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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Is Israel reviving this 50-year-old land plan?Daoud Kuttab - There is no distinction between Likud and Labor policy when it comes to Palestinian lands. Both appear to be in total agreement on Israeli settlement policy. The Jordan Valley, the only open land in the West Bank and the only path for Palestinian expansion eastward, is slowly being closed off to Palestinians. Without access to or use of the Jordan Valley, the possibility of an independent Palestinian state will be greatly diminished.-rh 30/3/2016
Gaza Hit by Blackouts Again IMEMC - "The Gaza Strip was left almost entirely without power, Tuesday, due to maintenance work on power lines from both Israel and Egypt and ongoing tax disputes on fuel for the enclave’s near-defunct power station." - id 30/3/2016
New Prison Bill for Minors Targets Palestinian Children Chloe Benoist - IMEMC - "The Israeli Knesset, on Tuesday, approved the first reading of a bill which would allow Israeli courts to hand down prison sentences to minors under the age of 14 -- legislation critics say is targeted at Palestinian children." - id 30/3/2016
Another home destroyed in Gaza al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "During this wave of aggression, Israeli bulldozers also destroyed his five hundred beehives along with most of his fruit plantations and olive trees." - id30/3/2016
Israeli forces level Palestinian playground in ongoing Silwan demolitionsMa`an - Meanwhile the Israeli National Council for Planning and Building approved last week a massive building project planned by Israeli settlement organization Elad in Silwan. [bz]29/3/2016
Israeli forces assault prisoners in Etzion detention centerMa`an News - " Palestinian prisoners in Israel`s Etzion detention center were “aggressively” assaulted while under Israeli custody, the Palestinian Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said on Thursday. The committee said Israeli soldiers raided the prisoners’ cells and forced them to leave before their rooms were subjected to a “humiliating” inspection. The groups were later forced to crowd together into two rooms...The director of the committee’s Bethlehem office, Munqith Abu Atwan, told Ma’an at the time that Etzion detention center and its interrogation rooms were "hell” and “unfit for human life." ca25/3/2016
Israel detains hundreds amid fierce crackdown on illegal Palestinian workersMa`an News Agency - "The Israeli authorities in recent days have launched a massive crackdown on Palestinians working without permits in Israel, in a campaign critics have denounced as a political game that will only deepen Palestinian poverty.Israeli police said Tuesday that in just two weeks they had rounded up more than 1,200 illegal Palestinian workers, while last week, Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, passed into law a set of new penalties aimed at deterring their employment." ca25/3/2016
Netanyahu Condemns Israeli Soldier Who Shot Subdued Palestinian Attacker Barak Ravid and Gili Cohen - Haaretz "Israeli politicians from across the aisle condemned on Thursday an Israeli soldier who shot a subdued Palestinian attacker in the head in Hebron..."What happened in Hebron does not represent the values of the Israel Defense Forces," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in reaction to the incident, adding that the IDF "expects its soldiers to act coolly and in accordance with the rules of engagement." ca 25/3/2016
Palestinian human rights defenders receive death threatsCharlotte Silver - The Electronic Intifada - Amuta for NGO Responsibility identifies Al-Haq, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Al-Mezan as some of the main “anti-peace” groups that are leading the efforts to put Israeli officials on trial in international courtrooms, specifically referring to the acceptance of Palestine to the International Criminal Court.“They have one strategy: silence any group working to criticize Israel,” Al-Haq director Jabarin said.-rh 23/3/2016
Palestinian farmers caught in political tug of warDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - It is unclear what triggered the unilateral Israeli decision that was implemented without an official announcement or justification. But Jamal Dajani, director of strategic communications at the Palestinian prime minister’s office, told Al-Monitor he believes politics are behind the Israeli decision. “It seems that this act is done in retaliation on the voluntary public Palestinian ban of illegal settlement products and an attempt to further exercise sovereignty over East Jerusalem.”-rh 23/3/2016
