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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Bowen diary: Stranded with deadJeremy Bowen - BBC - "Ahmed says that after the Israeli soldiers came to his street he was confined with 90 members of his extended family in a house just opposite his own. Other witnesses confirm his story. After more than 24 hours, the house was hit by some sort of projectile and there was a big explosion. Local people say that 29 people were killed. "31/1/2009
UN to probe Gaza compound attackAljazeera - " News Middle East UN to probe Gaza compound attack The January 15 attack destroyed much-needed food and medical supplies [Reuters] The UN secretary-general has announced an investigation into the attack on the UN headquarters in the Gaza Strip during Israel`s 22-day assault on the Palestinian territory. Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday that he was angered by the "unacceptable" Israeli attacks on civilians and UN relief agency (Unrwa) compounds. "31/1/2009
Israeli soldiers recall Gaza attack ordersSheera Frenkel in Gaza Strip - Times Online - "“Fire on anything that moves in Zeitoun” – that was the order handed down to Israeli troops in the Givati Shaked battalion, who reduced the eastern Gaza City suburb to little more than rubble in a matter of days. According to Israeli soldiers, the destruction of the area, a known Hamas stronghold, was designed to send a wider message to Gazans."31/1/2009
Israeli troops killed Gaza children carrying white flag, witnesses sayDion Nissenbaum - McClatchy Newspapers - Abed Rabbo said he gathered his wife, their three daughters and his mother, Souad. Souad Abed Rabbo said that she tied a white robe around a mop handle and two of her granddaughters waved white headscarves as they walked outside. When they opened the door, they saw an Israeli tank parked in their garden about 10 yards away."We were waiting for them to give us an order," Khaled said last week as he stood in the ruins of his home. "Then one came out of the tank and started to shoot." 29/1/2009
US doctors face challenges in crippled GazaKARIN LAUB-Ynet News-"On the eve of the war, Gaza`s hospitals had run out of 250 of the basic 1,000 health care items, and were short on 105 of 480 essential drugs, including some cancer medications and anesthetics, ..In this vulnerable condition, disaster struck. On Dec. 27, the first day of the war, Israeli warplanes bombed Hamas security compounds across Gaza, killing about 220 people, most of them Hamas police, and wounding some 300 people, according to Health Ministry officials. Shifa, Gaza`s central hospital, was overwhelmed."30/1/2009
Attacks on ambulance workersAmnesty-"In one case Arafa Hani Abd-al-Dayam, a paramedic, was killed by flechettes, tiny metal darts packed 5-8,000 to a shell, which should never be used in civilian areas (see yesterday’s post). On 4 January 2009, an ambulance arrived about 15 minutes after a missile strike in Beit Lahiya that apparently targeted five unarmed young men. It was hit a few minutes later by a tank shell filled with flechettes. Two paramedics were seriously wounded in the incident. One of them, Arafa Hani Abd-al-Dayam, later died. Examining the wall of the shop beside where the ambulance had been, we found it pierced by hundreds of these darts."30/1/2009
In Gaza, only the dead have seen the end of warVittorio Arrigoni--"The relieved men go back to hang out in their mosques and cafés, but their attitude of feigned normalcy is easy to detect. Many of them have lost a relative or have nowhere to live. They pretend to go back to their everyday routine to boost their wives and children`s spirits - somehow, even this catastrophe must be dealt with."30/1/2009
"May God take revenge on those who did this! "Rami Almeghari - IMEMC - ""As we were taking shelter in a relatively remote house, three Israeli tank shells hit that house. What we have seen during the Israeli attacks on Gaza, was the most horrific thing in more than 40 years," he said." 28/1/2009
Fuelling the cycle of hateNeve Gordon and Yigal Bronner - Guardian - "Israel`s masters of war must be happy: the seeds of the next wars have certainly been sown." 28/1/2009
IDF soldiers spray racist graffiti on Gaza homesYnet - "...with slogans such as "Die you all," Make war not peace," "Death to Arabs," "Arabs must die," and "One down, 999,999 to go."" 28/1/2009
