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Life under occupation

Hamas cabinet faces financial crisisAljazeera - " The Palestinians` new Hamas-led government faced a potentially paralysing financial crisis on Thursday, its first day in office. "31/3/2006
Normal OppressionJane - International Solidarity Movement - " an Israeli soldier lashed out injuring a Palestinian man by kicking him and hitting him with his rifle. "31/3/2006
PCHR - Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - " Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). " 31/3/2006
Rules of engagement may have been violated by IDF troops who shot Palestinian woman near fence Hanan Greenberg - Ynet - "For the first time since IDF forces left the Gaza Strip, Military Police investigators will examine the killing of a Palestinian woman near Gaza`s electronic border fence, the IDF`s Judge Advocate General Avihai Mandelblit ruled." 30/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 29 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - Palestinian family faces eviction in Silwan; families evicted in Jerusalem; Palestinian cabinet sworn in; Palestinian President: Arab League summit "positive"30/3/2006
The story of Saeed Abu SalahLaila El-Haddad - "Directly across from his house, at the end of an unpaved dirt path that used to lead to his 40 donom cattle ranch and citrus groves-now inaccessible and razed to the ground- is an Israeli lookout tower, resting atop a large mound of sand just across the border. It is equipped with a camera that monitors the family`s every move even as we speak, and a sniper, who every now and again fires "warning" shots at us." 28/3/2006
Destruction and Defiance in the Shadow of Bethlehem Tom - ISM Media Group - "The Rabah family, including 8 children, are now homeless, after the Volvo earth-movers tore through the back of their dwelling while family members scrambled desperately to remove furniture and other items." 27/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 26 March 2006IMEMC , WAFA - Settlers Wound Citizens***IOF Kills Teenager***Israel to Seize Lands in Bethlehem26/3/2006
Hamas leader tells Israeli voters group wants to end deadlockAP- "We don`t seek a whirlpool of blood in this region," Haniyeh said. "We want rights and dignity for this [Palestinian] people, and to put an end to this decades-long complicated situation." 26/3/2006
Update from Rabbis for Human RightsSheikh Sa’ed***Planting and Plowing***Home Demolition***More26/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 25 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - PFLP fires a shell from the Strip; More shelling from Gaza; four arrested in Hebron; army bulldozes orchards near Tulkarem; many detained south of Nablus; one arrested in Qalqilya; two villages near Jenin attacked; two injured in Tubas; World Health Organization concerned about bird flu in Gaza Strip26/3/2006
Israeli forces demolish houses in Wallaja in the path of planned high-speed train IMEMC & Agencies - " During the invasion, Israeli forces declared the area a `closed military zone`, and prevented journalists, as well as Israeli and international supporters from entering until the home demolition was complete. " 24/3/2006
Israel`s policy: Starve the Palestinians William Cook - IMEMC & Agencies - " On the third anniversary of America`s invasion of Iraq ... another invasion was underway in Gaza, a silent invasion of human rights that, in its barbarity, casts its own shock and awe, the starvation of the people of Gaza by closure of that prison`s gates by Israeli IDF. "24/3/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 16-22.03.06Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "A Palestinian child was killed and a member of the Islamic Jihad was extra-judicially executed by IOF; IOF continued to shell Palestinian areas in the Gaza Strip; IOF conducted 31 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and one into the Gaza Strip; 58 Palestinian civilians, including 5 children, were arrested by IOF; 4 houses were demolished by IOF; 7 houses were transformed by IOF into military sites; IOF have continued to impose a total siege on the OPT; the Gaza Strip has suffered from an economic crisis due to the closure of its border crossings; and IOF arrested 22 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children, at checkpoints in the West Bank; IOF have continued to construct the Annexation Wall in the West Bank; IOF resumed the construction of the Wall "24/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 22 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - Gates installed near Tamon; Fateh fires a shell; Palestinian arrested in Qalqilya; house demolished in Walaja; Sa`adat`s wife barred from travelling from B-G airport; 8 arrested in Beit Fajar; fence erected near Tamon; PLO rejects Hamas government`s platform23/3/2006
Palestinians to probe Jericho raid Khalid Amayreh - al-Jazeera - The Palestinian Legislative Council will form a panel to investigate last week’s Israeli raid on a Jericho prison22/3/2006
The abuse of the children: Muhammed, Ahmed, Rami and Hussam by policemen mahsan milim21/3/2006
Poll: Palestinians unmoved by Israeli elections Reuters - "In previous elections we were very interested because the difference was between the right and the left. But today, to a large extent, there is no difference. All are rightists" 21/3/2006