Witness to deadly West Bank arson attack has house set alightBen Lynfield - Independent - The incident echoed the attack last July when 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha and his parents Saad and Riham were killed and four-year-old Ahmed was left critically injured. Mr Dawabsha, who was the first person on the scene after that attack, is currently testifying before an Israeli court in the trial of two Jewish extremists.-rh23/3/2016
Army Bulldozes 40 Dunams In Yatta, Demolishes A Barn IMEMC - " prepare for building a gravel factory in an illegal colony." - id23/3/2016
Israeli Police Detain More Than 1200 Palestinian Workers IMEMC - "..."an extensive campaign in various areas, including many construction sites, to "locate and arrest all workers who entered the country illegally"..."the campaign also targeted Israelis who hire them and help them stay without legal documents." - id 23/3/2016
IOF kidnap at least 28 Palestinians Tuesday overnight, according to PPS PNN - Palestine News Network - "Also in occupied Jerusalem area the IOF stormed and searched homes....the IOF confiscated a Palestinian car, and two TV sets and a computer." - id23/3/2016
Restricting the life out of Hebron’s Old CityKathleen Kern - CPT (Christian Peacemakes Team) - Every year when I return to Hebron I find Occupation more entrenched, the people more battered, more resigned. Even much this year. International observers are very restricted, kept further and further away from where soldiers daily shoot teargas at Palestinian children of the Qurtuba School and settlers endlessly harass them. The military assigned numbers to Palestinians living in Tel Rumeida; if you don’t have such a number, you are not allowed to be there - even if you are a relative or a friend of a resident.(Relatives and friends of settlers living there are of course, allowed to visit them.) The morning we visited, Hani Abu Haikel with his wife and daughter went to a dentist. When they wanted to return to their homes a settler boy told the soldiers they didn’t live there. The soldier made them wait in the pouring rain for twenty minutes while he checked their IDs and finally confirmed they were indeed residents of Tel Rumeida with numbers duly assigned by the army."They make our lives in hell so that we will all go away and everything will fall into the settlers` hands" said Hani. ak22/3/2016
PHOTOS: IDF demolishes Palestinian homes in occupied Jordan ValleyPhotos by Ahmad Al-Bazz/,Text by Haggai Matar - +972 - The Israeli army demolished 17 structures, including family homes, in the Khirbet Tana, an impoverished Palestinian hamlet in the occupied Jordan Valley on Wednesday. This was the third time Israeli forces demolished homes in Khirbet Tana in recent months, according to Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, including shelters that were donated for families made homeless by previous demolitions. Israeli authorities refuse to connect the village to the electricity or water grids or approve any building permits.-rh 30/3/2016
Five Palestinian prisoners on open hunger strike to protest administrative detention and isolationSamidoun - Five Palestinian prisoners are currently engaged in an open hunger strike against Israeli policies of administrative detention without charge or trial and solitary confinement.-rh30/3/2016
Video: Meet the brave shoemaker who filmed Israeli soldier executing a Palestinian Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - The video was shot by Imad Abu Shamsiya, who lives behind a wall of barbed wire in that neighborhood. As his video ricochets around the world, Abu Shamsiya is facing death threats, law suits and political pressure over his video. And it’s not the first time he’s come under assault. Jewish settlers want this brave shoemaker and other Palestinians to move out so they can take over his home.-rh30/3/2016
Israeli military seals Bethlehem-area roads after attackMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces on Thursday closed off roads near the Palestinian village of Beit Fajjar in the occupied West Bank hours after two residents of the village reportedly stabbed and injured an Israeli soldier before being shot dead on site. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli bulldozers sealed main entrances to Marah Rabah south of Bethlehem with earth mounds, as well as agricultural roads that surround the village...All entry into the village was permitted, but exit was prohibited with the exception of humanitarian cases, the spokesperson said.Thursday’s closures will likely directly impact the some 15,000 residents of the two villages." ca18/3/2016
