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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

PA set to close 103 Palestinian NGOsEI/PCHR-"the decision to dissolve 103 benevolent organizations and non-governmental organizations and the restrictions on civil society are implemented as part of the "State of Emergency" in the OPT. It is noted that there were no Presidential decrees to end the "State of Emergency" or its decrees, including the one on the re-registration of associations. PCHR`s fears are accentuated by the fact that most of the associations to be dissolved were registered in Gaza during the tenure of ex-Minister of Interior, Sa`id Seyam, during the Hamas government."31/8/2007
Israel eyes GazaSaleh Al-Naami- Al Ahram Weekly-"We have reliable information that Dahlan wants to supervise, from Ramallah, assassination missions against Hamas leaders and activists in its military wing both during and after the planned Israeli military operation," 31/8/2007
CPT Hebron Update 10-17 August 2007CPT-"..her fifteen-year-old nephew was arrested by soldiers en route to visit her. He spent the past four days in jail. The Israeli court released him today with a 3000 NIS (about US$723.00) fine to the family and threatened him with three years in prison for his next "offense." "31/8/2007
IOF Kill 3 Palestinian Children in Beit Hanoun, Increasing Deaths among Palestinian Children since the Beginning of the Intifada to 797PCHR-Press Release-" IOF fired a surface-to-surface missile at the three children who were grazing sheep near an area, from which home-made rockets are often fired. Investigations conducted by PCHR indicate that no Palestinian resistance activists were present in the area when the children were attacked."31/8/2007
Weekly Message Gush Shalom: DAY AND NIGHTGush Shalom-During the night,/Children are being killed,/Land is being stolen,/Destruction is being wrought. /During the day - deception./ During the night - reality.31/8/2007
Four residents, including three children killed in the Gaza StripSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli army troops have recently reinforced presence in the northern Gaza Strip, under the pretext of preventing Palestinian resistance groups from firing homemade shells into adjacent Israeli towns. " 30/8/2007
PA set to close 103 Palestinian NGOs Electronic Intifada - "The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is extremely concerned by the decision taken by the Interior Minister in the Palestinian Government in Ramallah to dissolve 103 benevolent associations and non-governmental organizations alleging administrative, financial, or legal violations. PCHR fears that this step is taken within the context of recent restrictions placed on civil society to undermine its role and restrict its work under the "State of Emergency" declared on 14 June 2007 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)." 30/8/2007
Border Control / `The best doctors are moving to the West` Akiva Eldar interviewing the Palestinian Health Minister Fathi Abu Moghli - " The limitations on movement and the closures cause poverty in the territories to intensify. Poverty goes hand-in-hand with illness and illiteracy. Despite the fact that health and education are provided free, or almost free, too many children do not get to the clinics and the schools. Either they don`t have a permit to cross through the checkpoint, or they don`t have money for a bus ticket, or both. Poverty also leads to a decline in nutrition levels and the children are the first to pay the price. "29/8/2007
In the dead of nightAl-Ahram - Saleh Al-Naami writing "on the dynamics of the ugly inter-Palestinian conflict "29/8/2007
Is this Jericho or Hell? Xen Hasan - the Electronic Intifada - "after 11 hours at the border, here we are..We were questioned a few times by different people, but most of the time we just sat and waited. A lot of the time it felt like we had been forgotten. We kept asking border officials if they knew where our passports were, or why we were waiting. We were told, "I don`t have your passport," "it`s not in my office," "maybe someone else has it," "you are not my problem," "just shut up and sit over there," "you do what we tell you -- you don`t ask any questions here," "you are waiting for security reasons so you are not allowed to know about it," and many times someone said, "I`ll go and find out" but never came back, or just shrugged when they saw us again. "29/8/2007
The hills are aliveRory McCarthy - The Guardian - "The apartment blocks are going up so quickly around the outskirts of the West Bank city of Ramallah that the place seems momentarily to grow before your eyes... Caught between the city and the flourishing of Jewish settlements here and across the rest of the occupied West Bank is a sweeping range of hills and narrow valleys that are increasingly out of bounds to Palestinians. It is what Shehadeh calls a "vanishing landscape". "29/8/2007
