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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Why has UN rebuilt just one house in Gaza?Ali Abunimah - EI - "As The Electronic Intifada revealed in October 2014, the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism involves a complicated system of surveillance and Israeli pre-approval that gives the occupation authorities even more intrusive control over the devastated lives of Palestinians in Gaza. As part of the system, both the UN and the Palestinian Authority collect detailed information on Palestinian families that is then passed on to Israel" [ry]30/11/2015
West Bank water crisis puts Palestinians in firing zone – in picturesThe Guardian--a photo-essay, dn29/11/2015
Stores Demolished near Bethlehem, Settlers Close Major JunctionIMEMC News - "Hassan Hamamreh, mayor of Hosan, told WAFA that an Israeli army force, accompanied by bulldozers, broke into the village and demolished two commercial structures belonging to Ishaq Shousha and Bajes Oudeh, two local Palestinians, citing unpermitted construction as a pretext for the demolition. The two structures are used as stores to sell construction related material and scrap." ca 26/11/2015
Israeli forces raid al-Fawwar refugee camp, injure 5Ma`an News Agnecy - "Youths threw rocks, empty bottles and Molotov cocktails while Israeli soldiers responded with live fire, tear gas bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets, al-Muhseiri said.Five Palestinians were injured with live bullets, one of whom was hit in the stomach, while dozens of residents suffered from tear gas inhalation. Another witness told Ma`an that an Israeli patrol vehicle broke down during the raid, and that Israeli reinforcements arrived shortly after, firing from rooftops at residents...Israeli forces typically enter the home for measurements prior to demolition. Such demolitions often cause extensive damage when implemented in the West Bank’s cramped refugee camps...Muhammad Ismail Shubaki, 19, died hours after being shot by Israeli forces when he stabbed and injured an Israeli soldier near the al-Fawwar junction." ca 26/11/2015
PA to build 2,110 new housing units in Gaza StripMa`an News Agency - "The Palestinian Authority announced on Thursday that the government is going forward with a plan to build 2,110 new housing units in the Gaza Strip, the PA Minister of Public Works told Ma`an.Mufied al- Hasanyneh said that despite the PA having faced numerous obstacles in starting the recontruction of the Gaza Strip, it will "replace all the houses that were destroyed in the latest Israeli aggression." ca26/11/2015
Settler shoots dead 2nd Palestinian following alleged attack attemptMa`an News - -- A Palestinian was shot and killed near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kfar Adumim in the central occupied West Bank on Sunday, after the Palestinian, driving a taxi, ran into another car on a main road, an Israeli police spokesperson said.-rh25/11/2015
How Israel erases Arabic from the public landscapeUmar Al-Ghubari - +972 - The Israeli government has begun omitting the Arabic name for Jerusalem from its street signs, erasing not only the language from the Israeli consciousness, but Palestinian identity itself.-rh25/11/2015
Israel draft law allows jail for Palestinians aged 12Patrick Strickland - Aljazeera - An Israeli ministerial committee has approved a law sharply criticised by human rights groups as it would allow the imprisonment of Palestinian children as young as 12. Authorised by Israel`s Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday, the bill could enable Israel to impose jail terms for children aged 12 years or above, who are found guilty of "nationalistic-motivated" violent offences - including murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.-rh 25/11/2015
Bibi Times: Netanyahu`s tangled relationship with Israel`s mediaMaayan Lubell - Reuters - Amnon Abramovitz, Channel Two`s political analyst and a Netanyahu critic, said the government overhaul amounted to bullying by the prime minister."When you have a loaded gun, you don`t have to shoot it, everyone knows you have it," he told Reuters. "There`s no direct warning, but there is this constant threat in knowing he, as communications minister, rules and can set up new channels."-rh 25/11/2015
Soldiers Assault And Kidnap A Child, Eight Years Of Age, In HebronIMEMC - "The soldiers repeatedly assaulted and kicked the child after forcing him onto the ground, and prevented his parents from approaching, or even taking to him. The army later moved the child to the Gush Etzion military and security base, without allowing any family member to accompany him." - id 25/11/2015
