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Life under occupation

Industrial wastelandsAmira Hass - Haaretz - Gazans allege that Israel deliberately destroyed Palestinian industrial infrastructure28/2/2009
It`s outrageous that Gaza depends on tunnels for access to the outside worldAnn Wright - AlterNet - How do you rebuild 5,000 homes, businesses and government buildings when the only way supplies come into Gaza is through tunnels?28/2/2009
Twilight Zone / `They told me Daddy died`Gideon Levy - Haaretz - As the war in Gaza raged, Israel Defense Forces reservists apparently thought anything was permissible: It was possible, maybe even necessary, to kill innocents, in the West Bank, too. Under cover of war, they thought, they could also kill a handcuffed Palestinian.28/2/2009
EU paying for Gaza blockadeDavid Cronin-IPS News-"The European Union has to give aid lawfully," said Shamas. "That means a good faith effort not to conform to the wrongful acts of others. In this case, the EU is giving effect to wrongful measures by Israel. You can`t really credibly call on Israel to correct its behavior if you are adjusting what you do to fit in to that behavior." 27/2/2009
Aftermath (3) “Is this not forbidden?”PCHR - “We were trapped in our home for two days while the Israeli army was based in the school nearby and operating in the area,” says Maysa’s 32 year old mother Najat. “I had to give my children water from the toilet cistern to keep them alive. Then they ordered us to leave our house.” 26/2/2009
Another routine night of West Bank raids - Palestinians captured at Jayous, Hebron, Nablus Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - Business as usual on the West Bank: Two teenagers captured in an army raid on Jayous, evidently connected with the ongoing unrest in this village; Two captured in Nablus, in a raid where a TV station was seized and made into a temporary military position; Five captured in Hebron`s settler-infested Old City and nearby villages. None of them is called Gilead Shalit, and their captivity was taken as nothing out of the ordinary routine (Ed.)24/2/2009
Amnesty International urges freeze on arms sales to Israel Amira Hass - Haaretz - "’Direct attacks on civilians and civilian objects, disproportionate attacks and indiscriminate attacks are war crimes,’ the report states, describing such attacks during the war in Gaza. The organization recommends that all arms sales to Israel be frozen until ‘there is no longer a substantial risk that such equipment will be used for serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses’" 23/2/2009
Human Rights Watch calls on Israel to allow human rights groups into GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The group [...] is especially concerned that the Israeli military is currently conducting its own `investigations` into the allegations that troops committed war crimes in the Dec – Jan invasion of Gaza, but will not allow independent human rights monitors to enter the besieged coastal strip"23/2/2009
Israeli Military Operation in JayyousSergio Yahni - AIC - "Thus far, construction of the Wall has caused the village to lose more than 6,000 olive trees […], all its citrus and fruits trees, as well as 7 artesian wells. This caused the town a colossal loss of more than $130 million. Jayyous inhabitants resisted the building of wall for the last two years. For the last several weeks, Jayyous has been the site of intense repression, including military occupations of the village and the use of live ammunition against demonstrating youth. These actions are aimed at threatening and intimidating the village to stop demonstrating"23/2/2009
Phone/ write protest letters! Nightly invasions of Palestinian villages in the West BankCoalition of Women for Peace - Imagine being awakened to the sound of a stun grenade. Imagine such a grenade landing in your front yard every night. This is the reality that residents of Palestinian villages who are struggling against the apartheid wall are forced to deal with since the attack on Gaza. 22/2/2009
The Developments in Hebron and Continuation of Non-Violent StruggleBnei Avraham-"We welcome this step and call upon the military and the police to prevent the settlers from scuttling this necessary and reasonable process with unrestrained violence and provocations that inflame the area. ..we must struggle to ensure that this step does not become simply a cosmetic change that makes the occupation seem less ugly, but that it is a first step towards its end. We must continue the joint, non-violent struggle for the end of occupation in Hebron. "20/2/2009
Olmert says he will continue to punish 1.5 million Palestinians until Shalit is releasedSaed Bannoura-IMEMC News-"Israel remains in complete control of the Gaza Strip – all sea, air and land is under Israeli military control, and the outgoing Israeli Prime Minister promises that the choke hold on the entire population will continue unless the one Israeli prisoner held by Palestinian resistance groups is released. Israel has over 10,000 Palestinians in prison camps, and the number increases daily."20/2/2009