Help Fida, save the Lifemakers Centre in Rafah! We are life makers in Palestine, Gaza strip, Rafah city. Email: Our biggest objective is to create a bit of normality for these children - where they can come and play in a supervised, safe area, with their parents` approval, and forget for a while the tanks, bulldozers and soldiers they can see from their homes. We thank all people who understand our mission. 28/8/2007
Ban on truckloads of paper set to hit Gaza schoolsIRIN -- The Electronic Intifada -- "Officials in Israel, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the state is concerned the paper might be used to print books with Hamas ideology imbedded within them, or for other propagandist endeavors"27/8/2007
Gazan baby dies after 4-hour wait to cross borderAgence France Presse -- The Daily Star -- "An ill, one-year-old Palestinian baby died in his father`s arms on Sunday after the pair passed several hours under baking sun waiting to cross from the Gaza Strip into Israel"27/8/2007
The strangulation continuesSerene Assir -- Al-Ahram -- With the Rafah crossing still closed, the entire population of the Gaza Strip is living under a state of siege27/8/2007
Palestinian prisoner, 22, dies in el-Ramla prison in IsraelPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - The Israeli Prisons Authority (IPA) announced on Saturday, 25 August 2007, the death of Omar Ayed Suliman Masalma (22) from the town of Beit Awa west of Hebron. The IPA did not specify the cause of death. However, the victim’s family informed PCHR that their son has been suffering from artery problems since his detention. 26/8/2007
IOF extra-judicially execute 2 Palestinians and would 3 others in JeninPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Gaza - PCHR strongly condemns the latest extra-judicial execution committed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Saturday, 25 August 2007, which left dead 2 members of the al-Quds Brigades (the armed wing of Islamic Jihad).26/8/2007
Hebron Update, 1-9 August 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - Another week under occupation and settler encroachment in the City of the Patriarchs26/8/2007
At-Tuwani Update: 25 July - 6 August 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams - another week in a Palestinian village under settler encroachment in the southern West Bank26/8/2007
Paralysed Gaza girl faces uncertain futureKatya Adler - BBC News - Israel proposes to remove a Palestinian child paralyzed in an Israeli airstrike from an Israeli hospital26/8/2007
Palestinian headlines Saturday August 25, 2007IMEMC News - - Four killed in Gaza since Friday / Palestinian reports killing two Israeli soldiers, the army denies / Hamas says P.A Security Forces arrested several Hamas members in the West Bank / A comprehensive report on Israeli detention camps and prisons / At least two killed in Israeli shelling to the Gaza Strip / Fighter, child killed by Israeli troops near Tulkarem / One injured, three kidnapped at non-violent demonstration in Bil’in / Peaceful protest in Al Walaja village faces down massive army presence / Brutal army procedures at the Al Hamra checkpoint / UN envoy urges Israel to improve Palestinian living conditions / Egyptian Ambassador to Palestine calls for unity amongst Palestinian factions 25/8/2007
Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners Newsletter July 2007 WOFPP - The windows in the cells still cannot be opened because they remain covered with metal sheets. The heat and the lack of air in the cells are unbearable. The prison authorities do not supply any fans or ventilators. The prisoners buy fans in the canteen, but many fans are out of order after a short period. As a result, there are cells without any fans at all. WOFPP applied to ACRI (Association for Citizens` Rights in Israel) to submit an appeal against the prison authorities, demanding to remove the permanent window coverings.25/8/2007
Collateral DamageJoanna Chen - Newsweek - Gravely injured in an Israeli missile attack, a 5-year-old Palestinian girl is at the center of a fight over whether Israel should continue to provide treatment. A court decision in favor of Mariya Aman could set a precedent and trigger other court appeals from Palestinians injured by similar acts of the Israeli military. 25/8/2007
Ex-Fatah fighter in battle for justice after daughter killed by Israeli police Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Now Palestinian peace campaigner Mr Aramin who, like his wife, is convinced their daughter Abir was killed by a rubber bullet fired by Israeli border police, is to fight through the Israeli courts to have the investigation reopened." 23/8/2007