Palestinian film directors face social, political obstaclesHuda Baroud - Al Monitor - "“We face many obstacles while producing movies, including the lack of funding, the weak capacities we have and our missed opportunities to travel to the countries where the documentary film festivals take place."" - id 25/11/2015
Security forces` duty to protect civilians must not become a license to kill without trialB`Tselem press release - Accounts of eyewitnesses indicate that a civilian knocked Nurhan ‘Awad to the ground with a chair, after which a police officer from a bomb disposal unit shot both girls, killing Hadil and severely injuring Nurhan. In security camera footage, the police officer is clearly seen shooting Nurhan as she lies motionless on the floor. [bz] 24/11/2015
7.46 nub,Video--Save Gaza, Save the World. A Message to humanityAl Awda-- dn22/11/2015
Israel Agrees To Allow Palestinian Telecommunication Companies Access To 3GSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Israeli Authorities agreed, on Thursday, to release the 3G frequencies and equipment that Tel Aviv has been holding for many years, thus allowing the Palestinian telecommunication companies to provide residents with 3G services...The two companies (Paltel and Wataniyya) will encounter losses if 4G is allowed soon,” he said, “They would have to reinvest tens of millions of dollars in new equipment..." ca20/11/2015
Gaza`s Child Workers Bear the Brunt of a Blockaded, Failing Economy Matthew Vickery - Haaretz "On every major street in Gaza City and its surrounding towns and villages, children as young as 6 can be seen hard at work, selling coffee or cigarettes in an attempt to scrape together some money for their families. In fields beyond the urban areas, children grow and harvest fruits and vegetables for sale in one of the busy open-air souks around the territory.These are the Gaza Strip’s child workers. They are a result of an economy that has largely been crippled by a blockade that has left the Palestinian territory with an unemployment rate of 43 percent — the highest in the world — according to the World Bank." ca20/11/2015
Israel orders demolition in Jordan Valley villageMa`an News Agency - "In August, Israeli forces demolished 17 structures in Fasayil village, leaving 48 people homeless, including 31 minors, B`Tselem documented.Following the initial demolition, nearly all the families stayed in the area, setting up tents and other makeshift housing structures, with the assistance of humanitarian organizations...on Tuesday, Israeli authorities told residents that they had to evacuate the area within a week." ca20/11/2015
Shin Bet photo lineup: Can you pick out the female suspect?Avi Blecherman - +972 - During his interrogation, the prosecution’s key witness was presented with seven photos. Six of the photos were of men. See if you can pick out which one of the photos is of the female Palestinian parliamentarian currently on trial?-rh18/11/2015
“When soldiers see a camera, they come to you like a beast”ISM - International Solidarity Movement - "Imad Abu Shamsiyyeh, a volunteer with the Palestinian organization Human Rights Defenders, has been documenting the growing harassment, intimidation and violence by soldiers and illegal settlers alike. 18/11/2015
Ahmed Nassar stood with an ambulance near a Palestinian demonstrationAmos Gvirtz - IDF soldiers came to Ahmed`s home to arrest him. During the arrest, they beat him and broke five of his ribs. During his interrogation, it was claimed that he had thrown stones at soldiers in Beitunia (where he lives). When it was obvious that the charge was completely unfounded, he was released from detention. [bz]17/11/2015
A Child Triumphs against Israel’s Brutal Occupation Hossam Shaker--It is rare to find scenes that can express a complex reality or major issue, but one such was some video footage leaked recently, which exposed part of the heinous interrogation of a Palestinian child. Ranking officers in the Israeli occupation security services tried to overpower a 13 year old boy, break his will and crush his dignity. dn15/11/2015
Israeli Forces Destroy Family Homes of 4 Palestinians Accused in ShootingsDIAA HADIDNOV--It was the most sweeping use of a controversial antiterrorism measure since a wave of unrest escalated last month, mostly through demonstrations, stabbing attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians and attempts to hit Israelis with vehicles.dn15/11/2015