Human Rights Defender Manal Tamimi Talks about Her Arrest on International Women’s DayHaim Schwarczenberg - Video - “I asked to say goodbye to my children. My daughter was crying all the time. Samer (10) was in shock. He didn’t say anything. The room was full of around ten soldiers and all of them have guns and they cover their faces. When I went out and saw how many soldiers were there, how many jeeps… I think maybe 10, or 13 jeeps. At that moment, I can’t say I was afraid, but I was confused…. I began to search in my mind, what is the awful thing I did?”-rh16/3/2016
Palestine Today TV Closed by Israel – Website Blocked Fahwad Al-Khadoumi - NSNBC - "The TV channel’s website appears, moreover, to have been subject to a cyber-attack as internet security software flags its website as dangerous. The head of the TV channel, one journalist and a broadcast technician were detained." - id 16/3/2016
Palestinians Rethink Routines to Avoid Israeli Suspicions REUTERS - NYT - "For Palestinians trying to avoid being suspected of involvement in a months-long wave of deadly attacks against Israelis, small changes in behavior might mean the difference between life and death." - id 16/3/2016
School shooting a near miss in Gaza al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Bilal Abu Asser was giving a lesson to his students when a bullet passed just next to his head. “Suddenly I heard a huge explosion, in that moment all the children started to scream, some started to run, others hid under the table, others were in shock…" - id 16/3/2016
The youngest Palestinian in Israeli administrative detention Noam Rotem - +972 - "At 16, Hamza Hamad has already experienced the worst of Israel’s occupation: arrests, home raids, demolitions, and a father in prison. Now he has become the youngest Palestinian to be put in administrative detention." - id 16/3/2016
Autopsy Shows Soldiers’ “Overkill” of 3 Palestinians; Prosecutors Say Reveals Systematic PolicySaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Autopsies performed on the three Palestinians who were killed by the Israeli military on Monday in Hebron, revealed that the soldiers fired an excessive number of bullets. Many live rounds were fired into the heads of the three Palestinians, as well as into various parts of their bodies. These deaths are similar to various previous incidents when the army, or paramilitary Israeli settlers, not only fired an excessive number of bullets, but actually executed the Palestinians after already shooting and completely incapacitating them. ak15/3/2016
PA nixes Israeli offer to halt IDF activity in Ramallah, JerichoAvi Issacharoff - Times of Israel - Palestinians insist Israeli army stop operating in all Palestinian cities; PA officials warn end to security cooperation seriously considered. [bz]15/3/2016
Watch: Palestinian workers at the Bethlehem checkpoint [ry] 14/3/2016
Palestinian companies protest Israeli decision to ban their productsMa`an News Agency - "Israeli troops used tear gas to suppress a march held by five Palestinian food production companies on Sunday near the Israeli Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank. The companies protested by parking their trucks near the prison, after Israeli authorities banned their products from entering Jerusalem and Israel" [ry] 14/3/2016
Palestinian teacher wins international Global Teacher`s PrizeIMEMC News - "Pope Francis [...] announced Sunday that Hanan al-Hroub, a teacher from the Deheishe refugee camp in Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, was awarded the Global Teacher`s Prize on Sunday" [ry] 14/3/2016
Israel escalates its assault on Palestinian pressAhmad Jaradat - AIC - Claiming `incitement,` Israel shuts down Palestine Today, arrests Palestinian journalists, and convinces a French satellite company to drop a Palestinian TV station [ry] 14/3/2016
After Push by Pro-Palestinan Activists, CUNY Probes Anti-Semitism CriesJosh Nathan-Kazis--On the 13th March 2009 around 4:30pm, Tristan Anderson, an ISM volunteer from the US was critically wounded by the occupying Israeli forces while peacefully demonstrating against the ongoing occupation of the West Bank village of Ni’lin. The wounds he sustained were from a high velocity/long range tear gas canister that was used against him at a distance of around 50-60 meters.dn13/3/2016
Gaza siblings killed in Israeli air strike after militant rockets hit IsraelNidal al-Mughrabi & Ori Lewis & Catherine Evans & Angus MacSwan - Reuters - Yahoo news - Beset by a months-long surge of street attacks by Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, Israel has little desire to see a new flare-up in Gaza, where Hamas has mostly held its fire in the past 18 months. [bz]12/3/2016