Israeli court finds Israeli state guilty of death of Palestinian youth in 2002; family to recieve compensation Maan News - The family of a Palestinian teenager killed in 2002 by Israeli military forces has won compensation following a rare decision by the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court, which squarely blamed the state military as a whole, and one officer in particular, for the death of Mohammad Ali Ziad, 16. 23/8/2007
Al Mezan Center: “Twelve killed by Israeli forces in less than 24 hours”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The center demanded the international community and human rights groups to intervene and end the Israeli illegal attacks and violations to the international law, and demanded them to act in order to provide the residents with the needed international protection. 23/8/2007
Too many authorities Amira Hass - "The residents of Gaza are torn between too many authorities: Israel, the occupier that shirks its obligation as an occupying power; the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, which is abandoning its citizens while continuing to try to ostracize the majority movement and make it fail; Hamas, which boasted about "liberating" Gaza and uses Qassam fire and declarations of "resistance" to escape its political and economic failures; the donor states, which use (generous) donations to cover up political powerlessness; and the United States, which is leading the boycott campaign and supports Israel." 23/8/2007
Prescribing Surfboards for Peace ISABEL KERSHNER - NY Times - "One of the Palestinian surfers, Muhammad Jayab, described himself in the article Dr. Paskowitz had read as sympathetic to Hamas. That did not put Doc off. “To be able to go to your enemies and give them something that makes them happy is a most fulfilling adventure,” he said." 22/8/2007
Soldiers kidnap two residents though their names were dropped from its “wanted list”Najeeb Farraj - IMEMC - "The Palestinian Prisoners Society issued a press release stating that the two residents were abused and tortured by the army. The Society added that this arrest reveals the real Israeli intentions regarding the wanted fighters as it continues hunt them down." 22/8/2007
Hamas to avenge Israeli airstrike Martin Chulov - The Australian - "OCHA estimated the closures had cost the fragile Gazan economy about US$9million ($11.2million)." 22/8/2007
Palestinians dead in Israeli raids Agencies - Al Jazeera - "The latest deaths took to 5,831 the number of people killed in Israeli-Palestinian violence since the start of the second Palestinian uprising in 2000, the vast majority of them Palestinian." 22/8/2007
Hamas forced to commit to electricity revenue checks Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "The EC said it had ceased to supply fuel because it had learnt Hamas was trying to "divert revenues from the production" of electricity in Gaza." 21/8/2007
Do Not Punish Patients!Press Release - PCHR - "PCHR Warns of Further Deterioration to Health Services in the Gaza Strip"21/8/2007
Bassam Aramin says he is waiting for Israeli justiceDAN IZENBERG - J-lem Post - "He is determined that the alleged killer be apprehended and punished by law. And, despite the state prosecution decision to close the file, he is certain that this will happen." 21/8/2007
Barghouthi holds press conference to expose Israeli criminal behaviourMa`an -- "Barghouthi said 69 Palestinian women were forced to deliver their babies at military checkpoints due to Israeli closures. One third of the babies and five of the women died as a result"20/8/2007
Reflection: Evictions and closures: Good news and bad newsDianne Roe-CPT-"This bad news - good news is a pattern CPT has documented before. In late November 2000 Jowdy Jaber asked CPT to spend the night because Israeli settlers from nearby Kiryat Arba were terrorizing his family. As armed settlers burned the family fields, stoned the house, and blocked the roads, an Israeli friend called the Israeli police. The police came, the settlers turned back, and Jowdy got a peaceful night`s rest. The next morning he found out the price of that night`s rest. A copy of the settlers` written demands was on the ground near his home: "Dismantle the kasbah vegetable market, close roads to Palestinian traffic," etc. Within hours the Israeli army dismantled the kasbah market. "18/8/2007
Is This Ben Gurion Airport, Or Hell?Rami Kenazi -"I`m not sure if it was an attempt clear his conscience, but he told us about his diverse group of friends, which included Arabs, and how his life had been saved five times, all by Arabs. It was amazing to see how human and forthcoming some of the "toughest" people in Israel have become, while at the same time keeping up their walls of discrimination and oppression, walls that have ultimately been encompassed by a greater wall of rationalization. For us, it was seven hours of hell in Ben Gurion. For a Palestinian here, occupation is a reality every day of the year."18/8/2007