Israeli settlers launch campaign of harassment against Palestinian villagersCPT - "During recent months radical Israeli settlers from Ma’on and Hill 833 have repeatedly threatened and attacked Palestinians from the tiny village of Tuba in the South Hebron Hills. Omar Abu-Jundiyeh, a leader from the Tuba community, described this trend of harassment as a new concerted effort by the local settlers to drive the Palestinians off their land."21/3/2006
Israeli water grab harms PalestiniansAFP via Aljazeera.Net -- "Israel is believed to monopolise about 75% of Palestinian water resources in a region where rainfall is infrequent and water a strategic asset"20/3/2006
Israel extends closure on West Bank and Gaza indefinitely; opens trade crossingIMEMC & Agencies20/3/2006
Gaza facing humanitarian crisisLaila El-Haddad -- The Electronic Intifada -- "According to the World Bank`s 2005 statistics, 65% of Gaza`s Palestinians are living below the poverty line, surviving on under $2 a day and general poverty has reached upwards of 70% of the population."20/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 18 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - resident arrested at Huwwara; Hamas MPs arrested in Jerusalem; two arrested in al-Muruj19/3/2006
Parading of naked prisoners in Jericho violated International Humaniatrian Law B`Tselem and PHR "wrote to the IDF Judge Advocate General (JAG), to demand that the military police investigate the violation of the dignity of the detainees in the IDF`s operation in Jericho. In the course of the operation, following the surrender of the individuals who had barricaded themselves inside the prison, Israeli soldiers forced the detainees to undress and led them out clad only in their underwear. "18/3/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied TerritoriesPalestinian Centre for Human Rights 17/3/2006
After weeks of Israeli closure, Gaza Strip completely out of breadIMEMC - "All of the bakeries in the Gaza Strip are closed. Dependent on imports of flour, the 1.2 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, the most crowded place on earth in terms of population to land area, are now facing an unprecedented food crisis due to Israeli closures that have prevented the import of the grain. Completely controlled by Israeli military forces, the borders of the Gaza Strip resemble prison walls..."17/3/2006
Abu Omar`s troublesAya Kaniuk - link to - Reports from the West Bank17/3/2006
World Bank and Gaza: Economic Update and Potential OutlookWorld Bank - March 15, 2006. World Bank: Freezing PA funds means mass poverty. 17/3/2006
Gaza: Life Gets Harder in the `Prison`Fawzia Sheikh - Inter Press Service - "Life for the 1.4 million Palestinians packed into refugee camps on this thin sliver of land, one of the world`s most densely populated areas, has worsened since last August`s evacuation of Jewish settlers, observers say." 16/3/2006
Israel tightens grip on Jordan ValleyRichard Galpin - BBC News - "In a recent report the Israeli human rights organisation B`Tselem accused the Israeli government of effectively annexing the Jordan Valley - a large strip of land which makes up at least a quarter of the occupied West Bank." 16/3/2006
PCHR Strongly Condemns Attacks on International Institutions and CitizensPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR calls upon the Palestinian National Authority to take legal action against the perpetrators of these crimes, which reflect the state of security chaos, undermine the rule of law, and damage the Palestinian people`s interests and their just struggle for liberation and independence." 16/3/2006
Soldier killed in Jenin raidEfrat Weiss - Ynet News - IDF soldier killed in gun battle between troops, Palestinian gunmen in West Bank town of Jenin Thursday morning; forces launched operation in Jenin in bid to detain wanted terror suspects 16/3/2006
Palestinian killed by military fire in Ramallah, three injured Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers invaded Khirbit Al Misbah area, in Rammallah, and opened fire at a group of youth who were gathering there.One youth, identified as Khaled Issa Al Habal, 20, was killed, and three others were injured in the attack." 16/3/2006
Tulkarem facing tight closure, deteriorating economyGeorge Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - "Troops closed all main entrances of the city to all vehicles and pedestrian, set up road blocks and threatened to open fire at anybody who approaches the road blocks"13/3/2006
Israeli Settlers attack Palestinian farmers; injure four, including one child IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli army made no attempt to stop the settlers from attacking the Palestinians, although they were present at the scene"13/3/2006
Israelis take a look at checkpointsRachel Shabi - - Endless Checkpoints, at the College of Geographic Photography in the southern suburbs of Tel Aviv, was put together by Machsom Watch, an Israeli activist group. 12/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 11 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - Palestinian teachers strike in Hebron; Israel stops azan at Ibrahimi mosque on Saturday mornings; four Palestinians detained in southern Gaza Strip; restrictions tightened at Za`atara checkpoint near Nablus; two checkpoints between Jenin and Tulkarem; army raids Tulkarem town and refugee camp; torture alleged at Tel Mond jail; Israelis attack special-needs family in Hebron; al-Quds editorial11/3/2006
