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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israeli aircrafts pound a Palestinian police station , kill fiveRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "At least 16 Palestinians , involving resistance fighters, have been killed by the Israeli army in the past two weeks."31/10/2007
Playing with fireMaher Najer - Ynet - "Polluted water and a lack of hygiene constitute the 10th leading cause of the death in the world." 31/10/2007
Golan Heights journalist Ata Farahat held without trial for past three months Press release - Reporters Without Borders - ""By forbidding the Israeli media to cover this case, the judicial authorities have freed themselves of any responsibility."31/10/2007
PCHR Condemns Threats against PICCRPalestinian Committee for Human Rights Gaza - PCHR strongly condemns the statement issued by the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) at an-Najah National University in reaction to a report published by the Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights (PICCR), and expresses complete solidarity with PICCR in the light of the threats included in the statement, which constitute a serious assault against activities of human rights defenders and organizations.30/10/2007
New from Beit Ibba and Huwara checkpointsBy: Mahsanmilim/MachsomWatch - The pressure behind the iron bars grows. A kind of growl rises from the direction of the young men lined up. Some climb on each other`s shoulders. Enormous tension is in the air. Hardly describable. The soldiers purposely slow things up even more. One person goes through. Then the soldier leans on his counter, chuckling with his mate. For a while. A long while. Behind the bars, the young men are crushed against each other. The bars stuck to their bodies and faces. Once in a while one soldier or another pushes the bars of the turnstile with his hand. Get baaaaaack!.... 30/10/2007
Israel`s Gaza fuel cuts alarm UNBBC - Israeli energy sanctions against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip punish an entire population and are unacceptable, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said. The EU also voiced concern after Israel began reducing petrol and diesel supplies in response to militant rocket attacks on its territory.30/10/2007
Three Palestinians kidnapped; one Israeli soldier wounded in Israeli military operation in Nablus / Member of Palestinian resistance killed by Israeli forces in southern Gaza 29/10/2007
3 young women killed in Qalqilya in 2 "honour killings"Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - PCHR strongly condemns the murder of 3 young women in Qalqilya in 2 “honor killing” crimes last week. The Centre calls for pursuing and prosecuting the perpetrators; and calls for taking effective legal steps to deter these crimes that have escalated over the past two years, especially in the Gaza Strip.28/10/2007
At-Tuwani Release: "My piece of land that has grown things": harvesting olives in South Hebron Laura Ciaghi and Sean O`Neill - CPT - This weekend Palestinian from Yatta, Susiya and At Tuwani successfully harvested olives in the South Hebron Hills area. Palestinians families, helped by well over a hundred Israeli and international volunteers, fanned out to olive groves across the area, some butting up against a military base and settlement outposts, in order to harvest olives, a pillar of the local and the national economy.28/10/2007
Seven Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Israeli political and military officials, from Defence Minister Barak downwards, make repeated ominous references to an imminent all-out invasion of the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile the daily "minor invasions" continue, with the heavily armoured Israeli units entering the Gaza Strip`s countryside and villages, uprooting vegetation and engaging in very unequal fighting with the lightly-armed Palestinian militias, such as the ones resulting in seven deaths reported here [ed.]27/10/2007
Palestinians live as "ghosts" in GazaNidal al-Mughrabi -Reuters -"Jnaid says living in Gaza is like being in jail. His uncle and a younger brother died a few months ago in neighbouring Egypt, but Jnaid could not attend their funerals. When he asked for permission to travel to Israel or Egypt for eye surgery, his request was rejected. "Those in Israeli jails live in small cells, I am too a prisoner but in a large room called Gaza," .."Not only a ghost, I do not exist. Everywhere I go people ask for an identification card and I do not have one.""26/10/2007
The High Court of Justice reprimanded the State because it did not uphold its commitment to improve the shameful treatment of detainees at the “Shomron” (Huwara) detention facilityPCATI-Press Release-"The “Shomron” detention facility, which is administered by the Israeli army, houses detainees from the West Bank who are held in detention cells that have no toilet facilities, sinks or running water. Outside the cells, in the yard, there are only three toilets available to the approximately 60 detainees being held in the facility. The detainees are allowed to leave their cells only three times a day, at regular times. At night and at other times during the day, they are not allowed to leave the cells "26/10/2007
