting attack against Israeli civilians in 2016." ca 4/8/2017
Palestinian Charged with Death of Jewish-Israeli GirlfriendIMEMC News & Agencies - "Harouf denied that he had been in a relationship with Halimi at the hearing, claiming that he had killed her “to release (Palestinian) prisoners” held by Israel, before being removed from the courtroom shouting “I’ll kill all the Jews!,” Ynet reported.The Israeli news outlet also quoted Halimi’s husband, Aharon Halimi, as denying that his wife had had an affair, saying that the family would “sue the police” for investigating the case as a criminal instead of a “nationalistic issue.” Romantic relationships between Palestinians and Jewish-Israelis remain taboo in both societies, due to the 70- year conflict since the establishment of the state of Israel." ca4/8/2017
BDS ban: Five Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders denied entry to Israel for supporting Palestinian human rightsJewish Voice for Peace - Mondoweiss - Five leaders on an interfaith delegation to Israel/Palestine were refused permission to board their plane in the United States, in what appears to be an implementation of Israel’s travel ban on supporters of Palestinian rights and Boycott, Divestment Sanctions (BDS).-rh3/8/2017
The Al Aqsa Protests Prove That Palestinian Nonviolence Has Arrived Issa Amro - Forward - My dream has always been to see my people in a mass movement of nonviolent resistance. I have spent most of my adult life making this appeal to my fellow Palestinians and building the relationships we need with the international bodies who can help us. And for one of the first times in my life, I’m seeing the fruits of my labor. Since July, I have seen my fellow Palestinians displaying the strength and the will to pursue nonviolent resistance as the fastest and the only way to end the occupation. It is the success of nonviolent resistance, and its spread throughout Palestinian society, that you have been witnessing over the past few weeks.-rh 3/8/2017
Shedding Legal Light on the Gaza Electricity CrisisJulie Webb-Pullman - teleSUR - General Comment No. 6 of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations states that the right to life in the ICCPR contains the obligation for States to take positive measures, which include measures to ensure health care, especially in life-threatening-circumstances. The reduction in Israeli fuel supplied since May 2017 cannot be considered a positive measure. It also fails the test of a ‘negative obligation’ ie for Israel to refrain from taking action that would directly contravene a right.-rh2/8/2017
Jodi Rudoren says Palestinians experience ‘apartheid’ — but not in NYTJonathan Cook - Mondoweiss - Israel’s treatment of Palestinians looks “a lot like apartheid” – and not just in the occupied territories, but inside Israel too, where one in five citizens are Palestinian. “I actually think the issue of apartheid is more relevant to how Arab Israelis [Palestinian citizens of Israel] are treated within the framework of the country [Israel].”rh2/8/2017
Border Police assault a father and son from East Jerusalem, break the 58-year-old father’s arm and arrest him and his 15-year-old sonB`Tselem - In a testimony he gave B’Tselem field researcher ‘Amer Aruri on 14 June 2017, S.H. recounted what happened next: Four officers went at me right away. One of them bashed my head against the front of the car. A second one grabbed me by the left hand and a third by the right. At the same time, I saw they were also assaulting my son.-rh 2/8/2017
My child died before my eyesSarah Algherbawi - The Electronic Intifada - "“We are living in a cemetery,” said Anas’ mother, Inas al-Najjar. “My son was not the first one to die. And unfortunately he will not be the last.”" - id 2/8/2017
Netanyahu`s new plan: Getting rid of Israel`s PalestiniansMarzuq Al-Halabi - +972 - "Netanyahu’s proposal to revoke citizenship from tens of thousands of Arab citizens is yet another calculated move meant to absolve Israel of responsibility for the fate of its native population." - id 2/8/2017
Israeli forces violently repress Al-Aqsa solidarity demonstration in al-Khalil (Hebron) [VIDEO]ISM - Israeli forces followed the demonstrators down Wad al-Tofah street, firing rubber coated steel bullets indiscriminately at young boys and men. A skunk truck also drove down Ain Sarah and sprayed chemically treated skunk water on houses of uninvolved Palestinian civilians. [bz]1/8/2017
My youngest child has no idea that I am his mother` Recently released Palestinian prisoner and mother of six says she is finding it hard to reintegrate into her family.Hiba Aslan - Aljazeera - Dalal Abu al-Hawa`s 22-month-old son does not recognise her. Hamza was just 10 months old when his mother was imprisoned for a year by an Israeli court for charges she vehemently denies. Abu al-Hawa, who was released on August 7, is having trouble sleeping, is considering seeing a psychiatrist and is finding it hard to reintegrate into her family. "My youngest son [Hamza] refuses to come close to me. "I wanted to put him on my lap, but he hit my hand and ran away," Abu al-Hawa tells Al Jazeera.-rh16/8/2017
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