Israel strip-searches children in new detention centerCharlotte Silver - The Electronic Intifada - "According to lawyers, the cells in Givon are moldy and very little food is provided to the inmates. In at least one instance, the guards cut the electricity for several hours and confiscated food the children had bought from the canteen." - id 15/11/2015
life on the verge of existence…. my article in huffington post italiaNadia Harhash--I have never thought that I would seriously leave home thinking I may not make it back, or this could be the last time I see my children. I am usually the negligent mother who allows her children to do it all independently. I have no idea how they get dressed and get ready to go to school since years. These days are different. It is true that since we became a smaller family, after my two elder children left to universities, we somehow became more intimate. These days, I feel that I have to wake up first. I ask them to be careful as they leave. I make them promise me that they will not be involved in any unsuitable situation. I take a deep breath and pray for their safety, and somehow I try to gain my sanity and think… Ok woman, Relax. ][click on 2nd source to read this important article] dn14/11/2015
Health Ministry: "83 Palestinians Killed Since October 1”IMEMC News - "Palestinian Health Minister, Dr. Jawad Awwad, has reported that the Thursday Israeli assassination of Abdullah Azzam Shalalda, in the Hebron Governmental Hospital, brings the number of Palestinian killed by Israeli fire since October 1, to 83." ca 13/11/2015
Israeli forces detain over 400 Palestinians in NovemberMa`an News Agency - "The majority of the detentions recorded were in Jerusalem, where 181 Palestinians were detained, including 42 minors. The southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron was the second city on the list of the most detentions, with 70 Palestinians detained, including 50 minors...Most of the violence that escalated early last month, including numerous attacks on Israelis, has been centered around occupied East Jerusalem and the Hebron district of the West Bank." ca13/11/2015
Hospital raid video offer rare glimpse into undercover Israeli unitsJosef Federman - Times of Israel "In the footage, Israeli officers disguised as Palestinian civilians in Arab garb, including some wearing fake moustaches and beards or dressed as women, burst into the hospital and dragged away a wanted Palestinian in a wheelchair." ca13/11/2015
Benjamin Netanyahu Ignores Roots of Palestinian Violence — and Betrays His Party`s FoundersJ.J. Goldberg - Forward - The chief of Military Intelligence, Major General Herzl Halevi, had come to deliver the Israel Defense Forces’ analysis of the terror wave plaguing Israel for the past month. The main causes, he reported, are tension over the Temple Mount; anger over the unsolved July 31 murder of the Dawabsheh family in the West Bank; and rage and despair among Palestinian youth who see no future and feel they have “nothing to lose.” -rh11/11/2015
Why the `hijacking` of Israeli democracy is a mythEdo Konrad - +972 - Centrist Israeli political parties, to one of which Shaffir belongs, have been at the forefront of propagating some the more virulent forms of anti-Arab racism in recent years, often supporting — and in some cases even proposing — laws and policies one would commonly ascribe to the far right.-rh 11/11/2015
Netanyahu`s RhetoricStephen Eric Bronner - Reader Supported News - This kind of provocative rhetoric has a mobilizing purpose. In the current context, it also expresses the genuine fear (whether conscious or unconscious) of a new intifada in the making, born of frustration over stalled peace negotiations and expanded Israeli settlement activity, which has gripped the imagination especially of the young in the West Bank and which has led to violence, mostly against settlers. Having lost the moral high-ground, sensing his growing isolation, Netanyahu must have thought that making reference to the Holocaust seemed a safe and traditional way to regain it – or, at least, deflect criticism – even while calling upon Israelis to circle the wagons, prepare for further militant action, and maintain the present expansionist strategy.-rh 11/11/2015