Israeli authorities demolish all houses in an unrecognized Arab village in the NegevIMEMC - "Israeli authorities demolished on Wednesday morning all houses, tin-houses, in the unrecognized Arab village of Taweel Abu Jaroul, in the Negev, for the twelfth time, and uploaded all the belongings of the residents on eight trucks before dumping them in a nearly trash-yard."25/10/2007
Israel set to sever power to Gaza Al Jazeera - "Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, is expected to approve this week a gradual severance of the supply of electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip, military officials have said.The plan, formulated by a team lead by Matan Vilnai, the deputy defence minister, is expected to be approved by Barak on Thursday." 24/10/2007
HEBRON UPDATE: 8-14 October cpthebron - Update - "Jan Benvie, Janzen and Freose observed soldiers at the Yatta Road checkpoint searching school children`s bags. Benvie spoke with a soldier and showed him the legal letter from ACRI (Association for Civil Rights in Israel) stating children should not be searched going to and from school. Initially the soldier ignored her and continued searching bags. The soldier made a telephone call and asked to see ACRI`s letter. He read it over and asked Benvie for a copy. Benvie obliged, but the soldiers continued to search the children`s bags."24/10/2007
When `Good Men` do Nothing Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - "This is certainly not the first time a Palestinian prisoner has died in an Israeli jail. Since the start of the Aqsa Intifada in September 2000, there have been 17 prisoner deaths, according to the Prisoners’ Club. After each death, the Palestinians rise up on anger, condemning the injustice and calling on international organizations to step in and protect the prisoners. And while organizations such as the International Committee for the Red Cross facilitate in matters such as family visits and securing clothes to the men and women behind bars, they are rendered ineffective when Israel orders a shut down. After Monday’s riots at Ketziot, Israeli prison authorities canceled all family visits to the prison." 24/10/2007
After Killing a Palestinian Prisoner by Excessive Force in the Israeli Negev Detention Center: PCHR Calls for an Impartial International Commission and for Ensuring Israel’s Respect of Prisoners’ Rights Press Release - PCHR - "The Centre specifically points to treating prisoners inhumanely and in a degrading manner, and holding them under inhumane and degrading conditions, in violation of human rights standards."24/10/2007
Work Stoppage in Gaza Strip Surgery Room Threatens the Lives of Hundreds of PatientsPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR calls upon the international community, the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention, UN bodies, WHO, and the ICRC to pressure Israeli authorities to allow passage of medicine and medical supplies into the Gaza Strip, especially the anesthetic gas nitrous oxide used in surgeries."23/10/2007
Prison riot at Ktziot leaves dozens injuredRaanan Ben-Zur -- ynet -- Palestinian security prisoners` riot in southern prison leaves dozens of prisoners, guards injured; two hospitalized in critical condition. `Israel wants to destroy any chance peace conference has,` says Palestinian minister22/10/2007
Human rights organization: Israel is responsible for preventing medical surgery in Gaza StripNisreen Qumsieh -- IMEMC News -- "The Independent Palestinian Organization for Human rights on Sunday announced that the Israeli administration should be held responsible for halting surgical procedures in the Gaza Strip after refusing to allow adequate supplies of Nitrous Oxide to enter the coastal region"22/10/2007
Ongoing harassment in village near NablusInternational Solidarity Movement - Sarra has long been a village collectively terrorized for a few reasons: its proximity to the road, one which is a main back entrance to Nablus when the IOF invades; its proximity to the illegal Israeli settlement of Qedumim and the military base neighbouring it; and recently, its defiance of IOF arbitrarily-imposed closed zones and harassment.21/10/2007
IWPS Human Rights Report No. 338IWPS-"In one home, soldiers entered and seized three children, ages 11, 15, and 16. They were taken to a nearby schoolyard to interrogate them for about an hour, during which the youngest boy was kicked. ...(In another home..Ed.).. only 4 girls aged 6 to 16 were left in the house. The women of the neighbourhood were very concerned about the girls being forced to stay in the house alone with the soldiers .. However the soldiers threatened the woman and told them to keep away from the house and forced the girls to come with them to the veranda at the roof of the house. "19/10/2007
Abbas: Unacceptable to Go to Annapolis ‘at any Cost’Palestine Media Center PMC - "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ended their second meeting in a week in the West Bank town of Ramallah on Wednesday without a joint statement, as Abbas warned he would not attend a US-sponsored Middle East meeting without real prospects for results and accused Israel of hampering peace efforts." 18/10/2007