Israeli army invades Nablus and injures one civilianGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC -"Witnesses said that soldiers searched homes and forced families out during the search soldiers shot randomly at residents homes and injured one civilian. Medical sources in the city identified the injured woman as Ni`mah Nasser, from El Ein refugee camp."18/8/2007
Blackout in most of Gaza City / Israeli raids near Jenin Kills Two PalestiniansAl Jazeera-"Gaza has a single 140-megawatt power plant that provides about three-quarters of the territory`s needs. All of the fuel for the plant comes from Israel.... Maliha (director of the electricity company )urged "the European Union and the Palestinian Authority to intervene quickly as this will have negative consequences for Gaza, especially for hospitals".18/8/2007
Mourning and the Morning AfterDr. Bernard Sabella-Arab Media Internet Network-"One Qalqilya elder told me as he pointed out with his hand the route of the Separation Wall and a number of Israeli illegal settlements in the surroundings that the Israelis have taken away most of Qalqilya’s agricultural lands and they plan to take what is left. He too, like the farmer from Jayyus, had tears in his eyes. His whole essence of living, personal and collective narrative with the land of Qalqilya is being taken away from him."17/8/2007
Suffering in numbersSaleh Al-Naami-Al Ahram Weekly-"...despite Israel`s talk of removing military checkpoints from roads in the West Bank, these checkpoints have increased, jumping from 545 in 2005 to 693 currently....since 255 Palestinian prisoners were released, following the latest Sharm El-Sheikh summit, Israel has arrested 336 Palestinians, 50 per cent more than were released. Barghouti says that Israel currently holds 11,000 Palestinians, among them 426 children. ... by continuing to hold meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Abbas is contributing to the misleading of Palestinian, Arab and international public opinion. Barghouti suggests that Israel is coordinating a public relations campaign through these meetings, and nothing more."17/8/2007
Raising Yousuf, Unplugged: diary of a Palestinian motherLaila El-Haddad-Personal Blog-"I`m not sure what it will take anymore for people to realize the absurdity of it all. I mean, sanctioning an occupied people for God`s sake? Demanding an end to "violence" by those occupied people all while the US shells out another $30 billion in military aid to the world`s third strongest army? (Ed. Note. See also Ha`aretz article Aug 17 2007 at And I`m not talking about the US only here. I`m talking about our very own Arab governments who, from day one, bowed in submission to US commands to freeze financial transactions to Hamas. Yes, the world, including the Arab world, has been complicit in the destruction of a society." 17/8/2007
UNRWA warns of economic collapse in the Gaza Strip and calls for urgent international interventionMAAN NEWS AGENCY-" He ( UNWRA Deputy Commissioner-General, Filippo Grandi)also said that $ 93 million worth of construction projects implemented by UNRWA in the Gaza Strip, have had to be stopped due to the inability to import construction materials. "There is an urgent need to introduce this very material to the Gaza Strip," he said. .. warned that if the closure of the crossing continues the Gaza Strip would be a hundred per cent aid-dependent within weeks. "17/8/2007
Report from Palestine IIKeren Batiyov - ISM - "This morning at 7AM we rushed to the other side of Nablus where 8 homes had been taken over by the Israeli army: 10-15 armed-to-the-teeth military vehichles and a bulldozer. In this case the families were told to leave their homes but this was at 2AM in the morning - people routed from their beds, small children including a 2 1/2 month old baby and forced to leave their homes which were then occupied."16/8/2007
An uncommon day in HebronHagit Back - Machsomwatch report - "As part of the arrangement in Hebron between the IDF and the Moslem Wakf following the massacre in 1994 at the Cave of the Patriarchs by Baruch Goldstein, there are 11 days a year in which only Jews are allowed to pray at the site, and 11 days in which only Muslims are allowed to pray. Today – Rosh Hodesh Elul - is a Jewish prayer day. "15/8/2007
Imagined TerritoriesYonatan Mendel - LRB - "The territories in the last decade have been subjected to Israeli architecture at its worst: roads carving Palestine from within, tunnels dug from below and bridges straddling it from above." 15/8/2007
