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Life under occupation

A Palestinian Woman Dies Due to the Prevention of Her Travel to Receive Medical TreatmentPCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights-Press Release -"IOF refused 4 applications for permission to be granted to her submitted on 4, 12, 18 and 22 November 2007. The Palestinian Ministry of Health used to inform her that IOF had not responded to her applications for permits. She died on Saturday, 24 November 2007, as her health conditions deteriorated...The woman’s death brings to 11 the number of Gaza patients who died since last August as a result of denying them medical rights. The victims include 3 women and an infant." 30/11/2007
26 November 2007: Israel continues to delay treatment of two toddlers with cystic fibrosis B`Tselem. "Since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, Israel has almost completely prohibited Gazans to enter Israel or go abroad for medical treatment. The last time the children were treated at Hadassah was in September. Since then, Israel has not permitted them to enter its territory, and the toddlers` condition has deteriorated." 29/11/2007
Gaza, Ramallah: Torn apart in the same country Lama Hourani - Gaza Sunflower (Blog) - "It is a very strange feeling to leave Gaza and come to Ramallah. It is as if one were emigrating. For a while we forget that we are talking about the same country, Palestine, and are the same people, Palestinians. Well, usually under normal conditions, in normal countries, when people decide to move from one city to another in the same country it’s not that difficult or that strange." 29/11/2007
Israeli air strikes kill four Hamas members in southern GazaNisreen Qumsieh - IMEMC - "Palestinian medical sources declared in the early hours of Thursday morning that four Palestinians were killed in two Israeli air strikes near Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip"29/11/2007
Beit Hanoun eyewitness: "Israeli troops discharged machine gun fire at two injured Palestinians lying on the ground" By Ma`an News Agency - Gaza Branch - Twenty-eight-year-old Samahir Abu Jarad said: "What I saw with my own eyes was unbelievable. Israeli forces executed two people using tank machine guns after they were injured by a missile. My eight-year-old daughter Hadil and my five-year-old son Muhammad went into shock and they refused to enter the house where the young men were killed." 28/11/2007
A slow and painful death which could have been prevented. Nael al-Kurdi, a 21-year-old Palestinian man who was barred from leaving the Gaza Strip for cancer treatment in Israel, died a slow and painful death, the agony made all the worse because it could have been prevented. 28/11/2007
A solidarity meeting at Funduk Village, the victim of settler pogrom Ya`akov Manor - Following the night of pogrom against the inhabitants of Al-Funduk village, and after a visit to the village at the invitation of the mayor, we will conduct a solidarity visit on Saturday, December 1.28/11/2007
A solidarity meeting at Funduk Village, the victim of settler pogrom Ya`akov Manor - Following the night of pogrom against the inhabitants of Al-Funduk village, and after a visit to the village at the invitation of the mayor, we will conduct a solidarity visit on Saturday, December 1.28/11/2007
Gaza press conference: situation grows worseRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Speakers at the conference, including the legislator Jamal al-Khodari, head of `The Committee for Breaking the Siege`, asserted that as the situation in Gaza grows much worse, the need for assistance grows too. 28/11/2007
Israeli settlers attack girls` school in Hebron Ma`an - "...settlers attempted to burn the school down in August, and their harassment and assaults on the girls has been ongoing." 27/11/2007
Israeli army kills a Palestinian farmer in Rafah, as death toll rises to six in 24 hoursRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Palestinian medics pronounced the death of Ali Alsufi, a 55-year-old local farmer in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, after the Israeli soldiers opened fire at him." 27/11/2007
Bitter harvest: the Israeli occupation`s effects on Palestinian olive productionAhmad Jaradat - Alternative Information Center - Palestinian farmer Ali Tobasi, from the town of Tubas in the northern West Bank explained with sadness: “They cut a part of my history and they disturbed my dignity when they forced me to leave my field. They pointed their gun in my face. It is one of the saddest times that I faced in my life. Some of the trees that I lost were planted by my grandfather, some by my father and the rest by me, as a story that now is finished.25/11/2007