Death of 2 boys in air strike stirs anger in Gaza, soul-searching in Israel Sarah El Deeb - Jordan Times - "Israel`s air force commander defended the Monday strike, but two popular Israeli comedians proclaimed that an army that kills children no longer represents them, and a human rights group demanded a war crimes inquiry." 10/3/2006
UN expert: Jewish settlers `terrorize` Palestinians IMEMC and The Associated Press - Haaretz - "Jewish settlers are able to "terrorize" Palestinians with impunity, intimidating children on their way to school and destroying farmers` trees and crops, a United Nations expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict said in a report."9/3/2006
B`Tselem UpdatesUpdates of the Israeli Information Center for the Occupied Territories. (1) 7 March 2006: Targeted Killing in Gaza: Grave Suspicion of a War Crime ; (2) 28 Feb. 2006: Suspicion: Israel has classified areas near Gaza perimeter fence as "killing zones" 9/3/2006
At-Tuwani Update: 18 - 28 February 2006Christian Peacemaker Team - "Eventually, a representative from the Israeli military`s District Coordinating Office (DCO) came and made the planters leave the land. Several of the planters walked back to the village of Suseya, where they sat and watched Israeli settlers uproot the newly planted trees. The military did nothing to stop the settlers. "9/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 8 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - Zatara checkpoint closed; UK condemns Gaza raid; Bethlehem, Beit Sahour raided; Fatah militia claims attack on settler bus; army invades Tubas; arrest in Bethlehem; army enters Jenin; Nablus sealed off; arrests in the West Bank9/3/2006
A few days in a war zoneHarrison Healy - ISM - We responded to distress calls from more people that day some had been shot, an old women who had trouble breathing because of the tear gas. We ended up going into an occupied house because we heard that one of the medical team had been kidnapped. It turned out that he was just giving medicine to a diabetic person. When we were in the occupied house my friend talked to one of the soldiers about where he was from in Israel etc. The soldier was clearly upset and we could tell he didn’t want to be there.8/3/2006
IWPS report on the Nablus invasionIWPS - accounts of an Israeli invasion of the Balata refugee camp in February8/3/2006
Simply. Not. News.Neta Golan - ISM - "wounded, hungry and imprisoned Palestinian civilians are simply. Not. News."8/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 7 March 2006IMEMC - Human rights report: Ongoing Siege on Gaza Strip creating severe food crisis *** House, Farm leveled north west of Jerusalem *** Palestinian female prisoner with heart condition nearing death *** Army invades village near Tubas 7/3/2006
B`tselem`s new video: Lethal Ambiguity (recommended reading!)Btselem - In a new video, B`Tselem presents testimonies of soldiers relating to the Open-Fire Regulations [OFR]. The testimonies show that soldiers receive ambiguous orders on when they are to use their weapons, which has led in many cases to unnecessary gunfire and the loss of life. 7/3/2006
Over 200 Palestinian children arrested in two months Defence for Children International - Info and call for action5/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 4 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - checkpoint erected near Beita; Palestinians arrested trying to enter Egypt; Palestinian officer`s car burnt in Nablus; many residents detained near Tulkarem; Palestinians, Israeli injured near Ramallah4/3/2006
Hebron Update, 13-19 February 2006Christian Peacemaker Teams - life and occupation goes on in Hebron. CPT reports on their activities for another week4/3/2006
Palestinians will lose essential services, says UNBy Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Essential services such as medical treatment, water, sewage and security will be cut by stoppages in donor aid and tax payments to the Palestinian Authority ordered in the wake of Hamas`s election victory, a UN report warns. . "3/3/2006
Palestinian teen killed in W BankBBC News - "A Palestinian teenager was shot dead and another wounded by Israeli troops during a raid in the northern West Bank, Palestinian medical sources said."3/3/2006
CPTHebronNews 2006-03-03: Tel Rumeida`s Cycle of TrashJerry Levin - CPT - " mid morning March 1, CPTers Tracy Hughes, Bourke Kennedy, Billy Baldwin, and Jerry Levin along with some local volunteers headed for a Palestinian home which sits helpless at the bottom of a forty foot high bluff. At the top are Tel Rumeida settlement caravan homes. For many years its inhabitants have been pushing and dropping all kinds of debris over the side and down on their frustrated neighbors. "3/3/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in thePalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "Iraeli political and military officials have continued their threats to perpetrate more crimes against Palestinians. The Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz threatened to "turn the lives of Palestinians into a hell"." 2/3/2006