Children of Hebron: `Everyone is afraid`Matthew Vickery - Aljazeera - The escalation in violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories has killed 77 Palestinians and 10 Israelis in recent weeks. Around a third of the Palestinian deaths have been in Hebron. According to Natalia Garcia, the mental health activities manager in Hebron for Doctors Without Borders (MSF), recent events have exacted a heavy psychological toll on residents of the city. While there have always been tensions due to soldiers, settlers, and Palestinians living in such close quarters, the situation has been exacerbated over the past month - hitting the children particularly hard, she says.-rh11/11/2015
Video: Israeli police interrogate 13-year-old accused of stabbingMa`an News Agency - The interrogator is next recorded showing Manasra a video of the attack, shouting questions at him about details of the incident. Manasra starts to cry as he says that he "doesn`t know" and "cannot remember," pleading with the officer to "take me to the doctor to check me," all while hitting himself on the head. Manasra continues to say that "he cannot remember anything," begging the detective to believe him, and adds that he "woke up the next day not knowing what had happened to me."-rh11/11/2015
Israel’s cruelest punishments reserved for PalestiniansCharlotte Silver - The Electronic Intifada - "Israel refers to the practice of destroying the homes of Palestinian resistance fighters or their families as punitive demolitions." - id 11/11/2015
11 injured by live fire as clashes break out in Qalandiya refugee campMa’an - Ma`an News Agency - "Residents told Ma`an that 16-year-old camp resident Faris Abu al-Esh was shot before being detained and his condition is not known." - id 11/11/2015
Health Ministry: “82 Palestinians Killed, 8500 Injured, Since October 1”Report - IMEMC - "The Ministry said that, among the slain Palestinians, are 18 children and four women, and that 64 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, and seventeen in the Gaza Strip, in addition to one Palestinian killed in the Negev." - id11/11/2015
Israeli MK calls for permitting imprisonment of childrenPNN - Palestine News Network - "According to Berko, it is more likely that minors are recruited to commit attacks, as the ’loophole’ in the law, presumably there to protect children from being sent to jail, makes it easier to convince these children to commit acts of violence." - id 11/11/2015
Punished for his work: medic Ahmad Nasser describes his recent arrestInterview - International Solidarity Movement - "Along with journalists and other medics, he was directly targeted in his work on the day and prevented from tending to a demonstrator run over by an army jeep. Israeli forces threw a sound grenade at the group, teargassed the ambulances and then proceeded to viciously pepperspray press and medics." - id11/11/2015
Nine Minors to be Held without Trial by IsraelIMEMC - 18-year old Odeh told that during several investigation sessions, investigators used cigarettes to burn holes through his skin and force him to confess. Israel frequently uses administrative detention when it fails to obtain confessions in interrogations of Palestinian detainees. [bz]10/11/2015
Israeli foreign ministry cadets to defend ‘legality’ of West Bank settlements Ben lynfield - Independent - “We think it does not matter what your political positions are. You must know that the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] is legal,” deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely told Army Radio. “When I say legal, I also mean international law. It is settlement with a historical base and has very deep roots.” -rh4/11/2015
Israel set to release famed Palestinian hunger strikerMa`an News Agency - Israel is set to release famed Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Allan on Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoner`s Society said Tuesday, ending a year-long stint in administrative detention that he undertook a 66-day hunger strike to protest.-rh 4/11/2015
Israeli shuts down a radio station in HebronNasouh Nazzal - Gulf News - Israel claimed that the occupation forces closed the Hebron-based radio station over the radio’s “incitement to violence”. The Israeli military said in a statement that “the operation against the radio station was carried out specifically to battle vicious incitement against Israel, encouraging stating attacks and supporting violent resistance”.-rh4/11/2015
Israel clears Palestinian woman of stabbing charges MEE Staff - Middle East Eye - Israa Abed, 29, was shot multiple times in the Afula bus station on 9 October and has been in Israeli custody since. The Israeli Justice Ministry on Wednesday said that police investigations into Abed’s shooting were conclusive of the fact that she did not pose any threat, particularly as she was standing close to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man with no intent to hurt him.-rh4/11/2015