A bloodstained wall full of flechettesDonatella Rovera - Amnesty - "Flechettes are an anti-personnel weapon designed to penetrate dense vegetation and to strike a large number of enemy soldiers. They should never be used in built-up civilian areas." 28/1/2009
At a border crossing, drivers and truckloads of aid for Gaza go nowhereMichael Slackman - IHT - ""I have been sitting here for three days, and before that I was in Arish for four days," said Sayed Ahmed Sorour, seated in the cab of a truck hauling clothing and blankets. "Nobody is telling us anything. Not Egypt. Not Israel. Nobody explains to us why we are stopping here."" 28/1/2009
Soldiers Killed and injured dozens of persons from a-Samuni family in a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza, 5 January 2009 B`TSELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories - Testimony of Meysa a-Samuni, 199/1/2009
In Dense Gaza, Civilians SufferTAGHREED EL KHODARY - NY Times-"I can’t understand why Israel would hit an ambulance. They can tell from the cameras it’s an ambulance.” ... But five days of Israeli airstrikes have surpassed past operations in scale and intensity; the long-distance bombardment of the Hamas-controlled territory has, however well aimed at those suspected of being militants, splintered families and shattered homes...“They say my kids flew 40 meters before hitting the ground.” "2/1/2009
Aeyal Gross’s Gaza notes - On Gaza’s (non-existent) health systemAeyal Gross-creative-i-"the hospital has stopped admitting women for deliveries....Today, 28.12.08, the largest medicines and medical supplies store of the ministry of health in Gaza was bombarded. It mainly serves Shifaa hospital. The store, located next to the Falastin football stadium was completely destroyed and a large amount of medical supplies was destroyed."2/1/2009
(1) Israel begins Gaza ground offensive; (2) Deaths as Israel hits Gaza mosque (3) Worldwide protests denounce IsraelAljazeera updates3/1/2009
Israel pushes deeper into GazaAljazeera - " Heavy fighting is reported in Gaza between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters after Israel launched its ground offensive on the territory."4/1/2009
Israel launches assault across Gaza`s bordersChris McGreal - The Guardian - "Israel last night dramatically escalated its war with Hamas, sending troops and tanks pouring over Gaza`s borders in a move designed to reoccupy parts of the northern Gaza Strip. Amid reports of fierce clashes inside Gaza, columns of military vehicles and what the army said was "a sizeable number of troops" moved across the border at several points, backed by an intense air and artillery bombardment. The move followed the failure of a week-long air force offensive, which has claimed more than 460 Palestinian lives, to halt the Hamas rockets. More than 30 hit Israel yesterday, wounding three people."4/1/2009
ISRAELI GROUND TROOPS BISECT GAZA STRIPAmos Harel, Yoav Stern and Yanir Yagana, Haaretz Correspondents, and News Agencies - "Gaza doctors and hospital officials said Sunday said that 19 Palestinians have been killed in Israel`s ground offensive in the strip since midnight. They said that just three of the dead are Hamas gunmen, and the rest civilians."4/1/2009
Mohammed Dawwas: Life in Gaza: `Hungry, freezing, and terrifying`The Independent - " A Palestinian journalist`s diary highlights the devastation brought to his family, his city and the lives of many thousands trapped by Israeli bombing ahead of yesterday`s ground assault".4/1/2009
Six children among 12 killed in mosque blastHazem Balousha and Rajeev Syal - The Observer - "Scenes of carnage as Israeli shells strike crowd of civilians who were leaving evening prayers"4/1/2009
As the troops enter, we fear the worstEyad El-Sarraj - The Washington Post - "The children suffer the most, I think. They see the fear in their mothers` eyes. The image of their fathers as a source of security is shattered. Their fathers could not provide them with food, and now they are unable to protect them. The rockets will eventually stop flying, I am certain, but it may be too late for these children. To me, the chances seem great that they will join Hamas as they search for a replacement for the father figure, someone to provide and protect. In this way, Israeli actions will only strengthen Hamas."4/1/2009