UN says key food stocks dwindling in GazaAdam Entous - Reuters - "Stocks of wheat, sugar and cooking oil are dwindling in Gaza and could begin to run out within days unless Israel reopens the strip`s main crossing point for goods, U.N. officials said on Wednesday." 2/3/2006
Palestinian militant chief killed in GazaSakher Abu El Oun - AFP - "The military leader of Islamic Jihad, the radical Palestinian faction behind all the suicide attacks against Israel in the past year, was killed in an explosion in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday." 2/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 1 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - One killed in Gaza; Anza resident arrested; shell fired at Israel; roadside bomb near Jabalia; five arrested trying to enter Israel; gunboats open fire on Gaza Strip; two Palestinian legislators arrested in Jerusalem; shells fired into Gaza Strip; citizen wounded in Hebron; teenager arrested in Hebron 1/3/2006
Eye of the stormGhazi Hamad - Bitterlemons - Hamas is not ready to sell its political positions for money. That is something the world should understand. In the Palestinian case money cannot, and should not, be the first priority. The cause of Palestine is first and foremost a political cause and not a case of alleviating poverty. 1/3/2006
Sanctioning the peopleGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - In general, economic sanctions have not proved particularly effective in achieving political goals around the world. The Palestinian case is not likely to prove an exception. 1/3/2006
Three children murdered, many injured in Israeli attack in Gaza AFP - Three Palestinian children and two members of the hardline Islamic Jihad movement were killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. 7/3/2006
HEBRON:No Volunteers-More Attacks - Another serious settler attack against an international volunteerTel Rumeida Project - Another serious settler attack against an international volunteer happened on Saturday in Tel Rumeida, Hebron partially because he was alone because we do not have enough volunteers.28/3/2006
IOF Practice a Starvation Policy against the Palestinian People: PCHR Warns of a Humanitarian Catastrophe in the Gaza StripPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR reminds that starvation of civilians as a method of warfare is prohibited"28/3/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 15 March 2006IMEMC, WAFA - DFLP shells Sofa crossing; three injured by settlers in Awarta; bulldozing resumes in Tubas; protracted invasion of Kfar Kaddoum; five arrested in Jenin; two arrested near Bethlehem; three arrested in Bani Na`am; 16/3/2006
Israel tightens grip on Jordan Valley BBC - Richard Galpin - In a recent report the Israeli human rights organisation B`Tselem accused the Israeli government of effectively annexing the Jordan Valley15/3/2006
Update from JerichoInternational Women`s Peace Service - At 17:30 two ISM activists, Neta and Chris, were detained while trying to enter the Jericho governmental compound. The two activists were accompanying a medical team that wanted to give medical aid to the prisoners wounded during the siege on the Jericho prison15/3/2006
Support The Freedom Theatre in the Jenin refugee camp The Freedom Theatre - To be able to continue to present cultural events and develop our activities to the children of the camp, we need your support. You can help us by buying a copy of the film "Arna`s Children" or make a donation through our Web site. 14/3/2006
16 year old Palestinian boy`s Finger Cut During InterrogationIn addition to the interrogator, another man came into the room and started yelling at him – `You are Kassam Abu Bakher, you were throwing stones,` then when he left the room he slammed the door that Kassam was leaning on, and one of his fingers was cut off. He said he fainted on the spot.” 14/3/2006
Israeli bereaved families attacked in hebron by stone throwing settlers - info and call for actionTel Rumeida Project - Editor`s comment: The word "hutzpah" is an understatement for the threatening letter by Noam Arnon, the settler`s spokesman.31/3/2006
Beer Sheba Mayor shuts down `Endless Checkpoints` exhibition - join the protestAn order has been issued by yet another general, the mayor of Beer Sheva, Mr. Jacob Turner (Kadima party), to prevent the openning of an exhibition of pictures made by Machsom Watch volunteers. The exhibition had been on display in Tel Aviv. Exhibition photos online:
Israeli Air force shells several locations in Gaza Strip George Rishmawi - IMEMC - " a bridge in the center of Gaza city partially destroying the bridge damaging the water system in the area, Palestinian sources reported. Israeli aircrafts also fired at least one missile at an athletic center in Al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City causing serious damage to the games hall. " 31/3/2006
Israeli forces demolish houses in Wallaja in the path of planned high-speed trainIMEMC & Agencies -- "The soldiers, who used Caterpillar D9 bulldozers in the destruction, claimed that the houses were demolished because they were built without a license"23/3/2006
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