Gaza’s forgotten elderlyPCHR - Rahma and the other patients reported “a long night of terror”, trapped in the hospital, unable to leave. Even now, three weeks after Israel’s unilateral ceasefire, Rahma is in tears. “I can’t describe the noise of the shelling,” Rahma says, her eyes darting around the shrapnel holes that pepper the walls of her hospital room. “It was unbearable…” She clasps her hands together tightly, as a hospital volunteer comforts her. 19/2/2009
Mass arrests & repression in Jayyous : Demonstration to be held on FridayStop the Wall - Media Release - In the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, Occupation forces raided the village of Jayyous and arrested at least 45 people. Both entrances to the village have since been blocked off with mounds of dirt and stones, and an indefinite curfew has been imposed. Soldiers have also occupied 10 homes throughout Jayyous, and have erected Israeli flags on each of these houses. 18/2/2009
ICRC facilitates transfer of Druse Golan apples to SyriaJUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH - J-lem Post - " The ICRC has been carrying out humanitarian activities in the Golan since 1967 and has maintained a permanent presence there since 1988."18/2/2009
The Gaza Early Recovery and Reconstruction PlanPalestinian PMO press release - The two-year recovery programme - in partnership with the international community - must do more than re-build Gaza as it was, it must seize this opportunity to build a better future for our citizens in Gaza, dealing with chronic poverty, stagnation and isolation, as well as repairing the damage.17/2/2009
IDF probe: Cannot defend destruction of Gaza homesAmos Harel - Haaretz - "Israel Defense Forces investigations into last month`s offensive in the Gaza Strip indicate the army could face significant difficulties justifying the scale of destruction of civilian homes during the fighting"16/2/2009
As Palestinian Death toll Rises, The Israeli Offensive Continues Sergio Yahni - AIC - "The death toll of the Gaza war reached 1,374 Friday, February 13 as Egyptian medical sources announced the death of 24 year old Nay Fayiz Hasan, Gazan woman injured during Israel’s 22-day offensive"16/2/2009
Glimpses into the OccupationB`Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (1) Border policemen assault workers in carpentry shop, (2) Testimony: 12 days under non-stop shelling ; (3) Testimony: Soldier beats young man and fractures his skull 13/2/2009
Under a white flag, darkly Amira Hass - Haaretz - ".. in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City, a man of about 60 was pushing an elderly woman in a wheelbarrow. A 15-year-old boy walked at their side, waving a white cloth. Behind them, some 80 people were walking northward, their hands in the air... And then a shot was fired in front of the wheelbarrow. It was a sharpshooter from Abu Zur`s house. And then another shot - at Ibrahim. He cried out and everyone ran. Mohammed carried his wounded brother back to the garage. Somebody called the Red Crescent to send in an ambulance, and then the teenager began to complain of pains in every apart of his body, the mother related. The IDF did not permit an ambulance to enter the area under its control. That night Ibrahim began to spit up blood. At about 2 A.M., some 13 hours after he had been shot, he died."13/2/2009
Digging For The Truth Sameh A. Habeeb & Janet Zimmerman-CounterCurrents-"Now more than two thousand tunnels have been dug through the borders to reach Egypt, each varying from 100 to 1,200 meters. Thousands of people began to work as daily laborers in order to bring sweets, animals, flowers; basic things, for without these tunnels people would be starving and would have nothing. Ultimately, they are used to drag food into the Palestinian side because these people are trapped inside Gaza as the crossings are closed. These tunnels are their source of life. On the contrary, working in them automatically makes them an associate with tragedy, and it is a frequent visitor. It is a hazardous operation where more than one hundred out of these thousands of laborers died, and they are still dying....Israel claims that these tunnels were used for the smuggling of weapons, but what we have documented and witnessed is that most of the tunnels are being used for food and necessities "13/2/2009
High Court Approves Demolition of West Bank Village The Association for Civil Rights in Israel - News - "At a time when we are hearing reports on mass illegal construction in settlements and outposts, we received yet another reminder of the courts` determination to enforce planning and construction laws - when it comes to Palestinians, that is" said ACRI Attorney Nasrat Dakwar, who submitted the petition on behalf of ACRI. "Using a false pretense of legal and `kosher` planning policy, the High Court of Justice approved the destruction of a Palestinian village and the eviction of its inhabitants." 11/2/2009
Pay 200,000 NIS to End a Lawsuit, Press Release - PCHR - " constitutes an achievement, even if a relatively limited one, in the face of systematic war crimes perpetrated by IOF against Palestinian civilians and property." 11/2/2009
Ban sets probe in attacks on UN`s Gaza facilitiesAP - IHT - "Amnesty International Secretary-General Irene Kahn called Ban`s announcement welcome but insufficient." 11/2/2009
Don`t say we didn`t know #148Amos Gvirtz - On Tuesday, 27th January, 2009, Israeli soldiers opened fire on a group of farmers from the village El Farhin, situated east of Khan Younis, killing one of them, a man named Anwar. The farmers were working on their land about 700 metres from the border.10/2/2009