Israel`s Top Generals Split With Benjamin Netanyahu on Roots of Terror WaveJ.J.Goldberg - Forward - ...two active-duty IDF generals who are among the army’s top experts on Palestinian affairs spoke out publicly to state that Palestinian violence is driven to a considerable degree by anger at Israeli actions. One of the two went a step further, warning that only a serious Israeli diplomatic re-engagement with the Palestinians will help to quell such violence over the long term.-rh 4/11/2015
The `non lethal` chemical weapon killing PalestiniansSheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - During the middle of the assault, the Israeli army and border police in a surprise move issued a message to residents via loudspeaker. One young man caught the entire message on video. "People of Aida refugee camp, we are the occupation army, the border police officer`s voice boomed through a main part of the camp in Arabic. "If you throw stones, we will hit you with gas until you all die, the youth, the children, the old people, you will all die" -rh4/11/2015
How to apply the lessons from protecting Hebron to JerusalemDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The Temporary International Presence in Hebron has failed to make a major change in relations between Israelis and Palestinians, as many argue that a similar force in Jerusalem will not work unless it is given clear mandate and power to hold any violators accountable.-rh 4/11/2015
Oz: Israel`s prison for Palestinian childrenYlenia Gostoli - Aljazeera - Since the beginning of October, hundreds of young men from Jerusalem have spent the night in Oz - not the magical fairy-tale land, but a police station in Jabal al-Mukaber. Like the rest of occupied East Jerusalem, the neighbourhood is mired in neglect and has become a scene of regular clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli security forces. Those who come to Oz arrive in military vehicles, handcuffed and blindfolded.-rh 4/11/2015
17 Palestinians, Including 2 Children, Kidnapped In Jerusalem, 2 in Jenin And 2 In RamallahIMEMC - "...two children, identified as Amir Mahmoud Abbassi, 8, and Mohammad Abdullah Shweiki, 8...the soldiers kidnapped the children and hurled sounds bombs on residents who attempted to prevent them from kidnapping them...Their lawyer managed to secure their release, but the children will have to head back to the station, Wednesday, for further interrogation." - id 4/11/2015
Palestinians aren`t trying to go to heaven — they are fleeing hellRami Younis - +972 - "Despite what Israeli leaders may have you believe, Islamic fundamentalism is not the driving force behind the latest violence." - id 4/11/2015
“It Will Become a Prison”: severe new restrictions on Hebron Palestinians International Solidarity Movement/Global Research - Under new directives of the military government, the center of Hebron, from the Ibrahimi Mosque/Cave of the Machpela to Tel Rumeida area will be closed off completely for people who are not residents of the area and who are not registered within the next few days. “For the people living in the area, it will become like a prison. For people living in Hebron, the closure of Tel Rumeida will mean that the city will be split in two”, says local resident to international activists. [The army takes this measure with the declared aim of protecting Israeli settlers in this area, who have made no secret of their wish to ultimately drive away the Arab inhabitants altogether. ak]3/11/2015
Israeli forces storm, shut down Hebron radio stationMa`an - Manbar al-Hurriyya (Freedom Tribune) radio station wrote on its website that Israeli forces had destroyed equipment inside the offices and confiscated other equipment. The soldiers then issued a military order notifying employees that the station was to be closed and its broadcast banned "as part of the ongoing battle against incitement." [bz]3/11/2015
Israel Restricts Palestinians’ Entry Into Part of HebronDiaa Hadid--JERUSALEM — The Israeli military on Friday barred Palestinians who do not live in a particularly tense part of the West Bank city of Hebron from entering the area, and, according to local residents, the move prevented young men from visiting an Islamic shrine nearby.dn1/11/2015