Settlers cause $17,000 worth of damage to Al-Funduq factoryInternational Solidarity Movement - On Monday night, a group of Israeli settlers attacked a marble factory in Al-Funduq, causing damage of over $17000. The owner, Hani Mohammad Salman, believes the attack was revenge of the killing of an Israeli settler, who was shot in his car just next to the factory. 25/11/2007
Israeli army invades Azzoun again, two boys arrestedInternational Solidarity Movement - Today, in the Qalqilia region, the village of Azzoun again came under intense military repression as two Palestinian youths were abducted by Israeli soldiers. This follows weeks of Israeli army invasions, mass arrests, home invasions, curfews and road closures that have seen the residents of the village terrorized.25/11/2007
"A matter of revenge": Israel denying medical treatment to GazaRami Almeghari - Electronic Intifada - "We had been waiting for an urgent referral to an outside hospital for the past six days, until he died today," said Dr. Ismail Yassin Monday, in response to the death of one more patient at the Gaza Children`s Hospital.25/11/2007
Fate of about 3,000 Students Threatened by the Closure of the Gaza StripPCHR-Press Release-"The Centre calls upon the international community and international organizations, especially UNESCO and the ICRC, to pressure Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) to allow more than 2,700 students to travel so as to avert the negative consequences on their educational future. "23/11/2007
Gaza: Israel Blocks 670 Students from Studies AbroadHuman Rights Watch - The Israeli government is arbitrarily blocking some 670 students in Gaza from pursuing higher education abroad, Human Rights Watch said today. Israel is denying exit permits that the young men and women need to leave Gaza for university programs in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Germany, Britain, and the United States22/11/2007
Palestinian blindfolded, beaten by Israeli forces in HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The man lives in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, which has been inundated with Israeli settlers in recent years. Military bases have been built all around the area to protect the Israeli settlers who illegally invaded and occupied Palestinian land in the Hebron area." 21/11/2007
Report: Israel blocking 670 students from leaving Gaza Strip Ma`an - "“Israel seems determined to punish all Gazans, including students, for the behavior of Hamas.”" 21/11/2007
Israelis rediscovering West BankAli Waked - Ynet - "The ongoing discussion regarding Jenin means that tens of thousands of Arab Israelis from the north may soon return, leaving their money behind in a city once considered the capital of Palestinian militancy during the Intifada." 21/11/2007
Gaza Strip Patients Struggling against Death due to the Closure:Press Release - PCHR - "PCHR condemns denying the child Amir El-Yazji the right to medical treatment." 21/11/2007
No way outAl-Ahram Weekly - Serene Assir on a crisis no one wants to remember - The plight of the Palestinians stranded in Egypt is being ignored while the conditions faced by their besieged families in Gaza steadily deteriorate. 20/11/2007
Abed the martyrElla Smom - The Electronic Intifada - "He was one of Nablus` resistance fighters, living in and defending the streets of the Old City. They do not receive the same glorified status as that of the invading soldiers, instead are dogged by negative labels like, `militant, extremist.` Yet, as the new commander of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades related in a recent Haaretz interview, `We don`t attack civilian targets, we aren`t dispatching suicide bombers. The army wants to get us mainly because of our actions against forces that enter the city."20/11/2007
Palestinian olive harvests show marked decline as Israeli settlers `poach` cropsAFP - The Daily Star19/11/2007
UN aid chief attacks new Israeli checkpoint planRory McCarthy - the Guardian - "Karen AbuZayd, head of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said Israeli authorities had told them of plans to install six specially built terminals to check people and cargo, including aid deliveries. She said it would hamper the agency`s work and dramatically raise costs. Under the new system, UNRWA expects the annual cost of transporting and delivering aid to treble from $220,000 (£110,000) this year to $720,000 next year.19/11/2007
Uprooted and displaced. Israeli military destroys a 267-person Palestinian farming villageJesse Rosenfeld -- Palestine Monitor -- "Villagers say that 500 armed soldiers and police took part in the demolition, using jeeps and two large bulldozers. They contend that the army killed part of their herds, destroyed all of their personal belongings and acted violently towards the resident"19/11/2007