The Children of al-Hadidiya are not here any more IIIDaphne Banai - "Today at 08:30 the bulldozers arrived once again to Bak`a. According to OCHA, they destroyed 2 wells at Bardala and 4 shacks of people from al-Hadidya who had been turned out of their houses, behind the settlement of Ro`i, in April. I found this out by telephone from a Bedouin of another tribe who was an eye-witness." 15/8/2007
13 killed as IDF raids Khan Yunis areaJOSH BRANNON - J-lem Post - "All local males above the age of 16 were rounded up and questioned, according to the report. Some will be released while rest will be arrested and brought to Israel for further interrogation." 15/8/2007
Troops withdraw from Khan Younis, seven residents killed and dozens injuredWisam Afifa - IMEMC - "Also, soldiers shelled the house of Jamal Abu Daqqa in Khan Younis causing several injuries and excessive damage." 15/8/2007
Israeli forces frequently invading prisons; forcing Palestinian families to revoke visitation rights Ma`an - "Following the raid, and in the absence of any evidence indicating any wrongdoing, the prison`s administration collectively punished the Palestinian detainees at the jail." 15/8/2007
Peres proposes release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for an end to resistance Ma`an - "The proposal suggests that two-thousand Palestinian prisoners are released each year after the signing of the deal. There are an estimated 11,000 Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, a number which is increased daily by Israeli abductions of Palestinian citizens." 14/8/2007
1 Aug. 2007: Detention of senior Palestinian officials - wrongful infringement of fundamental rightsB`Tselem -- "Shortly after the abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, in June 2006, Israel detained dozens of Palestinians holding senior positions in the Palestinian Authority, some of them ministers in the Hamas government, and most of the members of the Palestinian Legislative Council on behalf of Hamas in the West Bank. The Judge Advocate General`s Office informed B`Tselem that forty-five members of the PLC had been detained. According to B`Tselem`s information, at least twenty-two of them remain in detention"13/8/2007
`To Abir al-Aramin`by Lizzy Sagi - trans. Judith Green - "..children should be protected from our murderous games. But it seems that they are not. What happened, Abir, on that day, was that your two murderers were bored. They had already "hunted" for illegal infiltrators; they had already confiscated IDs; they were looking for "action" of another sort. They drove around in their military jeep and got to your school. There they started to shoot for no reason, and you, Abir, who had gone out to the street a moment before to buy sweets, clung to the wall in fear."12/8/2007
Two Weeks in the Occupied Territories: Report from the Land of ApartheidStanley Heller - the Counterpunch - "I`ve been here for nearly two weeks. Coming in was a breeze for me, a Jew in his late 50`s...". Insightful impressions of a visitor.11/8/2007
Palestinian doctor paints picture of Gaza under siege Mark Almberg - "Sixty-one percent of the population is age 19 or younger. Nearly 1 million are officially registered as refugees. About 75 percent are unemployed and nearly half suffer from hunger. The situation facing Palestinians in Gaza only grew worse with the so-called Israeli disengagement from the territory. “It wasn’t a withdrawal,” El-Farra said. “It was a redeployment. Israel pulled its troops out of Gaza but it still controls it. Gaza is still under occupation. It is like a big, open-air prison” — a prison that has only become more unbearable with the U.S.-Israeli blockade of Gaza after the election victory of Hamas. "11/8/2007
Beyond the concrete wall Yigal Sarna - YNET - "inside the house [in the Deheishe refugee camp], there has been no water for two weeks. The camp`s water supply was disconnected and the pipes were empty". [Editor`s comment(VB):Just south of Deheishe there is a vast Gush-Etzion - Efrata settlement area. The settlers do not lack water.] Also, link to lectures by Clemens Messerschmid "Till the Last Drop: The Palestinian Water Crisis in the West Bank, Hydrogeology and Hydropolitics of a Regional Conflict" sponsored by the Alternative Information Center11/8/2007
`Her injuries are forever, for the rest of her life`The Electronic Intifada-"She`s paralyzed. All she has left is her mind. She needs to study. You should see her use the computer in the hospital, she moves the mouse with her chin. She loves it and she is good at it. I want Israel to take responsibility for her, give her the care she needs. I never asked them for anything, not for my dead wife, my mother, my eldest son. But please, just treat Maria. Give her the best treatment."10/8/2007
Caught on the wrong sideDavid Chater- Al Jazeera-" They came home, but in coffins through a freight terminal."10/8/2007