No, Israel doesn`t give Gaza electricity for freeItamar Sha’altiel--A number of journalists and figures in the Israeli media and public sphere have been making the claim recently that Israel provides free electricity to Hamas and the Gaza Strip, generally as part of an argument that the Israel is paying the Gazan government protection money in exchange for quiet along the southern border.dn12/3/2016
A harrowing walk to school for Palestinian childrenSheren Khalel--Pupils in the West Bank village of Tuqu pass by barbed wire fencing and armed Israeli soldiers every morning.dn12/3/2016
Army Shuts Down "Palestine Today TV" In Ramallah, Kidnaps Three JournalistsIMEMC News - "Two nights ago, the Israeli Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, held a meeting and came up with a list of punitive measures against the Palestinian people and various media agencies. The cabinet decided to shut down many TV stations and media agencies, for what it called "broadcasting incitement materials," referring to their covering of the Israeli assaults and violations against the Palestinian people, in occupied Palestine." ca 11/3/2016
Violence Surges During Joe Biden Trip as Palestinians Fire on Car in JerusalemReuters - wo Palestinian assailants opened fire at cars in Jerusalem, wounding one man before police shot them dead on Wednesday, the force said, as violence surged during a visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.-rh 9/3/2016
Why is Israel detaining a clown?Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Writing an article about a Palestinian prisoner held in Israeli administrative detention means walking a thin line. Such prisoners are detained by the Israeli security establishment without an indictment or a trial date. In some ways, this author is quite like the prisoner, his lawyers, his family and his friends. Neither he nor they know the reason for the arrest, or what intelligence was gathered against the suspect to lead the Shin Bet to conclude that he was involved in planning a terrorist attack. And there is an even more daunting question: Why did the authorities decide to use administrative detention, a controversial tool by any standard, rather than a more transparent criminal procedure, which would allow the courts to rule on it?-rh 9/3/2016
A Moment That Changed Me: Carrying Out Kidney Transplants in GazaSalim Hammad - IMEMC - "Entering Gaza feels like gaining access to a state penitentiary; there are guards, automatic weapons, dogs, gates and the infamous wall, designed to keep the 1.85 million Gazans in, and everything else out." - id 9/3/2016
Crimes Against the Palestinians are Finally Called ‘Crimes’Hasan Afif El-Hasan - IMEMC - "Seventy years after 1947-48 “Nakba”, the Palestinians have won a moral victory. Crimes against them are finally called “crimes”!" - id 9/3/2016
Administrative Detention: The Shame of Israel`s High CourtAnat Matar - Ha`aretz - About 750 administrative detainees are currently sitting in Israeli jails - none of them got any help from Israel`s Supreme Court. The security forces do what they want, without oversight. Over the years, the justices of the Supreme Court have obediently approved all Administrative Detentions, as they approved home demolitions, targeted killings, school closings, the use of flechette shells, the confiscation of land, curfews and blockades. In their examination of administrative detentions, the justices frequently state that they find no grounds to intervene in decisions made by the military courts. ak 8/3/2016
Israel under pressure to release imprisoned Palestinian clownMatt Broomfield - The Independent - Mohammad Sakha teaches circus skills to children with learning disabilities [ry] 7/3/2016
The West Bank Village of Wadi Foquin: Trying to SurviveZeina Azzam--The bucolic Palestinian village of Wadi Foquin, nestled in a lush valley on the West Bank, is known for its fruits and vegetables, honey, olive trees, and natural springs. Situated near the green line with Israel, it lies five miles southwest of Bethlehem. Wadi Foquin is also a village fighting for its very existence. dn6/3/2016
Netanyahu studying “deporting Palestinian attackers’ families to Gaza”PNN/ Jerusalem - "On Wednesday, Netanyahu’s office published a copy of the letter addressed to the attorney general, which read: “using this legal method will decrease the terrorist attacks against the state of Israel and its people”...Netanyahu...however said that the Judiciary system would not allow it, because it is considered as collective punishment, which is illegal in the international law." ca4/3/2016
Authors Ayelet Waldman, Michael Chabon take on the Israeli occupationJessica Steinberg - Times of Israel - The group of writers, which includes Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, Dave Eggers, Geraldine Brooks, Lars Saabye Christensen, Hari Kunzru, Taiye Selasi, Jacqueline Woodson, along with local writers Ala Hlehel, Assaf Gavron, Raja Shehadeh and Nir Baram, will write their pieces following week-long visits to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.-rh2/3/2016