South Hebron Hills: settlers interfere with Palestinian plowingChristian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - On Thursday, November 15th, two Palestinian families went to plow their land on the south side of Route 317 between Qawawis and Susiya. When they arrived, two Israeli settlers were already present on the Palestinian-owned land. Additional settlers soon arrived, eventually numbering about 20. 18/11/2007
Israeli Army snatched more than 350 Palestinians during OctoberAmeen Abu Wardeh - IMEMC - The prisoner rights association al-Nafha accused the Israeli army of taking the Palestinians as hostages and detaining them without charges in order to then release them in a public display -- thereby using them to make political gains for the upcoming peace summit in Annapolis, without making any real changes for the over 10,000 detainees imprisoned in the Israeli prison camps.17/11/2007
Israel talks peace, but expanding settlement hurts prospects for Palestinian IHT/The Associated Press-"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he`s ready to make a deal that would give the Palestinians a state in the West Bank. But realities on the ground - outlined in a new report Wednesday showing vigorous Israeli construction in the West Bank - could have momentous implications for the latest U.S. peacemaking ush....Signs there (Betar Illit) and in other nearby settlements openly advertise new housing that goes for a fraction of the price a similar home would command in Jerusalem."16/11/2007
Don`t say we did not know 83ICAHD-"The Israeli government continues its war against its Bedouin citizens in the Negev . On Wednesday , two homes were demolished in the village Bir El-Hammam. A widow with six children, and a couple with two kids, were rendered homeless. In El-Grayn, a house was demolished which had been home to six people. In El-Zarnuq, a home for a newly-wed couple was demolished."16/11/2007
Hebron: Obstacles to School, Obstacles to PeaceLorne Friesen and Jessica Frederick - PCTHebron - "this family has a seven-year-old boy, Hani (not his real name) confined to a wheel chair. Because of the concrete barricade, the boy must rely on people to push the wheel chair up the hill, which includes steps within the labyrinth of ancient stone walled houses. When they have reached the adjacent street, his journey becomes precarious because of the lengthy steep grade. On the way to school, one must walk very carefully down this street, holding the wheelchair in check, because otherwise the wheel chair and its occupant would plummet down the hill. "15/11/2007
Israel detains physician to extract information on his patients Electronic Intifada - "...on Tuesday, 6 November 2007, IOF detained Dr. Nabih Abu Shaíban (52), a neurosurgeon from Gaza City, at Erez checkpoint. Abu Sha`ban was accompanying his son, suffering from kidney problems, to Jordan for medical treatment. Abu Sha`ban was detained despite having permission from IOF to pass through."15/11/2007
Israeli police arrest hundreds of Palestinian workers inside IsraelIMEMC Staff - "Haider Ibrahim, Secretary general of the Palestinian Workers` Union, stated that the Israeli police have arrested 270 Palestinian workers inside Israel this month. The arrests took place in several raids in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jaffa." 15/11/2007
Gaza residents left powerless - 08 Nov 07Link to YouTube, video from Aljazeera-English - "Israel has cut fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks from the territory and plans to impose further sanctions."12/11/2007
IDF arrests 2 Hamas lawmakersAli Waked -- YNET -- Khaled Tapas, Dr. Maryam Salah detained during IDF operation in Bethlehem, al-Bireh. Hamas says arrests aimed at hindering parliament`s routine work 12/11/2007
IMEMC – Today’s NewsIMEMC -- Huwwara detainees facing abuse / Israeli military kidnaps at least 15 from Tulkarem district / Military bulldozers uproot lands west of Bethlehem 12/11/2007
Mother dies after being denied access to health care Rami Almeghari - EI - "There are now about 1,000 patients in Gaza lacking treatment, among them 350 who must undergo surgeries abroad."14/11/2007
Like a dead body Laila El-Haddad - Raising Yousuf - "The situation leaves no room for something as luxurious as opinions. It’s adapt or die." 14/11/2007
Sick but dangerousDanny Filk - Ynet - "The decision to exert pressure on Hamas on the backs of Gaza residents, and particularly the ill and weak, is not only immoral and inhumane. It will also serve to boost the hatred and support for the most radical alternatives." 14/11/2007
Countdown to the offensive Saleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram - "Israel is waiting callously for the Annapolis meeting to pass before wreaking intended destruction on Gaza"9/11/2007