Gaza faces economic disaster if blockade continues - UNYNet News-Associated Press-"Even before Hamas’ Gaza takeover, 1.1 million Gazans received foreign food assistance, a figure that rose sharply as a result of Israeli trade restrictions and an international aid embargo imposed after Hamas won 2006 elections."10/8/2007
CPT Hebron Update: 16 - 22 July 2007Christian Peacemaker Team: "...another stone came flying back over the barrier into the street where the boys were playing. Three times, Kern hailed the soldier from the roof across the street before he came out of his cover. Kern told him that a settler boy had thrown stones. After several attempts to get the soldiers to stop the settler stone throwing, the soldier response was to tell CPT to get off their roof, and to tell Mutahsib that the Palestinian boys could not play soccer there any more."10/8/2007
Unexploded Israeli rocket detonates killing two children in Gaza Ma`an - "He said "the investigation of the resistance revealed that the explosion resulted from an unexploded rocket, launched by the Israelis."" 8/8/2007
`A Security Risk` Doesn`t Hold Water`Prof. Rafi Walden - Yediot Ahronot - transl. Judith Green - "I wonder what went through the mind of the GSS person, or the soldier, who decided that a young man with one leg amputated, and about to lose his second leg, was a security risk, and in this way condemned him to a life of suffering and pain? What were they thinking, when an urgent and critical request, supported by the medical opinion of a senior Israeli doctor, was treated so laconically, with maddening bureaucratic delays? And what brought our most senior judges to accept the recommendations of the GSS as holy, even when they completely contradicted professional medical opinion as well as common sense? How can one accept the thought that an injured man .. is left on his own because of the fantastic claim that he is a security risk? " [Editor`s comment (VB) : The literal translation of the Hebrew title is "A Security Risk Is Leg-less", which in Hebrew means "baseless"]7/8/2007
The road to peace runs through JerusalemGideon Rachman - Financial Times - "The road to peace between Israel and Palestine does not pass through Baghdad or Tehran. It still runs through Jerusalem and the West Bank. And right now that road is blocked – literally and metaphorically – by a massive wall. "11/8/2007
Rifkah and my motherTala A.Rahmeh - EI - "The color of our IDs determines which roads we can and cannot drive on in and around Jerusalem."7/8/2007
Two babies, imprisoned in Israeli jails, are prohibited from leaving their cells Ma`an News- "The mothers attempted to discover the reason for the ruling and appealed to the administration to revoke their decision, but their attempts failed." 7/8/2007
Officer in `human shield` case demotedJPOST.COM STAFF - J-Lem Post - "Human rights groups say the use of civilians in military operations has dropped sharply since the Supreme Court ban, but has not disappeared." 8/8/2007
Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in HebronJohn Smith -- IMEMC & agencies -- "A group of Israeli settlers attacked a number of Palestinian homes in Hebron, setting two houses ablaze and running over a Palestinian man in the city centre on Sunday night"6/8/2007
A questionable breakthroughSerene Assir -- Al-Ahram -- As the repatriation of Palestinians to Gaza begins, it is the sick and elderly who are left behind6/8/2007
Award-winning film-maker`s death divides UK and IsraelEric Silver -- The Independent -- "Britain and Israel face a diplomatic and legal showdown this week over the death of James Miller, an award-winning British film-maker who was shot by Israel soldiers while working on a documentary in the Gaza Strip more than four years ago. Israel has failed to respond to an ultimatum issued by Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general, to his opposite number, Meni Mazuz, on 26 June to launch a criminal investigation within six weeks against the officer suspected of firing the fatal shot. The deadline expires tomorrow"6/8/2007
The Children of al-Hadidiya are not here any more Nura Resh - Machsomwatch - Do you remember the al-Hadidiya tribe, shepherds who lived next to the Ro’i settlement who were evacuated at the beginning of May from their land? We went then to their place, next to the well (all the waters of which flow to the swimming pools and the green gardens of the settlements and not a drop of that water of that well, originally Palestinian, moistens the parched throats of the legal residents of the area – the Palestinians). But the place was deserted, and only a few broken toys and discarded medicines remained of what was a community of people who had lived on their lands from time immemorial.5/8/2007