Gaza family is first to return to rebuilt home after 2014 conflictAssociated Press--Over a year after Operation Protective Edge, the al-Zaza family is moving back into their rebuilt home; much international funding to reconstruct Gaza has not been delivered. dn1/11/2015
How the government rewards its most violent settlersYesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz--One would expect the Israeli government to put an end to attacks by the settlers of Adei Ad on Palestinian civilians. In fact, it rewards them by planning to legalize their West Bank outpost. dn8/11/2015
The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematicMichael Merryman-Lotze--This morning I read yet another comment from someone in the US putting forward their solution to the “conflict” in Palestine and Israel. Apparently Palestinian women need to start pushing for Gandhian nonviolence, challenging their men who are more naturally inclined towards violence (like all men). They need to teach their kids about the value of nonviolence. Apparently, if Palestinians can manage to teach a new generation of youth to internalize nonviolence then the “cycle of violence” can be upended and peace can be achieved. I’m glad that yet another person in the U.S. can offer their wisdom to Palestinians.dn8/11/2015
The law is not enough to protect Palestinian childrenAlma Biblash--In East Jerusalem, Israeli Police have been arresting and interrogating children as young as six, often without informing their parents.dn7/11/2015
Two Palestinians and an Israeli walk into a mall...Deb Reich-- For years I have been escorting Mohammed and Maha to an Israeli hospital and back to Gaza. That is, except for those times when Israel denies him an entry permit. This week, as the illusory stability of daily routine disintegrates around us, something feels different. dn 7/11/2015
As tensions run high, Arab workers pay the priceMaha Shehade Switat - +972 "The rights of Arab workers are violated on a regular basis: they are fired from their jobs arbitrarily, are sent to their homes until “things calm down,” suffer from harassment at work and changes in the conditions of their employment solely because they are Arabs — because of their national identity, their worldview, and their ideas — not to mention pressure from a public that calls for boycotts and exclusion." ca6/11/2015
Pilot limiting night arrests of Palestinian kids falls shortGerard Horton - +972 "Following widespread criticism of the the Israeli army’s use of night raids to arrest minors in the West Bank, in February 2014 military authorities announced a pilot program to issue minors with summonses instead. The thinking behind using summonses is that you limit the need for night raids, which generally terrify individual households and entire neighborhoods." ca6/11/2015
Israel has withheld NIS 1.5 billion in Palestinian workers` pension funds.Alternative News - "Kav LaOved, an organisation protecting disempowered workers’ rights in Israel, filed an appeal against the Israeli government, the Population, Borders and Immigration Authority, and the Ministry of Finance for mismanaging Palestinian workers’ pension funds. The organisation determined that Israel has withheld NIS 1.5 billion in Palestinian workers’ pension funds.The Israeli government deducts a set amount from workers’ paychecks for pension plans. Then, when a worker encounters an insurance-qualifying life event, such as disability, old age, or the death of a partner, they can claim pension insurance.However, Palestinians working in Israel seldom have access to their pension insurance, even though the state deducts money from their paychecks in an identical fashion." ca 6/11/2015
HARD TALK: Saeb ErekatStephen Sackur - BBC- Podcast "Stephen Sackur speaks to veteran Palestinian negotiator and secretary general of the PLO Saeb Erekat. Why are so many mostly young Palestinians intent on killing Israeli Jews with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on? The Israeli Government blames the surge in violence on hate fuelled incitement sanctioned by the Palestinian authorities. The Palestinians say it is a response to the intolerable conditions of occupation. Is a new wave of extremism sweeping the West Bank and Gaza?" ca6/11/2015
76 Palestinians Killed By Israeli Forces Since October 1stIMEMC News - "One of the slain women, a mother, identified as Rahaf Yahya Hassan who was also five months pregnant, was killed along with her two- year old child after the soldiers bombarded their home in Gaza... More than twenty Palestinians suffered burns due to Israeli gas bombs and concussion grenades." ca 6/11/2015
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