`They know no limits now`ISM volunteer Eva Bartlett writing from the occupied Gaza Strip - "It’s a new year, a new Nakba, and an old scene; Israel is bombarding Gaza once again and the world is standing idly by, sitting on a fence very different from the electrified border fence encaging Gaza, or the separation wall dividing and ghettoizing the West Bank."4/1/2009
Civilians die in Gaza fightingAljazeera - "Heavy fighting is raging in the Gaza Strip between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters after Israel launched its ground offensive on the territory. At least 30 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed since fighting began late on Saturday, according to Palestinian medical sources. An Israeli soldier was killed on Sunday in the fighting, the Israeli army said. Among the latest victims were a mother and her four young children, killed by an Israeli shell that landed on their house in Gaza."4/1/2009
Israel intensifies assault on Gaza Al Jazeera - "Civilian injuries and casualties in Gaza continue to mount and the toll now stands at 509, with 64 killed since the ground offensive began, according to Palestinian medical authorities. Some 2,450 have been injured. Among the latest victims were a mother and her four young children, killed in an Israeli air strike on their home in Gaza. Four Israeli civilians have been killed and two injured by Palestinian rocket attacks"5/1/2009
Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shellsThe Times - "Israel is believed to be using controversial white phosphorus shells to screen its assault on the heavily populated Gaza Strip yesterday. The weapon, used by British and US forces in Iraq, can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen"5/1/2009
US Again Stops UN Call for Gaza TruceAntiWar - “For the second time in four days, the United States has quashed an attempted United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate end to the war in the Gaza Strip. After the latest rejection, US envoy Alejandro Wolff declared that there was ‘no point’ in the statement, because Hamas (who has previously suggested openness to a ceasefire) would never abide by it. Wolff added that it was unacceptable for the council to equate the killing of civilians by the Israeli government with the killing of civilians by Hamas, and that ‘Israel’s self-defense is not negotiable’”5/1/2009
Gazans lose last lifeline as warplanes blast tunnelsAdel Zaanoun, AFP - The Daily Star - “Hundreds of tunnels have been carved out beneath the Gaza-Egypt frontier, providing a vital conduit to bring basic needs into the territory, which has suffered an increasing stranglehold at the hands of Israel. […] Foodstuffs, building materials, electric equipment and medicines are all brought from Egypt through the passages - as well as weapons and ammunition” 5/1/2009
Gaza: The death and life of my fatherThe Independent - For Fares Akram, The Independent`s reporter in Gaza, the Israeli invasion became a personal tragedy when he discovered his father was one of the first casualties of the ground war5/1/2009
Israel hopes to complete Gaza pull-out by TuesdayEthan Bronner - International Herald Tribune - `"I think Hamas is stronger now and will be stronger in the future because of this war," said Eyad el-Sarraj, a psychiatrist here who is an opponent of Hamas. "This war has deepened the people`s feeling that it is impossible to have peace with Israel, a country that promotes death and destruction."`24/1/2009
UN `shocked` by Gaza destructionBBC - " The UN`s humanitarian chief has told the BBC the situation in Gaza after a three-week Israeli offensive against Hamas was worse than he anticipated...territory`s economic activity had been set back by years...50,000 Gazans homeless and 400,000 without running industrial area where every building within a square kilometre had been levelled, by bulldozers and shells... broken pipes pumping out raw sewage onto the streets "23/1/2009
Stay humanDr. Vittorio Arrigoni - The diaries were sent from Gaza on January 8 and 9 to the newspaper Il Manifesto. 11/1/2009