Culture as `the art to breathe`Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb - ICB - There was a time when people thought that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is like a 100-meter run. Participants behaved accordingly; they gathered their strength in a concentrated effort and within such a short time. When they reached the goal, they were out of breath, but they could afford it for this short time period. However, increasingly people are realizing that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the longest ongoing in modern history, is more like a 36-kilometer marathon. In a marathon, people need to breathe differently, to train in another way and to run in a well-trained yet more relaxed speed. One has simply to have a long breath. Culture for Palestinians living in this ongoing and seemingly unending conflict is the art to keep a long breath.4/8/2007
The Gypsies of Jerusalem: the Forgotten PeopleAmoun Sleem - This Week In Palestine - Originally settling in an area outside the Old City called Wadi Al-Joz, the Dom (Gypsies) later moved to a small neighbourhood called Burj Al-Laqlaq within the walls of the Old City. An ethnic minority, the Dom community has suffered in silence throughout the decades of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Their numbers dwindled significantly during the battles surrounding the foundation of the State of Israel. The greatest exodus occurred during the war of 1967, which caused nearly half of the Dom population to seek refuge in Syria, Lebanon, and even India. Despite a deep-seated identification with Middle Eastern culture, the remaining two hundred families endure severe discrimination at the hands of Israelis and their Palestinian neighbours. Once lauded in Persian poetry as unparalleled entertainers, a series of cultural, political, and economic shifts have led the Dom to be regarded as despicable beggars.4/8/2007
Palestinian detainees suffering harsh living conditions, ill-treatmentIMEMC Staff - Akram Abu Siba’, secretary of the Detainees Office in Jenin district, stated on Friday that (...) dozens of detainees are sick and need medical treatment but the Israeli prison administration is neglecting their rights and depriving them of the needed medical attention. (...) Abu Siba’ added that several detainees spent more than five years in solitary confinement [and] are deprived of their visitation rights; not allowed to communicate with other detainees; and repeatedly attacked and violated by the soldiers. [More than 10 000 Palestinians are at the moment imprisoned by the IDF. Ed.]4/8/2007
Palestinian headlines - at IMEMC Friday, August 3IMEMC - Israelis pelt Beit Hanoun with eggs and vegetables / Two killed in Gaza factional conflict / High Court upholds route of illegal Israeli wall near Umm Salamuna / Israeli force invades northern Gaza; kidnaps several civilians / Israeli army probe highlights gross troop misconduct in Hebron / Barghouthi: Israel wishes for normalization with Arab countries before acknowledging the Palestinian / Qassam rockets hit western Negev / Hamas orders television program off air / Abbas seeks discussion on ‘declaration of principles’ / Iran decries Israel’s human rights track-record / PCHR weekly report: “Soldiers killed 10 Palestinians, injured at least 15 residents” / Soldiers kidnapped 170 residents in twelve days 3/8/2007
Detention of senior Palestinian officials - wrongful infringement of fundamental rights B`Tselem - "Some of the officials are being held in administrative detention and some have been indicted. In all the cases, the denial of their liberty was carried out in violation of law and in outrageous contempt for their rights and for the rights of the persons they were elected to represent." 2/8/2007
Adalah`s Newsletter : Colonial LawsAdalah - "On 18 July 2007, the Israeli Knesset approved on preliminary reading a racist bill that prohibits the sale of lands registered in the name of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to Arab citizens of the state."1/8/2007
Fatimah`s childrenAya Kaniuk - Mahsanmilim - "Fatimah`s two children were shot and died. Her third son, Tamar, was shot recently.There is hope he will live."1/8/2007
Israeli troops storm several areas of the West Bank, clash with Palestinian resistance and abduct citizens Ma`an - "Israeli soldiers denied Palestinian ambulances access to the scene. A wounded man was left bleeding in the streets for more than two hours before he was transported in an Israeli military jeep to an unknown destination." 1/8/2007
Arab MKs demand official inquiry into desecrated graves case Roee Nahmias - Ynet - ""Those troops` commanders are directly responsible for what happened… these crimes will continue to occur as long as the Israeli society continues to back them up in the name of false security… these acts are a daily thing and only a small part of them is exposed," added Tibi." 1/8/2007
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