Al-Amal TV suspended it`s broadcast on Friday in protest of the detention of their director.Palestinian security arrests Mu`taz Al-Kurdi, member of Ma`an`s board of directors and director of Al-Amal TV in Hebron Ma`an News Agency expresses its deep disappointment and indignation at arrests of journalists. Al-Amal TV suspended it`s broadcast on Friday in protest of the detention of their director. Ma`an also announces the suspension of its work in protest. Several of Ma`an`s local partners in TV and radio will also halt their broadcasts today in protest and solidarity with our colleague Mu`taz Al-Kurdi and Al-Amal TV. 9/11/2007
Turning the other cheekRory McCarthy - Guardian - "The Border Police told Sfard there was not enough evidence to prosecute anyone for Abir`s death. Nonetheless, he believes the police were responsible. "I believe it was not an intentional killing, but it was done recklessly. Policemen were shooting in the vicinity of a school, during a break when children were out, and they [the police] were not in life-threatening danger. I think Abir was killed in criminal circumstances," he said." 7/11/2007
Imminent threat of demolitions in Dar ElHanoun, Wadi Ara, Israel – Urgent callAt this time two demolition orders are pending – against Moustafa and Hadra Abu Hillal’s home and against the road that we paved together in the Arab-Jewish work camp in 2001.All Dar ElHanoun supporters are kindly invited to arrive immediately at the village, to support its residents in the non-violent protest against the imminent demolitions! Those of you who can stay over at night – please come prepared. There are sleeping arrangements in the village for all visitors. For further details: Moustafa 052-2309527, Uri-054-6564778 7/11/2007
Today`s News Wafa - PLO: 44 Citizens Slain during Last October by IOF , Al-Farra: Agricultural Loses Exceeded US $ 56 millions since Intifada , Dozens, including a Woman, Arrested by IOF in West Bank , IMEMC - Israeli municipality of Jerusalem provides seats in its schools for 33 Palestinian students...In the wake of a petition submitted by the lawyer Tali Ner, of the Israeli Association of Citizen`s Rights, 7/11/2007
Today`s NewsReport: 44 assassinated in October - Ameen Abu Warda - IMEMC; Nine Palestinian civilians kidnapped in northern West Bank - Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC; Israeli military abducts senior West Bank Hamas leader - Ameen Abu Warda - IMEMC; Five civilians injured, two members of al-Aqsa Brigades arrested in Nablus internal violence - Ameen Abu Wardeh & John Smith - IMEMC; New Palestinian police force makes tense debut in West Bank - Donald Macintyre - The Independent ; PLC member: Palestinian prisoners to protest on eve of Annapolis summit - IMEMC; Peace conference to convene November 26th - Ma`an; Ma`an Exclusive - Blair: Israeli occupation suffocating Palestinian economy; Barred by Israel from life-saving treatment, Gaza patient dies - Ma`an 6/11/2007
Inside Gaza - PalestineLink to YouTube - JourneyMan 10 minute video report from Gaza, Oct. 20076/11/2007
Israel shaken by troops` tales of brutality against PalestiniansConal Urquhart - the Observer - "In the words of one soldier: `The truth? When there is chaos, I like it. That`s when I enjoy it. It`s like a drug. If I don`t go into Rafah, and if there isn`t some kind of riot once in some weeks, I go nuts.` Another explained: `The most important thing is that it removes the burden of the law from you. You feel that you are the law. You are the law. "6/11/2007
The siege of Gaza is going to lead to a violent escalationSeumas Milne - The Guardian - "Far from helping settle the Middle East conflict, the US and Europe are fuelling it with their contempt for democracy "6/11/2007
Closure of crossings traps students in GazaRory McCarthy - The Guardian - "Mr Mudallal`s first petition to the supreme court, on September 17, was rejected because the court was told the bus service would resume. It did not. There are now 6,400 Palestinians waiting to leave Gaza and Mr Mudallal is number 4,845 on the waiting list."6/11/2007
Where have all the trucks gone?Jesse Rosenfeld -- EI -- "Entrance to Gaza is severely restricted now -- with the army even blocking Israeli journalists from access for the past year -- and all the reports from residents inside indicate that the Gaza Strip has spiraled into a humanitarian crisis with drastic food and medical shortages. Residents contend that because of the shortages, the price of a sack of flour has gone up from 80 to 200 shekels (NIS) and store shelves are virtually empty"5/11/2007
Bill seeks Palestinian compensation for rocket damagesRoni Sofer -- YNET -- Ministerial Committee on Legislation approves bill that would have PA pay for damages to life and property caused by rocket attacks on Israel; money to be collected through tax payments5/11/2007