For 48 hours, gunbattles kept wounded Gaza family from medical aidAmira Hass - Haaretz - Twenty hours later, the wounded were still bleeding in a shed in the courtyard of the house. There was no electricity, no heat, no water. Their relatives were with them, but every time they tried to leave the courtyard to fetch water, the army shot at them. 6/1/2009
IAF targets UN-run school; Palestinians: At least 30 killed
Israel radio already speaks of 40
Yaakov Katz, AP - Jerusalem Post - The United Nations said hundreds of people from a Gaza City refugee camp had gone to seek shelter in the school6/1/2009
Affidavit from GazaBy Maher Najjar - IMEMC - My name is Maher Najjar. I am the Deputy Director of the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU). I write this affidavit in support of a request and/or court petition that the Israeli authorities provide fuel and electricity to vital humanitarian institutions in Gaza. 6/1/2009
Someone must stop Israel`s rampant madness in Gaza Gideon Levy - Haaretz17/1/2009
Gaza: lives in ruins: Link to a videoThe Guardian - "On January 14, Gazans from Khoza`a near Khan Younis were fired upon and forced to flee their homes. Thirteen were killed and 50 injured, and the whole areas was then destroyed by Israeli forces. Picking through the rubble of their ruined homes, former residents allege a series of human rights abuses in these personal testimonies"17/1/2009
PHR-Israel Gaza Update 15.1.09Ran Yaron- PHR-Israel-" About 300 people were in the hospital at the time, including 40 staff members and the patients. 15 of the patients were in the ICU or connected to equipment. Attacks were staged around the hospital for several hours, and it was surrounded by the army. The majority of the patients and staff were taken down to the basement to hide, while ICU patients were left in their beds."16/1/2009
Amira Hass / Palestinian doctor killed by IDF while treating Gaza woundedAmira Hass - Haaretz - "His death raises the death toll of medical personnel killed by the IDF to seven since December 27, human rights groups said. In addition, three hospitals and four health clinics were damaged by gunfire in the last few days, Palestinian sources said." 14/1/2009
Palestinian doctor killed by IDF while treating Gaza wounded Amira Hass - Haaretz - "His death raises the death toll of medical personnel killed by the IDF to seven since December 27, human rights groups said. In addition, three hospitals and four health clinics were damaged by gunfire in the last few days, Palestinian sources said." 14/1/2009
Thank 60 Minutes for its Piece "Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution?"ADC - Veteran journalist Bob Simon traveled the West Bank to assess the situation on the ground and clearly shows how the Israeli government`s years of support for the increasing presence of illegal Israeli settlements and settlers in the West Bank, Israeli policies on appropriating Palestinian homes at a whim, Israel`s imposition of arbitrary travel restriction and establishment of hundreds of checkpoints in the West Bank, and the creation of the separation barrier which appropriates even more Palestinian land, are adversely impacting the feasibility of two-state solution. 27/1/2009
Worse than an earthquake Kathy Kelly - EI - " "The West, Europe and the US watched this killing go on for 22 days, as though they were watching a movie...without doing anything to stop it... In 15 years of practice, Dr. Abuhassan says he never saw burns like those he saw here. The burns, blackish in color, reached deep into the muscles and bones. Even after treatment began, the blackish color returned. "23/1/2009
New evidence of Gaza child deaths Christian Fraser- BBC- " A tank had parked in front of the house, where around 30 people were taking shelter. The women and children - mother, grandmother and three little girls - came out waving a white flag and then, he said, an Israeli soldier came out of the tank and opened fire on the terrified procession. Samar`s two sisters, aged seven and two, were shot dead. The grandmother was hit in the arm and in the side, but has survived. "23/1/2009
For Children of Gaza, Scars to Last a LifetimeGriff Witte - Washington Post - ""If your parents can`t give you safety, kids will look to others who can," he said. "They`re going to want to play the role of the fighter. So the Israeli government is really creating its own enemy."" 26/1/2009