Photos of Palestinian home in Gaza after a “visit” by the Israeli army 7/2/2009
Shooting at farmers, what gives Israel the right?Eva Bartlett - International Solidarity / Gazafriends7/2/2009
NewsHamas battles UNRWA over aid; admits one theft, one mixup - UN halts supplies into area - Ma`an; Israel optimistic over truce; Hamas: Israeli draft “needs a lot of clarification” - Ma`an; Israeli warships injure fisherman off southern Gaza coast - Ma`an; Israel aircraft strike in Gaza after rocket fire - Reuters; Elections Committee rejects bid to ban far-rightist from Arab city poll - Tomer Zarchin - Haaretz; Lieberman`s anti-Arab ideology wins over Israel`s teens - Yotam Feldman - Haaretz; Israel detains 548 Palestinians without trial: rights group - AFP; Two people shot and olive threes uprooted during the weekly demonstration [in Jayyous] - IMEMC; Israeli troops attack a nonviolent protest near Bethlehem and detain two - IMEMC; Two injured and dozens suffered teargas inhalation during the Bil`in Weekly Demonstration - IMEMC; The United Nations said that Israeli mortar fire that killed at least 43 people in Gaza`s Jabaliya refugee camp on Jan. 6 had landed just outside a U.N.-run school housing refugees from the fighting but did not hit the school itself - Washington Post; Passengers of freighter seized by Israel return home with tales of abuse - Soldiers kicked and beat activists, journalists before setting them free - Andrew Wander - Daily Star; 7/2/2009
Homeless Palestinians squeeze into tents in GazaAndrew Hammond - Reuters. Also, a link to photographs of the Gaza Strip after the invasion.6/2/2009
No place like home Amira Hass - Haaretz - "Radwan was still breathing, but died three days later. The neighbors brought in a bulldozer to look for survivors. The rescue work went on for the rest of the day, at the end of which bodies and body parts of only 11 family members had been found. Some were under the rubble, such as Dayeh`s brother Iyyad, who was found hugging two of his children. "6/2/2009
The Plight of Al Samouni Family in Gaza: in their own voicesAl-Haq - Back at the house, where the dead bodies of Palestinians lay, there were thirteen family members who were still alive. Eight of them were children, some of them injured, who had been locked in for three days with the bodies of their dead parents and family members, with no access to food or water. The Red Cross was only allowed entry three days later to evacuate the dead and injured, the majority of whom were so critical that they were taken to Belgium, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia for treatment. 5/2/2009
While the Cats Are Away… Nadia W. Awad - MIFTAH - Of course, raids and arrests are the norm for Palestinians. What is more disturbing, however, is the amount of land, the thousands of dunums that were expropriated while Palestinians, Arabs and the world were looking towards Gaza. Three thousand dunums of land was confiscated in Yatta, a village south of Hebron, for the purpose of illegal settlement expansion. Another 23 dunums were taken over near Bethlehem, including 13.4 dunums stolen from the nearby villages of Hussan and Nahalin. In Jerusalem, yet another 500 dunums were confiscated in the neighborhood of Abu Dis in east Jerusalem. 5/2/2009
IDF admits `mistake` killed three daughters, niece of Palestinian doctor Amos Harel and Anshel Pfeffer - Haaretz - The Israel Defense Forces acknowledged yesterday that the three daughters and a niece of Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish were killed by army fire in an incident that had targeted Hamas spotters on the upper levels of the building where the family lived. 5/2/2009
Gaza burn victims exhibit signs of white phosphorous wounds Amira Hass - Haaretz - three Israeli documents Haaretz received, which were written during Operation Lead Cast, describe the sort of burns caused by white phosphorus and match the descriptions of the medical personnel in the Gaza Strip. The documents were prepared by the office of the IDF chief medical officer, the Medical Field Operations HQ and Magen David Adom. 5/2/2009
In Gaza, a "ranch" turned to rubble Rami Almeghari - EI - ""The situation is more than miserable. We have provided the displaced people with blankets, food items and other things, but this is not enough."" 4/2/2009
Seeing is not like hearing Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - "... the al-Daya home- a four-story house that was leveled by Israeli forces on top of its occupants. My father told me there were still four unburied bodies underneath the rubble." 4/2/2009
The Gaza war in microcosmEthan Bronner and Sabrina Tavernise - IHT - "Both sides engage in their own denials and deceptions." 4/2/2009
Army threatens Rafah residents with retaliation bombingYanir Yagana - Haaretz - The recorded messages in Arabic, to residents of Rafah, demanded that "people who work in tunnels, live near them or are giving logistical help to terrorists" leave their homes immediately. 3/2/2009
What happened to HassanRan HaCohen - - So here we are now: a bereaved family in a ruined house in Gaza and an Israeli family in Tel Aviv who have almost become one family through Hassan`s illness and death. They phone each other daily, hoping to meet again soon. Will they see each other again – not just soon, but ever? The answer is no. Not as long as Israel`s apartheid regime is in place.1/2/2009
Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - Officials warn of `destruction of all means of life` after the three-week conflict leaves agriculture in the region in ruins1/2/2009
Gaza villages wiped off mapJonathan Miller - Channel 4 (UK) - video showing massive destruction in Gaza in the wake of Israel`s withdrawal1/2/2009
Was this sandpit used as prison for human shields?Jason Koutsoukis - The Age - Methods used by the Israel Defence Forces in their recent assault on Gaza have raised questions over whether military commanders authorised the use of Palestinians as human shields — a charge the IDF has repeatedly made against Hamas.1/2/2009
Will the cycle be unbrokenJohn Lyons - Shahed Abu Halima died a horrible death, burned by fire that appears to have been caused by white phosphorus shells, something illegal under international law. It appears to have been phosphorus because when her brother tried to pour water on his burning father as he hugged three of his children the flames accelerated.1/2/2009
Glimpses into the Occupation: reports of anti-Wall activists and of the International Solidarity Movement (1) Gazan coast becoming a ‘no-go’ zone - "On Saturday 14th February, 23 year-old Rafiq abu Reala was shot and wounded by Israeli naval forces whilst fishing in Gazan territorial waters, approximately two nautical miles out from the port of Gaza"; (2) Bil`in invaded 18-02-2009 (3) Ni`lin invaded and olive trees uprooted by the Israeli Army 16-02-2009; 20/2/2009
Testimonies on the Occupation: B`Tselem Reported by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: (A) Three-year old killed in shelling in Beit Hanun - "[father:]..because the Israelis could see that there was no resistance, I thought they wouldn’t fire at us and we wouldn’t get hurt"; (B) Border policemen attack East Jerusalem residents - "He sprayed yellow gas in my face and grabbed me by my pajama collar. The policemen dragged me a few meters and threw me to the ground. They beat me with the butts of their rifles for a few minutes. One of them sprayed more gas in my face."20/2/2009
NewsKerry visit to Gaza seen as change of tack by US - The Independent** Knesset Speaker: We didn`t achieve so much to sit in opposition; Netanyahu, Livni to meet Sun. for coalition - Haaretz ** Fayyad joins protesters at weekly march against Israeli wall - Ma`an ** One injured, one arrested as clashes erupt near Hebron - Ma`an ** France to Israel: Don`t connect Shalit deal with Gaza crossings - Ma`an ** Four injured at the Nil`in weekly protest - IMEMC ** Ten mortar shells fired at Israel from inside the Gaza Strip - IMEMC ** Clinton to attend Gaza aid summit - Aljazeera ** U.S. repeats interest in pursuing two-state solution - Haaretz ** Hezbollah denies firing Katyusha into north Israel - Haaretz ** Gush on prisoners - Gush-Shalom weekly message in Haaretz20/2/2009
The real Israel-Palestine story is in the West BankBen White - The Guardian - "It is quite likely that you have not heard of the most important developments this week in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.... news from the West Bank is more significant than the Gaza truce talks or the Netanyahu-Livni rivalry – it is a further reminder that the two-state solution has completed its progression from worthy (and often disingenuous) aim to meaningless slogan, concealing Israel`s absorption of all Palestine/Israel and confinement of the Palestinians into enclaves."20/2/2009
Gazans: IDF used us as `human shields` during offensive Amira Hass - Haaretz - "At about 9 A.M. on Monday, the soldiers took Katari`s son Jamal from the house. During the next four days Jamal was made to enter what he estimates were 10 houses, going in first and calling on the occupants to come downstairs. He preceded the huge army bulldozer... In the meantime, that same Monday morning, Shafiq Daher, too, was continuing his mission of protecting Israel Defense Forces soldiers. Daher did not know that his two oldest sons were accompanying other groups of soldiers, and were being forced to smash holes in the walls of houses using sledgehammers. Nor did he know that at that very moment, a soldier was jamming his rifle into the back of his third son, standing at the door of Abed Rabbo`s home. "20/2/2009
Israeli clinic for Gaza civilians closes for lack of patientsJUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH - J-lem Post - "The impressive clinic had opened with fanfare, and it was closed in a whisper." 2/2/2009
News(1) Fourteen-year-old boy shot dead by Israeli troops in Hebron - Ma`an (2) Six injured in overnight airstrike in Gaza; several strikes target tunnel area - Ma`an; Link to a related Israeli report in Haaretz - IAF hits Gaza weapon-making facilities, smuggling tunnels; (3) Israel permits 250 tons of aid and goods into Gaza Strip - Ma`an; (4) Chronic shortages in Gaza fuels black market - link to Aljazeera video; (5) Kadima official says party may join coalition led by Likud - Haaretz; (6)Teargas, rubber-coated bullets fired during weekly Bil`in protest - Ma`an; (7) Rabbi Aviner: Halacha bans Arabs from Knesset - Ynet14/2/2009
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