Patients dying at closed Erez checkpointPhysicians for Human Rights - Israel/Electronic Intifada - Barely two weeks since extensive media attention successfully compelled Israel to allow access to lifesaving care for patients through Erez Crossing, Israeli policies at the crossing lead to a repetition of a similar crisis4/11/2007
The 18,000 House CampaignICAHD - Please consider a generous donation to help the campaign. "During the past month three ICAHD Exhibits have been completed and are now on display and available for organizations and events." 14/11/2007
Gisha on Gaza FuelSari Bashi/Gisha-Legal Center for Freedom of Movement -"Fuel is necessary to power essential services, including purifying and pumping drinking water, running garbage collection trucks and ambulances, and operating the generators that power hospitals and other public buildings. Gaza is already suffering from at least a 10% shortfall in electricity supply, due to last year`s destruction of the local power plant by Israeli fighter jets. Fuel powers the generators that operate as back-up for vital services....There are many people inside Israel who oppose these actions, which can only be described as cruel, and we ask for your support in exerting pressure on the Israeli government to reconsider this dangerous and senseless policy."2/11/2007
Shiokhy slams ongoing attacks carried by settlers and soldiers in the West BankSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Shiokhy stated that settlers attacked Palestinian residents and Israeli peace activists as they were picking olives in Deir Al Hatab village, east of Nablus city, in the northern part of the West Bank. " 1/11/2007
Israeli military detain sick Palestinian woman at checkpoint in Hebron CPT Press Release - "For two hours on Tuesday 30 October, the Israeli military prevented a sick Palestinian woman from reaching her home in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron. She was returning from a hospital in Jerusalem in a Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) ambulance, escorted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)." 1/11/2007
Sanctions on the civilian population of GazaGisha, Legal Center for Freedom of Movement - "Gisha and nine other human rights organizations, Israeli and Palestinian, have filed a petition asking for an immediate order preventing the army from reducing the supply of fuel or electricity and preventing implementation of the Cabinet decision as it pertains to sanctions on the civilian population of Gaza. "1/11/2007
Soldiers on the roofISM - Six soldiers began occupying the roof of the house of the Ewawy family in the old city of Hebron, while only a 14 year old girl, who had just returned from school, was at home. The girl began screaming for help, and neighbors called for international human rights workers to come. 3/11/2007
“Welcome To Gaza!”Kris Peterson - Palestine Chronicle - It is clear that life continues with gusto in Gaza. Conscious of Gaza’s deteriorating circumstances, Palestinians consistently declare "Welcome to my country! My beautiful country!" followed by an overly enthusiastic handshake. Still, whenever Mona shrugs and says, “This is Gaza!”, whenever Raji offers a wry smile, whenever Khalil laughs sarcastically, whenever I speak with anyone here, I detect an ounce of some profound melancholy lingering in the eyes of my colleagues.3/11/2007
Abbas prays with Hamas leaders, PA security arrests Hamas activists Rasheed Hilal/Ali Waked - IMEMC/Y-Net - The startling news of senior Hamas leaders invited to share Friday prayers with President Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) in Ramallah is immediately followed by news of PA security forces raiding and arresting Hamas militants on the northern and southern ends of the West Bank. (Ed.) 3/11/2007
Israeli Bombardment of Police Station in Khan Yunis Kills Four Policemen on Guard DutyPCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights-Press Release -"..on 30 October 2007, Israeli war planes fired 2 rockets at a police station in the town of New Abasan to the east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. The rockets hit the entrance of the station, where the 4 policemen were on guard duty. They were killed instantly, and their bodies were dismembered."2/11/2007
Home Demolitions today in the Negev - the Government of Israel demolished 15 homes. Yeela Livnat -Regional Council for Unrecognnized Villages in the Negev-"In Wadi Naam the government demolished ten homes. One man has been volunteering for the Israeli Border Patrol for years. He built his son a home, preparing for the upcoming wedding. Evidently, his contribution to The State is of no importance , as now all the rest of the village members know. "2/11/2007
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