Unbowed, Gazans rebuild tunnelsSabrina Tavernise - IHT - ""You have 25,000 kids who have no work," Abu Adnan said, "so they go to work in the tunnels. It`s an important source of income here."" 26/1/2009
Israel Holds 250 Palestinians in Negev Desert Prison WAFA - "...those prisoners are isolated in cells with terrible conditions. They are called for forceful interrogation and are physically assaulted." 21/1/2009
In Zeitun, a massacre and its perpetrators desire for genocide Laila El-Haddad - A mother from Gaza - " occupying army of largely teenagers are actively encouraged to use utmost violence, terrorism, and brutality, no holds barred." 21/1/2009
Arab blogs: Tents in desert reveal Israeli plan to transfer Gazans to EgyptSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - ""Outside the general Hospital in Egyptian Rafah a city of tents has sprung up. I counted 200. But the soldiers there told me they have many more and can set them up immediately."21/1/2009
Gazans stay away from Israeli clinicRUTH EGLASH - J-lem Post - ""The clinic is an amazing thing but I can`t blame them for not wanting to come to us. It is just very frustrating.""21/1/2009
`Legal` weapons also killAmira Hass - Haaretz - "As was published in Haaretz, soldiers shot at ambulances and at escaping civilians who carried white flags. As the Red Cross witnessed, people injured in the bombings, including children, were trapped for days among the corpses of their relatives at a hearing distance of IDF positions." 21/1/2009
`Legal` weapons also kill Amira Hass - Haaretz - "As was published in Haaretz, soldiers shot at ambulances and at escaping civilians who carried white flags. As the Red Cross witnessed, people injured in the bombings, including children, were trapped for days among the corpses of their relatives at a hearing distance of IDF positions." 21/1/2009
Busy neighbourhoods flattened into moonscapesDonatella Roveraon - Amnesty International - Each day, wherever we go we are struck by the extent of the destruction. We take photos and film everywhere we go, but the scale of the devastation is impossible to capture on camera. Previously busy neighbourhoods have been flattened into moonscapes. Other large areas look like they’ve been hit by earthquakes. There is no lens wide enough to embrace the sheer dimensions of the devastation. 20/1/2009
Day three of ceasefire: Two children killed by Israeli ordinance, farmer shot dead Earlier on Tuesday, Palestinian medical sources announced that a young boy and his sister were killed when they were playing with an unexploded bomb left behind by Israeli troops in the Ash-Sha’f area of eastern Gaza city. They were identified as 10-year-old Abdullah Hassanain, and 11-year-old Shurouq Hassanain. 20/1/2009
Ban calls Gaza situation `heartbreaking`Roni Sofer - Y-net - The sights of damage in the town of Jabliya, where not one building remained intact, are reminiscent of an apocalyptic view. According to Ashraf Faraj, a 42-year-old engineer, the results of the bombings "are worse than 10 earthquakes". Secretary-General Ban said he was heartbroken that it took so long to reach a ceasefire. He also said the truce remains fragile and urged Israel and Hamas to show "maximum restraint" and honor their recent ceasefire. He20/1/2009
J`lem: Gaza rebuilding may legitimize HamasHerb Keinon - Jerusalem Post - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will travel to the Gaza Strip Tuesday, amid mounting concern in Jerusalem that the massive efforts expected to reconstruct the region will lead to a de facto recognition of Hamas rule there. 20/1/2009
What Will It Take? Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - As a Palestinian, it is extremely frustrating to watch yet another Israeli atrocity fall victim to western politics. Barack Obama will be inaugurated as President of the United States tomorrow, January 20. He has already given us a hint of how he will treat the Palestinian problem. His complicit silence during Israel`s brutal onslaught into Gaza, which claimed over 1,300 Palestinian lives, has already spoken volumes. 19/1/2009