Continuous army harassment in Deir Istya : Human Rights Report No. 337 and 338IWPS and ISM - "For more than two weeks the Israeli army has been continually harassing the village of Deir Istya in Salfit district. As reported in IWPS Human Rights Report number 336 three young men were arrested in night time raids on the 1st October. Since then the army has been back to Deir Istya almost every day and every night. Below are detailed specific events reported to us by villagers."18/10/2007
Deaths in Israeli army raid on Gaza Al Jazeera - "Israeli troops shot dead Hazem Asfur, 21, of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, during the raid east of the town of Khan Younis on Wednesday, Palestinian medical sources said. The Israeli soldier was critically injured in later exchanges of gunfire and was declared dead after being taken to a hospital, an Israeli army spokesman said." 18/10/2007
Today`s news - October 16, 2007Call for help from Marda, by Dorothy Naor; Leader of Al-Aqsa Brigades and 70-year-old man killed in Israeli attack in Nablus - Ma`an; Resident injured, home demolished, as army invades Qalqilia Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; Israeli military kidnaps at least 10 Palestinians throughout the West Bank - Nisreen Qumsieh - IMEMC News; October 17th – Day of action against poverty - Colin Bell - IMEMC; The Return of the British Boycott Against Israel - Modi Kreitman - Yedioth Ahronoth; Hamas willing to hold talks with Israel, says Haniyeh`s spokesperson - Ma`an ; Palestinian farmer severely wounded in settler attack - Ma`an 16/10/2007
Treachery for treatmentSaleh Al-Naami -- Al-Ahram -- "Journalist Bassam Al-Wahidi, 30, is on the verge of giving in to perpetual darkness. This will happen if he doesn`t have an operation to reposition his retina, an operation that he was supposed to have had last month in a Palestinian hospital in Jerusalem. Although Al-Wahidi, a news presenter on the Voice of the Workers radio station in Gaza, had completed all the necessary administrative procedures required of him to travel to Jerusalem, officers in the Israeli domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet, at the Erez Crossing on the northern border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, won`t allow him to cross until he agrees to become an Israeli agent and provide information on the activities, leaders and members of Palestinian resistance movements active in Gaza"15/10/2007
One killed, 5 wounded in Israeli air strike on Beit HanounIMEMC - Palestinian sources reported that Hassan Na`eem, 21, a member of the al-Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, was killed and five civilians wounded (...) The Israeli army claimed that the attack targeted a group of Palestinian resistance fighters who were preparing to fire home made shells at Israeli targets. 13/10/2007
Gaza is squeezed as Israeli banks cut off cash Taghreed El-Khodary/Isabel Kershner - New York Times - The devastating result of Israeli banks halting business transactions with Palestinian banks in Gaza goes back to the Oslo Agreement, which granted to the Palestinian Authority some of the attributes of sovereignty but specifically excluded the issuing of Palestinian money, forcing them to remain economically dependant on the Israeli Shekel [ed.]. 13/10/2007
PA minister: Israel wants to destroy Fayyad gov`tAli Waked - Ynet - "The Israeli government is a lying government that is out to destroy the Fayyad government and the peace process," said Ashraf al-Ajarmi, PA minister of prisoner affairs. The minister said this in response to the Internal Security Ministry and Israel Prison Service`s decision to prohibit the delivery of sweets to Palestinian prisoners for the Muslim holiday of Eid il-Fitr.13/10/2007
Gaza goes hungry as Israeli sanctions bite Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - "There is an increasing sense of isolation and desperation which is likely to lead to a radicalisation of the population when there seems to be momentum in the peace process generally. As ever the most vulnerable sectors of society are the hardest hit by the sanctions."13/10/2007
Tony Blair to visit Hebron Ma`an - "It is thought that Blair intends to make special arrangements for Hebron which has experienced an economic collapse due to the prevailing situation in the area, particularly Israeli settlement expansion in the heart of the city." 10/10/2007
Palestinian student denied entry to Israel for University program Associated Press - Ynet - "The Gisha Center, an Israeli group dealing with travel restrictions against Palestinians, has filed a court petition on behalf of Hasan."10/10/2007