One of the longest hunger strikes in history has come to an endMaya Oppenheim - Independent - According to the Palestinian rights organisation Addameer, Mr Qiq began his fast on 25 November in protest at the “torture and ill treatment that he was subjected to during interrogation”. In this time his health has severely deteriorated, with the journalist previously reported to be facing “immediate death”. The head of the Palestinian Prisoner`s Society, Qadura Fares, said that Mr Qiq was now allowing doctors to treat him.-rh 2/3/2016
Israel’s silent war on the children of PalestineInternational Solidarity Movement, Al-Khalil team - Apartheid can be defined as any system or practice that separates people according to colour, ethnicity, etc. The structures built throughout the Palestinian territories are representative of this process of separation and the collective punishment imposed by the zionist State of Israel. Not only are the Palestinians encaged by an immoral apartheid wall built on illegal boundaries, but the young kids of the nation are being exposed to similar structures of division on a daily basis, teaching them a self image of contempt, isolation and inferiority.-rh2/3/2016
Palestine: Dignity in the face of crueltyRichard Burgon, MP--AS AN MP, discussion of Palestine and Israel is never far away from you — in the news, in Parliament and in correspondence from members of the public. It was a privilege to visit Jerusalem and the illegally occupied territories of Palestine in the West Bank with a group of Labour MPs during the recent break in parliamentary business, in order to see for ourselves the situation on the ground.dn6/3/2016
Home demolitions displace 330 Palestinians in single monthNaatasha Roth--Israel demolishes 235 Palestinian structures in the West Bank in February — the highest monthly total for at least seven years.dn5/3/2016
Palestinian killed by Israeli army during rescue mission to retrieve soldiers lost after using mobile directions app ‘Waze’ Allison Deger - Mondoweiss - In what began as a case of wrong directions, one Palestinian was killed overnight in Qalandia refugee camp in the West Bank in clashes that broke out between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli forces during an Israeli army rescue mission to retrieve two soldiers who lost their way after marking their course with the mobile directions app Waze.-rh2/3/2016
Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Teens near RamallahWAFA - "At least 182, including 41 minors, have been killed by Israeli troops in the occupied Palestinian territories since the beginning of unrest in early October 2015. Over 15,200 others have been injured." - id 2/3/2016
Israeli navy attacks and seriously wounds Gaza fishermenFeatures - International Solidarity Movement - "“Please let the world know what they do to our children… they shoot them, steal their boats, kill them… they leave whole families without income… this is not life."" - id2/3/2016
Backed by the System: Abuse and Torture at the Shikma Interrogation FacilityHaMoked and B`Tselem - "Sleep deprivation, sometimes for days at a time; being bound hand and foot to a chair, with movement restricted for hours on end; being subjected to shouting, swearing, threats, spitting, and indignities; exposure to extreme cold and heat; little and substandard food; being denied the possibility to shower or change clothes for days and even weeks; incarceration in a small, foul-smelling cell, usually in solitary confinement, for many days." - id 2/3/2016
Palestinian shot dead in Israeli raid on Qalandiya refugee campMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian and injured 12 others overnight Monday during clashes that broke out when the military raided Qalandiya refugee camp in the occupied West Bank to extricate two soldiers. The Palestinian Red Crescent identified the victim as 22-year-old Iyad Omar Sajadiyya, a journalism student at al-Quds University in Abu Dis. He was shot in the head" [ry] 1/3/2016
20 Left Homeless by Jordan Valley DemolitionsIMEMC News & Agencies - "Israeli forces, on Monday morning, have demolished about ten facilities, including tents, barns and residential structures, in the Khillat Khader community [...], northern Jordan Valley, under the pretext of `no building permit`” [ry] 1/3/2016
Israeli Cabinet Increasingly Split Over Hebron KillingJason Ditz - AntiWar - Soldier Recorded Shaking Hands With Far-Right Activist After Killing Palestinian [ry] 28/3/2016
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