Bodies unearthed from rubble as Israel violates ceasefire Al Mezan - Press release - Al Mezan Center`s staff visited some of the areas the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) left last night and this morning. It found out that a disaster had struck these areas, which had not been accessible for weeks. The findings provide evidence about the likelihood that the IOF had perpetrated war crimes in these areas. In particular, dozens of civilians` corpses have been found in a bad condition under the rubble of destroyed houses. Moreover, the scene of destruction of neighborhoods suggests that wide-scaled home demolitions were systematically conducted by the IOF.19/1/2009
Gaza war doctor grieves 3 daughtersMSNBC - `Everyone knew we were home. Suddenly we were bombed.` 18/1/2009
Still Breathing, A Report from GazaReported by Caoimhe Butterly, Irish human rights activist working in Jabaliya and Gaza City as a volunteer with ambulance services - "The morgues of Gaza`s hospitals are over-flowing. The bodies in their blood-soaked white shrouds cover the entire floor space of the Shifa hospital morgue. Some are intact, most horribly deformed, limbs twisted into unnatural positions, chest cavities exposed, heads blown off, skulls crushed in. Family members wait outside to identify and claim a brother, husband, father, mother, wife, child. "17/1/2009
Israeli forces shell UN school, killing mother and son. Gaza official toll reaches 1,205Ma`an17/1/2009
Israeli human rights groups speak out as death toll passes 1,000Rory McCarthy and Sarah Boseley-The Guardian-"The situation for the civilian population of Gaza is terrifying, and its psychological impact felt particularly by children and their parents, who feel helpless and unable to protect them."16/1/2009
FIELD UPDATE ON GAZA FROM THE HUMANITARIAN COORDINATORUN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs-Update-""The Red Cross is not managing to coordinate evacuation of wounded people. There are people right next to the Red Crescent hospital bleeding to death. We cannot get to them as the Israelis shoot at us... "From 1600 hours on 14 January until 1600 hours on 15 January, a total of 73 Palestinians were killed, of whom 24 were children, and 340 were injured, of whom 109 were children. "16/1/2009
The Gates of Hell, the Window to Heavan Laila El-Haddad - A mother from Gaza - ""I refuse to call them shelters because they are not shelters. There are like one or two bathrooms for a thousand residents."" 14/1/2009
“We could hear their bodies burning” - survivors` eyewitness report on the effects of White Phosphorous Ma’an News Agency - Everything was on fire; houses, sheds, trees. Bombs, too, were everywhere, and with them came the white clouds. White phosphorous, the doctors are now saying, but that`s disputed in Israel. But for sure it was a night of terror. We were terrified. We thought we were going to burn to death. 13/1/2009
Special: White Phosphorus and its use in GazaMazen Qumssiya - Arij - White Phosphorus, which ignites spontaneously upon exposure to air, might cause severe burns and injuries to human exposed to it, and might lead to death. It has many military applications, its use as an incendiary being forbidden by International Law but using it a smoke-screen is permitted. There is no watertight division between these two roles, however, and the loophole makes it possible for Israel to use in in populated Gaza areas and claim it is not violating International Law. The same ambiguity had been used before by the US to justify its use in Iraq.13/1/2009
Gazans trapped in no man`s land between fire, farmlands Amira Hass - Haaretz - HaMoked has made contact with some of the besieged people and has even tried to organize, in coordination with the IDF, food delivery to some 120 people trapped in Siafa. A small part of the equipment, medications and food was delivered on Sunday but delivery was cut short due to the end of the lull in Israeli fire.13/1/2009
Israel takes fighting into Gaza suburbsDonald Macintyre and Kim Sengupta - The Independent - "Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch called on Israel to refrain from using white-phosphorus munitions in densely populated areas, saying it could badly burn people. And a Norwegian doctor in Gaza City, Mads Gilbert, said there was ‘clear evidence’ that Israel was using ‘a new type of very high explosive’, which caused more severe injuries and carried a cancer risk. The military said its weapons all conformed with international law"12/1/2009