Today`s News Oct. 9, 2007Hundreds of Israeli settlers gather to throw stones at Palestinian cars - Ma`an; Israeli forces disperse Muslim worshippers [in Hebron] with sonic bombs - Ma`an ; 3,500 Palestinians granted family reunion - Ma`an; Golan Heights not to be addressed at November Peace Summit - John Smith - IMEMC; Hamas calls for boycott of November peace conference - John Smith - IMEMC & agencies; In poor taste? Burger joint owner proudly hires `Jewish workers only` - Rory Kress - The Jerusalem Post; Palestinian student denied entry to Israel for University program - AP/ Ynet; PCHR Condemns Arresting and Torturing Iqra TV Media Crew in Ramallah by the Preventive Security; PCHR Publishes “Black Days in the Absence of Justice: Report on Bloody Fighting in the Gaza Strip from 7 to 14 June 2007”9/10/2007
Eight Palestinian injured due to Israeli attacks targeting parts of Gaza city * Israeli army invades several West Bank cities; 5 Palestinians kidnapped 8/10/2007
Youths of Al Walajh help themselves - but you can help, tooKhader Al-Araj - - [This report of one year old Ansar Centre, contains the sort of activities such as a community centre would undertake anywhere - which is highly remarkable, considering that Al Walajh is among the most harassed and threatened of all Palestinian villages. ed]6/10/2007
Palestinian last news from IMEMC International Middle East Media Center - - 3.5 million Shekels donated to West Bank and Gaza during Ramadan // Israeli military close farm roads in Deir Al Ghosoon near Tulkarem // Israeli forces overrun Al Bureij refugee camp in Gaza // Palestinian Authority demands Israel to free all detainees, including Barghouthi // Abbas: “We want peace, but not for any price” etc. 6/10/2007
ARIJ Report on Colonization Activities ( September)Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem - - This monthly report, compiled from a variety of Israeli and Palestinian sources, tells of many incidents which get hardy any mention anywhere but devastate the life of the people concerned, for example "The IOF demolished two agricultural rooms and barracks (50 m² each) in Rakhma village east of Bethlehem city, which belong to Tayseer Abu Mifrih and `Ali Muhammad Abu Mifrih" (September 11).6/10/2007
Don`t say we did not know 76Amos Gvirtz - When ten settlers entered Tuba and started to attack villagers it took the police two hours to arrive - leaving the settlers plenty of time to escape. But authorities are quite energetic when it is about delivering demolition orders to Palestinians, or about demolishing for the tenth time Nuri ElUqbi`s protest tent. [Concluded from Gvirtz`s dry and factual testimony. ed]6/10/2007
Divided and voicelessSami Abdel-Shafi in Gaza City - The Guardian - "The real victims in the battle between Hamas and the PA are the people of Gaza. Here, ordinary lives are crippled, with access to medical care, municipal services and utilities brutally halted. " 2/10/2007
You are now entering Hostile Territory - three articles related to Gaza(1) Laila El-Haddad - Raising Yousuf, Unplugged: diary of a Palestinian mother - "And no gas to heat your food or houses with come winter. And you`ll have to consume what you get quickly, since the refrigerators (both yours and the supermarket`s) won`t work without power. And don`t even THINK about getting sick-prevention is your best insurance policy now. Hospital ICUs will have to be powered by generators..."; (2) Playing loose with law - Saleh Al-Naami - Al Ahram Weekly - "Israel`s declaring Gaza "hostile" is but a way to justify its unwarrantable starvation of Palestinians under occupation"; (3) Divided and voiceless - Sami Abdel-Shafi in Gaza City - The Guardian2/10/2007
Playing loose with lawIsrael`s declaring Gaza "hostile" is but a way to justify its unwarrantable starvation of Palestinians under occupation, writes Saleh Al-Naami - Al Ahram Weekly2/10/2007
Prisoners` rights group reports abuses at Huwwara detetion center Ma`an - "The guards "scattered their clothes and beds in a provocative manner." 2/10/2007
Palestinians get back into GazaIsabel Kershner - IHY - "Most or all of those who crossed Sunday are therefore assumed to have feared arrest by Israel." 2/10/2007
Israeli forces fire on crowd at Erez crossing, injuring childMa`an -- "A thirteen-year-old Palestinian boy was shot and wounded after Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians waiting at Erez border crossing for their relatives to be released from Israeli prisons"1/10/2007
UN warns against Sanctions on Gaza Dan Izenberg -- The Jerusalem Post -- “According to OCHA, Gaza has almost no oil reserves of its own. […] It pointed out that when the EU suspended payment for fuel for three days, and Gaza was dependent on Israeli and Egyptian energy, it could only supply 71% of normal consumption. This led to power outages lasting up to 12 hours, which disrupted the water pumps and caused water shortages, particularly in multi-storied apartment buildings in Gaza City. When Israel knocked out power turbines in July 2006, elevators stopped working, food spoiled, and it was hard to maintain hygiene” 1/10/2007
Marda under curfew, assault, arrests, house occupationsInternational Women`s Peace Service - At around 10a.m. on the 16th of October, 2007, the Israeli army entered the village of Marda in the Salfit governate in the Occupied West Bank. The Israeli military declared curfew on the village and arrested 7 young men and detained them for half hour. The home of four families were also occupied, with soldiers taking up positions on the roof where they fired rubber bullets and sound bombs.21/10/2007