Seven Palestinians, including two children and two women, killed in on Monday morningSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "On the 17th day of the ongoing Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army carried further strikes on Monday morning, killing seven Palestinians, including two children and two women, in different parts of the Gaza Strip"12/1/2009
Gaza`s burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorusSheera Frenkel, Michael Evans - Times Online - "Further research by The Times into the type of US-made shells being fired by Israeli gunners on the border with Gaza uncovered additional evidence that the light blue munitions, known as M825A1s, are carriers of white phosphorus, impregnated in more than 100 felt wedges. The lot number – PB-91J011-002A – visible in a photograph published by The Times last week indicates that the shells being used by the IDF were assembled in September 1991 at Pine Bluff arsenal in America, where all US white phosphorus munitions are reportedly made. The contractors are Chamberlain Manufacturing [metal parts only], General Dynamics, and Ordnance and Tactical Systems"12/1/2009
Israeli reservists sent into GazaAl Jazeera - “The deployment came amid some of the most intense fighting since the ground offensive began on January 3, with Palestinian fighters putting up stiff resistance to the Israeli advance into Gaza City. Medical sources said that dozens of Palestinian fighters were killed in clashes on Sunday, taking the total number of Palestinian deaths since Israel began its war to 890, about a quarter of them children” 12/1/2009
Welcome to Hell: Gaza`s unending miseryThe Independent - "A family of nine is among the latest Palestinian civilian casualties as the fighting continues. Ibrahim Barzak, Kim Sengupta, Geoffrey Lean and David Randall report"11/1/2009
News Middle East: Death toll in Gaza exceeds 850Aljazeera - "The air and ground attacks continued on Sunday with Israeli aircraft bombarding different targets in the strip and ground forces advancing further into the outskirts of Gaza City. Medics in the embattled Strip said three Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded by heavy Israeli tank fire and air strikes early on Sunday, some allegedly by banned white phosphorus shells that Israel denied using."11/1/2009
Media personnel and infrastructure latest targets of Israeli fire. Two week toll reaches 801Ma`an10/1/2009
Babies cling to life in stricken hospital The fate of 600 patients rests on four ageing generators keeping blackouts at bay, reports Kim Sengupta - The Independent9/1/2009
Thirteenth Day of Continuous IOF Attacks Across the Gaza StripPalestinian Centre for Human Rights Press Release - "38 Palestinians killed during the reporting period, including 11 children and six women. The total number of victims now stands at 712, including 169 children, 46 women, six medical personnel and one Palestinian journalist."9/1/2009
Gaza under fire despite truce callAljazeera9/1/2009
Israel ignores UN call for ceasefire, killing 21 GazansMa`an9/1/2009
Eleven daysAmira Hass - "On Tuesday Maher knew it was time to leave, to evacuate, to flee, to run for your life...9/1/2009
His name is Anwar Khalil Balusha, and 24 hours ago he has lost 5 of his daughters. Alberto Arce, transl. Y. Doron9/1/2009
Airburst shells `are danger to civilians`Peter Beaumont and Richard Norton-Taylor-Guardian-"But expert accounts and eyewitness descriptions of civilians suffering phosphorus burns are lending weight to suggestions that Israel is using the shells as some kind of weapon. Israel initially claimed that it was not using white phosphorus. It later said that shells being loaded for a howitzer, identified from photographs as phosphorus rounds, were empty shells used for target marking. However, images of the shells exploding earlier this week, and showering burning fragments, have largely been identified as phosphorus."9/1/2009
"I Am Still Alive" Testimonies from the Gaza StripAyman Al-Majdalawi - PCHR - "The ambulance drivers told me the Israelis were shooting at them as they were trying to evacuate the dead and injured" says Ayman Al-Majdalawi. "When the ambulances arrived at Kamal Edwan, there was chaos. This is a small hospital, and we were trying to save as many people as we could - but a lot of them had already lost arms or legs, and they were bleeding heavily. It was horrific." 8/1/2009