Help needed for seven Gaza patientsPhysicians for Human Rights, Israel - On the 10th of October Physicians for Human Rights-Israel sent an urgent request to the Israeli army and Minister of Defense, demanding that seven patients from Gaza whose access to medical care outside Gaza had been denied for "security reasons" be immediately allowed to exit Gaza via the Israeli-controlled Erez Crossing. For further details please contact Miri Weingarten,, +972 546995199, +972 3 6873718 ext. 115 21/10/2007
Boy is arrested and abused in Hebron for picturesInternational Solidarity Committee - video of the arrest and abuse of a Palestinian boy on whose person Israeli soldiers found pictures to which they objected21/10/2007
Jabri Family`s first olive harvest in seven years ISM - The Jabri family farm, situated in a corridor between two illegal Israeli settlements near Hebron, has been subject to a history of settler violence, and this is the first time in seven years that bthey were able - with the help of Israeli and international activists - to carry out the harvest, undeterred by the stone-throwing of settler youths. 20/10/2007
About 100 women political prisoners - WOFPP Report, Oct. 2007WOFPP - The Tel-Aviv based Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners continues its monitoring and reporting of the situation of Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons, with special attention to events which make prison life even more unpleasant, such as finding a dead cockroach in your bread or being beaten up by guards when shouting to demand attention for the plight of an ill fellow-prisoner. 20/10/2007
End olive harvest attacksYehuda Litani - Y-net - "A Palestinian farmer in Tal village was stoned by settlers while harvesting olives. He was treated at the site and evacuated to hospital. The Rabbis for Human Rights lodged a complaint." This laconic report is just the opening shot of another season of trouble at West Bank olive groves. 20/10/2007
An interview with Marwan BarghouthiMarwan Barghouthi - Z-mag - " ‘The moment that Abbas officially announces his resignation, even if I am in prison, I will put forward my candidacy for President (of the Palestinian Authority) and I will win.’" 17/10/2007
Reflection: Which toys for which boys?Jan Benvie - Christian Peacemaker Team - "I am glad the Israeli military are concerned about shooting Palestinian children. Goodness knows, enough have been killed - since 2000 Israeli security forces have killed 858 Palestinian minors. However, I believe ending the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories is the answer, not heavily armed Israeli soldiers snatching toy guns from the hands of Palestinian children." "16/10/2007
CPT Hebron Update: 16-24 September 2007Christian Peacemaker Team-Update-"..soldiers detain four teachers from the Ibrahimiyye Boys` School at the Gutnick Center checkpoint. The teachers had teacher passes as well as their Hebron IDs. Lynes called TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron). After the soldiers held the men for 20 minutes, Benvie called the Red Cross, who said they would call the commander. TIPH arrived and spoke with the Border Police. The head teacher came to the checkpoint a few minutes later and complained to the Border Police. Following all of this, the police released the teachers. "5/10/2007
Combating Unemployment in GazaMohammad Naja - Jerusalem Fund - Because of the agreements that we have, you have very low salaries in Gaza. But the cost of living in Gaza is very close to the cost of living in Israel. So, the price of the basic commodities - and I’m talking about rice, meat, oil, transportation, communication - you need is almost the same as what they pay for in Israel. But they make ten or fifteen times the salary. 4/10/2007
Gaza Strip to run out of medicines within a week Ma`an News - The minister of health in the de facto government warned on Thursday that a humanitarian disaster is looming in the Gaza Strip because supplies of 470 essential medicines will run out. 4/10/2007
Student trapped in Gaza loses fight to return to study in Britain Donald Macintyre - The Independent - A third-year Bradford University student – one of hundreds whose continued studies are at risk because they cannot leave Gaza – yesterday lost his legal attempt to be allowed urgently to return to Britain. 4/10/2007
“Shabak forced us to inform in order to live”Amit Cohen - Maariv - “In the recent period we have seen a significant increase in applications of Palestinian patients, especially Gaza residents, whose exit has been conditioned on collaborating with Shabak, says Ron Yaron, from the “Physicians for Human Rights.” organization. The organization helps those patients whose entry into Israel has been barred. 4/10/2007
Some Gaza banks may shut down by year-endMohammed Assadi - Reuters - Israel has branded Gaza an "enemy entity", fuelling Hapoalim`s decision to sever long-standing banking links (...) threatening Gaza`s money supply and [among other things] Abbas`s ability to pay public sector wages in the future.4/10/2007
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