Gaza hospitals on the brink of collapse as Israeli offensive continuesOxfam - Press release - Civilian casualties mount as talks on ceasefire hit political obstacles. Tens of thousands of families under siege in Gaza are facing desperate conditions as mounting civilian casualties swamp a hospital system that is close to collapse, international aid agency Oxfam warned today. 8/1/2009
In Israel`s "Humanitarian Corridor," No Water, No Electricity, Plenty of Sewage : Nine Human Rights Groups Petition Israeli Supreme Court:Gisha - News Release - Wednesday, January 7, 2009: Nine human rights organizations petitioned Israel`s Supreme Court today demanding that Israel stop the collapse of Gaza`s sewage and water system, a collapse caused by the military operation and by a 14-month policy of systematically blocking fuel supplies necessary to generate electricity. The groups demand that Israel`s Defense Minister ensure full supply and delivery of all forms of fuel, especially for the water system and power plant, and ensure repair of the electricity system, including by allowing spare parts into Gaza.8/1/2009
Israel Conducts New War Crimes in Gaza: Air Raid Targets Dense Block in Jabalia Killing Nizar Rayyan and 7 People Al Mezan Center for Human Rights-Press Release-"At approximately 2:40pm today, Israeli aircrafts fired five heavy missiles at the two houses, which are located in the middle of Jabalia refugee camp – one of the densest places in the world – killing at least eight people; including 49-year-old Rayyan, his wife Nawal Rayyan, his 6-year-old son Abdul-Rahman Rayyan, and another woman related to him, 49-year-old Sabah Abdul-Rahman Rayyan. Ten houses were destroyed completely and dozens others were damaged. "2/1/2009
New Year in Gaza: `Our fireworks are the Israeli missiles` Rami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - "Look outside, F-16 jet fighters are smiling for you, missiles are dancing for you, zannana [the Palestinian name for pilotless drones] are singing for you. I requested them all to wish you a happy new year." That was the darkly humorous text message Fathi Tobal, a Gaza City resident, received from a friend on his mobile phone today. 1/1/2009
Profound psychological damage in Gaza Eva Bartlett - The Electronic Intifada - And this realization leads to the subsequent realization that so many Palestinians don`t really have a means of addressing: their pain and psychological scarring -- particularly as so many have repeatedly endured invasions, as well as other emotionally-damaging things like living under military occupation, being imprisoned or having family members imprisoned, and living under siege and in closed borders, to name but some. 22/1/2009
Time for accountability in Gaza and southern IsraelAmnesty International - With fragile ceasefires now in place in Gaza and southern Israel, the full extent of the devastation caused in recent weeks is becoming increasingly clear. Amnesty International calls on the United Nations, and the Security Council in particular, to take immediate steps to hold all sides to the conflict accountable for violations of international law. 27/1/2009
Barak vows to retaliate for the killing of an Israeli soldier on Gaza border Hanan Greenberg/Ghassan Bannoura - Y-net/IMEMC/Ma`an - Barak evidently does not consider the immediate killing of a Palestinian farmer by an Israeli tank is as enough of a retaliation, and feels the need to display a more conspicuous killing as part of his elections campaign [ed]. 27/1/2009
Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived Rory McCarthy - The Guardian - "Eyad al-Sarraj, a prominent psychiatrist who leads the Gaza community health programme, said that years of violence in Gaza had only fostered radicalism among its young people, who have seen their fathers humiliated and now left defenceless."24/1/2009
This is how the `war on Hamas` looked like on the ground: `Embedded with Gaza medics`Link to a video report broadcasted on January 20th, 2009 in France 24 TV. The reporter, Radjaa Abou Dagga, followed a team of Palestinian medics during the Israeli assault. Viewer discretion advised 24/1/2009
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